Best Bow Stabilizer: The One to (Not) Sweep You Off Your Feet

Best Bow stabilizer
Shawn Harrison
Written by Shawn Harrison

Bow hunting is a great experience, but oftentimes you need to consider acquiring additional items in order to make the most of it. For instance, your bow might not be very steady and hence ruin your shots.

Or you might not be an expert yet and need to learn control over your movements and how to keep your balance. Or you need to make sure you make humane kills and don’t torment game unnecessarily.

Presenting Bow stabilizers

All this and more can be done with the assistance of the best bow stabilizer that fits your budget, which is why we’ll help you choose one by providing you all the necessary info and reviews.

Choosing Stabilizers Like A Pro

The details you need to take into account when buying the best stabilizer for your bow regard:

The materials

Basically, the stabilizer looks like a tube which can be constructed from different materials such as:

  • Metal, which is very resistant but heavy at the same time.
  • Aluminum, which is less heavy but still quite durable and strong.
  • Carbon, which is still lighter, but sturdy and doesn’t have any wind resistance.
  • ABS plastic, which is quite light, but not as durable as the materials above.

The dampening device

A stabilizer has to be really quiet in order to help you stay stealth, apart from reducing shock and vibrations that are actually responsible for messing with your balance. Since your bow is bound to vibrate and produce some sort of recoil, you need materials like:

The front end weight

In order to keep your bow even more steady, some products on the market will provide some sort of weighted object at its front tip. That will offer a much-needed counterweight to keep your balance intact. Since your bow doesn’t weigh very much, it needs some additional rubber weight, for instance, to keep your aim constant and to prevent all sorts of jerky motions.

Bow stabilizer front end weight

Complementing the dampening device perfectly, this extra weight will eliminate all sorts of vibrations. The not-so-modern stabilizers were constructed from just one piece of material and didn’t function independently from the bow. So they absorbed a decent amount of vibrations, but not all of them as is the case with modern stabilizers.

In this case, they act independently from the bow seeing as the weighted object can vibrate differently from the dampening device and from the bow. So it will cushion more vibrations, which is why a good stabilizer should have this weighted front tip separated from the dampening device.

The size

When it comes to size, take into account that:

Long stabilizers:

  • Offer more stability.
  • Are better for target shooting.
  • More appropriate for long-range shooting.
  • Don’t really work when treestanding.

Short stabilizers:

  • Offer less stability.
  • Are better for bow hunting.
  • More appropriate for close-range shooting.
  • Good for treestand hunting.

When choosing the length of your stabilizer, it’s also wise to take into account the total axle-to-axle length of your bow. Because if that distance is short, and your bow is furthermore equipped with reflex limbs, there’s really no reason to buy a longer item. Instead, go for the medium size between 4 and 10 inches in length. That will prove very efficient, by lowering vibration and rotational force.

The adjustments allowed

Most people don’t want to buy things they can never customize because that would mean constantly buying new products when they want to try out new things. So when you’re hunting in different conditions, you don’t want to buy a new stabilizer every time.

Same goes if you’re lending the bow to your kids, a friend, or simply if you develop more muscles and have different weight requirements.

Bow stabilizer adjustments

Therefore, the grade A stabilizers will allow you to adjust the front end weight, as well as their length and the difference in price isn’t very significant.

Just consider that if you’re treestanding, you need a shorter stabilizer with a lighter weight, but if you’re hunting at a longer distance you need a longer stabilizer with a heavier weight. Buying two different products isn’t very economical on the long-term, nor is it practical.

Our Stabilizers for All Your Tastes

Getting the right product isn’t always easy without having a few compelling examples in mind before actually deciding in regards to the one you’ll buy.

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Weight: 6 ounces

Dimensions: 6 inches length

Specifications: camo color; Ballistix CoPolymer; zero wind resistance; 2 added weights; wrist sling included

Best Use: perfect balance

Description: This 4.8 stars and $35.97 item is sold in camo, but for a lower price you can acquire it either in black or in camo. Either option sounds really nice, considering first that Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer is a very light stabilizer at just 6 ounces. That’s good because it won’t mess with your bow’s balance rather than assist it.

The light, yet sturdy construction is obtained thanks to the Ballistix CoPolymer used, which is a type of resistant plastic.

Besides, this type of material doesn’t allow any wind resistance, so the air easily passes through it. That’s a great help especially when it’s very windy outside and you don’t need to add force in order to withstand the wind. These characteristics increase the user’s comfort, taking into account practical needs and in-field conditions.

The Trophy Ridge has two weights included, which allows for different adjustments being made outdoors, depending on your hunting style. So you can add just one weight if you’re treestanding, and then when you go out into an open field, you can add the second weight.

Unfortunately, the length isn’t adjustable, but it’s in the medium range which means it can fit various shooting purposes with the same efficiency.

A cool extra feature is the wrist sling included in the package, that complements a modern design and cool pattern, which are also effective during your hunting trips. These will help you stay hidden and not make a lot of noise when shooting, apart from the fact that the whole stabilizer dampens out noise and vibrations.

NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer 8″ Carbon Fiber and Rubber

NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer 8" Carbon Fiber and Rubber

Weight: 0.3 ounces

Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 2.8 inches

Specifications: camo color; carbon fiber and rubber design; 8 inches length; 3 inches removable length; 2 ounces bar

Best Use: medium-range shooting

Description: This 4.7 stars and $40.62 item can also be found in black, at a lower price of $34.49. NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer 8″ Carbon Fiber and Rubber  is made from very good materials so you know it won’t fail you when you need it the most. The carbon fiber used for the body is strong, resistant but at the same time light, which accounts for its total weight of just 0.3 ounces.

Moreover, rubber is another good material used for dampening. It’s very effective when it comes to reducing the total noise made by the bow string, and it cancels all vibration that might otherwise be conveyed to your hand. That will improve your comfort, as well as provide you a strong grip to increase your control and confidence.

Furthermore, its length is 8 inches, meaning that it’s one of the medium-sized stabilizers that will help you shoot in different conditions. And if you want to hunt at a closer range or if you’re treestanding, you can simply remove 3 inches from this total length, which render the NAP Apache stabilizer one very versatile addition to your bow.

The same goes for the front tip weights you can attach to add further stability to your stance, and execute better shots. There is an included bar that weighs 2 ounces which you can attach to the bow. That’s independent of the stabilizer, which means it will reduce shocks and vibrations even more.

Plus, if you want to treestand you can easily remove it, and place it on only if you’re long-range hunting.

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Weight: 6.5 – 7.45 ounces depending on the model

Dimensions: 6-10 inches length

Specifications: carbon rod; SIMS harmonic dampener; powder-coated end caps; stainless steel mounting bolts; three 1 ounce front end weights

Best Use: versatile shooting

Description: The Sport Hunter Xtreme is indeed one of the best stabilizers for a bow, seeing as it gets a perfect rating of 5 stars. Its price varies in a range between $62.80 to $199.94 depending on the total length selected, that can be 6, 8 or 10 inches.

If you decide on the 6 inches size, this is the option that provides the least amount of stability, but it’s perfect for treestanding. The 8 inches model will give you more stability, and it can be used successfully at close and medium range hunting.

The 10 inches option is the most steady one, and while it’s perfect for shooting at longer ranges, it’s not that good for treestanding.

The color range is also pretty vast, seeing as you can buy it in red, green, orange, blue, pink, purple, yellow and camouflage, so you can rest assured you’ll find a design that fits your preferences. But Bee Stinger is also interested in the functionality of its products apart from their design, which is obvious for this particular item.

That’s because it’s built from top-shelf materials, like its carbon rod that accounts for increased rigidity, no wind resistance and decreased total weight. The SIMS harmonic dampener will cancel out all oscillations and noise, for your complete control. Plus the end caps are powder-coated, while the mounting bolts are stainless steel. That increases durability and resistance to all sorts of damage like scratches or rust.

Not to mention that the three front end weights, each weighing 1 ounce, are adjustable and can be removed or added according to your shooting range.

Truglo Tru-Tec Carbon 8″ Stabilizer Lost

Truglo Tru-Tec Carbon 8" Stabilizer Lost

Weight: 10.4 ounces

Dimensions: 13.2 x 6.2 x 1.8 inches

Specifications: high-modulus carbon rod; carbon composite coating; tri-foil shape; adjustable weight suspension system

Best Use: long-range shooting

Description: This 4.6 stars and $36.55 stabilizer is a bit heavier than the other products we’ve discussed so far. That’s what makes Truglo Tru-Tec Carbon 8″ Stabilizer Lost perfect for longer range shooting when you need to keep your bow extremely steady in order to make the perfect shot and curtail all potential shocks and vibrations that occur on a larger scale in situations like these.

However, the first thing you can notice about this product is that it has an outstanding craftsmanship and that its manufacturing is based on the best products you can find.

For instance, the rod is filled with high-modulus carbon, a material that accounts for increased strength and sturdiness, but also a heavier mass. The outside of the Tru-Tec is also carbon-based, but this time, it’s a composite material that makes it very resistant to outside damage and protects the stabilizer.

These composites work great when it comes to absorbing the vibrations you feel when shooting the bow, so you can further protect your hands and take comfortable shots. But they also deaden noise, so that the game you’re hunting won’t sense your presence.

The whole product is designed in such a way as to provide the optimal amount of rigidity to keep your bow steady, thanks to its tri-foil shape. But the 8 inches of length it has will furthermore account for steady shots you take at a closer range or further away.

And you can make the necessary adjustments according to you shooting range with the help of the three included weights. Each weighs 1 ounce, and they’re all made from stainless steel, which means they’re resistant and provide you enough versatility for shooting even farther away.

Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer Lite

Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer Lite

Weight: 8 ounces

Dimensions: 9.5 x 5.2 x 1.8 inches

Specifications: rubber compound; works with 22-27 inches risers; included knuckle; thread pattern; wrist sling

Best Use: short-range shooting

Description: This 4.5 stars item is better for shorter range shooting, seeing as it has a length of just 5.2 inches. That means Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer Lite will be a great addition for when you’re treestand shooting. As Trophy Ridge has accustomed its clients, it only produces items from the best materials.

This stabilizer, for instance, is made from a rubber compound that’s quite thick, so you’re sure it will absorb all sorts of shocks and vibrations received when you’re shooting the bow. That will help you remain in control of your movements, and if you’re not losing balance, then you’re not alerting the game of your presence.

The other thing is that rubber acts like a great dampener both for canceling out unwanted vibrations, as well as for minimizing noise. So you get 2 in 1 with the Shock Stop stabilizer, which is more than other similarly priced items can offer. The knuckle you’ll find inside is also quite resistant, the design is interesting, and it can be tuned with risers of different lengths in the interval between 22 to 27 inches.

The fact that it has a thread pattern is also positive for most bow users, seeing as it can be used on various bows. Plus you get an extra wrist sling, which is another functional feat. In fact, the whole item is cost-friendly and effective, therefore a recommended choice.

So How Can You Choose The Perfect Bow Stabilizer?

It’s easy, just think long and hard about when you’re going to use it. As you can see after reading all the above reviews, most items are made from high-quality materials, but each has different characteristics that explain price variations.

Some people may need noise reduction more than a steady grip, while others are just beginners and need more stability.

Stabilizer for bow

Shooting at a close distance is also different from shooting farther away in terms of stability and noise requirements: it’s very important to be quiet when your game is nearby, even more important than overall shock reduction.

That being said, tell us what the best stabilizer for your bow looks like from your perspective. How often do you use it? Where are you hunting with it? What’s your favorite game?


Shawn Harrison

Shawn Harrison

Shawn Harrison is our expert in hunting. He was born in Alaska, so hunting was his hobby since high school. Later, Shawn took a Hunter Training at Alaska Department of Fish and Game to structure his knowledge and now he is open to share his knowledge with our readers. Shawn is taking ‘Safety First’ approach on all of his trips, especially is some people are going hunting for the first time.