Best Coyote Call: How to Outsmart Wile E. Coyote, Genius

Best coyote call
Shawn Harrison
Written by Shawn Harrison

We all love a good hunt, and coyotes are a favorite game of many hunters because they’re so hard to catch. Some of them even chew their own leg off to escape from a trap, that’s how high their preservation instincts are.

So it’s important to use the right tools for this game, which is why we’ve decided to give you enough info on how to choose the best coyote call. That’s because coyotes are pretty smart animals, and they’ve figured out they’re being hunted by humans, so you need to lure them towards you.

Hopefully, we’ll help you in that respect with a few tips and tricks, after which we’ll show you which gadgets we like so you can actually get something useful.

How to Choose

Choosing the right coyote call for your needs implies taking into account the following factors:

Types of gadgets

At this point, the battle is given between manual and electronic calls, and each is suited for specific situations.

Coyote call device

It’s easy to simply disregard manual calls as obsolete or electronic calls as cheating, but you should take into account why and when each is useful. So:

Manual calls

  • Are less versatile.
  • Require some skill.
  • They allow you to improvise according to the situation.
  • You need to use your hands to hold them.
  • You need extra effort for blowing air and making the sounds.
  • They sound very life-like.
  • Less portable, considering you should be able to mix different calls on the field.

Electronic calls

  • More versatile, can even play two sounds at once.
  • Don’t require any effort for use.
  • You can’t improvise so much.
  • You have the use of both your hands.
  • They may have a tiny sound if their quality isn’t top grade.
  • Very portable, especially when you need to use more types of calls.

Basically, if you’re sure the coyotes are more prone to taking risks, an electronic call that will enable you to use your hands for holding your gun or binoculars is better. But if you don’t know whether the coyotes are near you or even that interested, it’s better to use a regular call.

Types of calls

There are many types of calls you can choose from, and the most common are:

The sound of prey

This is one sound that’s used by most electronic devices, seeing as coyotes are predators that like to eat a lot.

And even if they don’t feel particularly hungry, they’re still instinctively drawn towards a helpless critter yelp that might sound injured. If you have such an electronic device, the animals that particularly lure coyotes with their distress vocalizations are:

  • Baby coons.
  • Birds.
  • Cats.
  • Fawns.
  • Foxes.
  • Piglets.
  • Rabbits.
  • Squirrels.

So add them all to your playlist and keep your fingers crossed. The downside of using this sort of prey calls are the fact that you’re not the only hunter doing that. In other words, in some areas coyotes have already learned to associate these calls with them being hunted.

That means they’re more careful and take fewer risks when hearing these vocalizations.

What can you do if this is the case for you?

  • Use animal sounds that aren’t’ easily recognized by the coyotes in your area, that will make them more curious, and less likely to recognize a fake distress call.
  • Mix and match different vocalizations, so that you can create a more realistic feel to the whole thing. The order is less important here, so don’t worry about that.
  • Consider changing your hunting position, or even the whole area. It’s possible that the coyotes have already sniffed you out, or that there aren’t really that many of them in your vicinity.

The puppy yelp

Most animals love their puppies and they have a very strong parental instinct, especially when they hear the cries of a young one in distress. That also applies for coyotes, which tend to walk in a pack and care for each other, particularly during springtime.

Coyote in nature

That’s when it’s best to use the puppy yelps on them: give out a few calls, and make each one louder to mimic the real-life situation when a pup is lost.

The advantages of this sort of vocalization are:

  • They’re not aggressive.
  • You can use them most times during the hunting season.
  • They activate the pack instincts.
  • They even trigger some cannibalistic instincts if there’s no food around.
  • They’re popular.

The fighting growl

Every pack has its macho sort of guys, and that’s the case with coyotes too. Since these pack animals have to protect their territory for shelter, food, and water and keep their dominance, it’s a good idea to challenge them a bit. That means you’ll separate the fighters from the rest of the pack.

They’ll go in search of the threat, trying to eliminate it, so you can easily lure them towards you. Try to make these sounds near their dens.

There are some difficulties associated with this sort of vocalization, though, such as being in their exact territory, or otherwise, you won’t be seen as a potential trespasser which needs to be eliminated.

To have more success with this technique, you should mimic the vocalization of a single male or female coyote challenge. That’s because it’s an easy threat to take care of, so it’s more likely the males will try to banish the newcomer.

Pro tip: Use all these calls in different combinations to elicit more responses and create more life-like situations. Don’t give up too fast either. Some hunters will give out a single call for 10 minutes, then wait around for another 10 minutes, then pack up and leave. That’s a mistake to be avoided.

Setting up the place

Apart from selecting the right gadget and the right combination of calls, you should also choose the proper location to be acknowledged. So:

  • Be less than 100 yards from your game.
  • Try to keep an open field of vision.
  • Remain upwind so you’re not sniffed out.
  • Prevent their attempts of circling you to get a better sniff. With manual callers, that’s done by leaving fast after you make the call or by using a wingman who plays the sounds, while you make the shot.

Other things you can do so that your calls don’t remain unanswered are:

  • Use specific scents to camouflage you better.
  • Have your gun or bow
  • Don’t use the typical sounds other hunters use. Mix and match and go through every call available.
  • Use the calls appropriately depending on the season.
  • Don’t give up too fast.
  • Use new vocalizations, they’re better in arousing the coyote’s curiosity.

What to Choose

That being said, it’s time to check out what the market has to offer us.

Foxpro Inc Inferno INF1

Foxpro Inc Inferno INF1

Weight: 8 ounces

Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.75 x 5 inches

Specifications: 75 calls; remote control; horn speaker; 2 custom presets; external speaker jack; decoy jack; USP port; ABS housing

Best Use: coyote hunting

Description: This 4.6 stars and $199.95 Foxpro Inc Inferno INF1 is an electronic gadget that offers you the benefits of modern technology in a versatile, yet lightweight package. That’s because it comprises 75 animal calls, meaning you’ll have plenty of options to lure the coyotes and make them notice you.

These calls are high-quality and their sound is particularly realistic, and you can even add up to 200 sounds total.

Since it weighs merely 8 ounces, carrying it around will pose no problems, accounting for its increased portability. Plus, as it can easily be activated and used by a remote control from afar, you’ll be able to move around more freely so that the coyotes don’t pick up your smell.

The horn speaker is very loud and efficient and will convey the vocalizations perfectly. You even have two preset sound options, and you can set their volume according to your wishes. The external speaker jack is complemented by an auxiliary jack to use as a decoy in case you want to take the coyotes by surprise.

You can easily program this gadget through its USP port, which shows a technologically advanced design. This feature can also be noted in an exquisite craftsmanship since the ABS housing is both strong, resistant to damage and lightweight.

Check the price on Amazon

ICOtec GC300 – Call of the Wild Electronic Game CallICOtec GC300 - Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call

Weight: 3 pounds

Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 4 inches

Specifications: 300 yards range for the remote control; external speaker jack; button controls; home unit; 12 calls included; 4 AA batteries required

Best Use: coyote hunting

Description:  This 4.5 stars and $79.99 ICOtec GC300 – Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call is one of the sturdiest on the market. Besides this, it’s quite easy to handle even for newbies, and it’s very loud from afar.

Its retail price is reasonable, so it’s a very good choice for all sorts of coyote hunters. You can even use it for turning on the included decoy, that will increase your chances of luring in coyotes.

It’s a user-friendly gadget because you can use it with just the push of a button. That means you won’t have to remember entire number sequences as you do for other such gizmos. The file begins to play after pushing the button, and it automatically restarts 30 seconds after it has finished the vocalizations.

Amongst the features offered by this ICOtec call, the 300 yards range for the remote control is one of the best, because you can use it without having a clear line of sight.

Its external speaker jack is awesome too since it can emit very loud volumes. Everything is controlled by buttons, and you have an easy to carry home unit.

The 12 included calls feature many preys in distress yelps from small critters, coyote pup yelps, female and male coyote, as well as various growls from coyotes and adult bobcats that can potentially challenge their territory.

It all works with 4 AA batteries, but since these aren’t included, you’ll have to get them separately. The 12 volts battery for the remote is included in the package, and the 1-year factory warranty comes as a plus to make this deal even sweeter.

Check the price on Amazon

FOXPRO Shockwave Game CallFOXPRO Shockwave Game Call

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Dimensions: 5.75 x 12.25 x 7 inches

Specifications: remote control with LCD screen; additional indicators provided; FOXMOTION; FOXFUSION; 200 sounds; 75 vocalizations included; external speaker jack; USB port

Best Use: coyote hunting

Description: This 4.8 stars and $599.00 FOXPRO Shockwave Game Call is what we call the peak of technological innovation, which is reflected in its rather high retail price. But it’s worth it if you want to make your coyote hunt extremely successful and increase your efficiency exponentially.

The remote control is one of the best features of this electronic device. Its LCD screen is very user-friendly since it has full-color graphics. Apart from displaying the sound list and categories, it’ will show other things too like:

  • Air pressure.
  • Battery level.
  • Moon phases.
  • Temperature.
  • Time.

Basically, the SHOCKWAVE call is a multi-functional item that has made some significant innovations in the game call area too. One of these is the FOXMOTION feature, which disperses the vocalizations between its two speakers, so it can increase the veracity of the call.

Another great feat is FOXFUSION, which will combine and play two sounds at once when you make a call, for a realistic feel and more chances of success.

You can play up to 200 sounds, 75 of which are already included on your playlist, on formats like MP3, WAV or FXP. The external speaker jack will help you connect an extra speaker of your own for more volume, and the USB port will let you pre-program the call.

Check the price on Amazon

Primos Promos Dogg Catcher Electronic Predator CallPrimos Promos Dogg Catcher Electronic Predator Call

Weight: 2.5 pounds

Dimensions: 9.5 x 5.1 x 7 inches

Specifications: predatory growls; 12 included vocalizations; 150 yards range; can play 2 sounds at once; button-operated

Best Use: coyote hunting

Description:  This 4.1 stars and $61.56 is a lightweight and compact gadget, you can easily carry along on your coyote hunt. At an affordable price, you’ll get some basic features like the included growls of many predators that can be perceived as a threat by coyotes.

Some of these are bobcats, foxes or even other male coyotes. In all, there are 12 different vocalizations included on this electronic caller.

Among the best things about this Primos Promos Dogg Catcher Electronic Predator Call is its long distance range that reaches 150 yards, which means you don’t necessarily need to have a clear line of sight.

But the feat we love most is its ability to play two sounds at once, giving it a more realistic feel and increasing your odds of making a shot.

Besides, it’s a very easy to use gadget. You needn’t worry too much about your technological abilities or the possibility of it getting stuck on the field because it’s button-operated. So this product works for newbies, as well as more expert hunters.

Check the price on Amazon

FoxPro Deadbone Electronic Predator Game Call with Remote

FoxPro Deadbone Electronic Predator Game Call with Remote

Weight: 8 ounces

Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 5.5 inches

Specifications: entry-level; 15 vocalizations; ABS housing; horn speaker; battery level indicator; 4 AA batteries required

Best Use: coyote hunting

Description:  This 4.6 stars and $103.99 FoxPro Deadbone Electronic Predator Game Call with Remote comes with the added benefits of FOXPRO technology and reputation in the field. It’s an entry-level gadget, and its decent price makes it a great deal since it includes only top notch quality vocalizations.

In fact, there are 15 distress and challenge calls you can choose from and play, and you also have the option of rendering two of them at the same time.

The quality of this product is visible from its construction too. Its housing is manufactured from ABS, which is a durable material with a very low weight. This increases its portability, making it very practical. The efficient horn speaker is practical as well, since the sounds it displays are pristine and therefore realistic.

The battery level indicator is another user-friendly feature since it shows you when the gadget is on and when its battery is almost over. Speaking of batteries, you’ll need four AA alkaline or rechargeable ones to operate it, and a 9 volts battery for the remote.

Check the price on Amazon

Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator CallPrimos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Weight: 3.6 pounds

Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.1 x 7.2 inches

Specifications: quality materials; tested; rotating speaker; ergonomic remote; 64 sounds included; cone speakers; 2 GB internal memory; auxiliary jack

Best Use: coyote hunting

Description:  This 4.5 stars and $177.58 Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call is a Primos product, which makes it quite trustworthy, to begin with. As such, you can make sure it’s manufactured from resistant materials and that it can resists many damages that might occur, even in extreme situations. Primos always tests its products, so that’s a valuable reassurance.

Among its best features, the rotating speaker is what we like most. That’s because the sound can be played as if coming from all directions, which makes it very dynamic and realistic.

Plus, it will deter the coyotes from trying to circle you out and sniff you, because they’ll be very curious to start with. And if that doesn’t work for you, you can just set it up to convey the sound in only one direction.

The remote control allows you to use this caller from afar, and you’ll benefit from a quality display with full colors and an easy to handle layout. You’ll find there are 64 sounds included, but you can add or remove them as you wish since the 2 GB internal memory allows you to store about 1000 sounds. Plus you have an auxiliary jack if you want to use the motion decoy.

Check the price on Amazon

Cass Creek – RPS Extreme – CCRPS – Electonic Remote Game Call

Cass Creek - RPS Extreme - CCRPS - Electonic Remote Game Call

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 6 inches

Best Use: coyote hunting

Description:  This 5 stars and $88.59 Cass Creek – RPS Extreme – CCRPS – Electonic Remote Game Call is quite a versatile one, since you can use it with the help of the included remote control from afar, or you can use it as a handheld device. That’s a plus because you can adapt its use to your particular situation.

Its versatility stems from the possibility of you downloading or even recording the calls you want to use on the field. You can even record some live calls you can hear on the spot and play them out later. That adds to an improved realistic feel.

The range at which you can operate these calls exceeds 100 yards, and they’re pretty loud too, considering you can get to a maximum of 130 decibels.

There are 10 included sounds on this item, but if you want more, you can easily get 20 extra with no additional payment directly from the brand’s website.

Seeing as the remote has a good LCD display, you’ll easily read the playlist and categories for a fast operation. The included flashlight can be handled remotely too, which is another positive suit.

Check the price on Amazon

Your Choice

That being said, you can see we’re a little biased towards electronic devices. That’s because we feel these items offer more advantages, even if some traditionalist coyote hunters see them as tricks. But we love tricks. In fact, we love anything that proves efficient, durable and reliable.

So what’s your take on this? Would you rather get an electronic or a handheld caller? If you were to choose one product from the ones we’ve reviewed, what would that be? Let us know, the comment section is right below.

Shawn Harrison
Shawn Harrison

Shawn Harrison is our expert in hunting. He was born in Alaska, so hunting was his hobby since high school. Later, Shawn took a Hunter Training at Alaska Department of Fish and Game to structure his knowledge and now he is open to share his knowledge with our readers. Shawn is taking ‘Safety First’ approach on all of his trips, especially is some people are going hunting for the first time.