Best Hunting Backpack: Backpacks That Run As Wild As You

Hunters backpack review
Shawn Harrison
Written by Shawn Harrison

If you’re planning on taking a hunting trip soon, the first thing you should be doing is finding the best hunting backpack. You must be prepared to face the challenges that await you. Thus equipping yourself with all the necessary stuff is a must.

Having said that, irrespective of whether you are going solo or with some friends, one of the first things on your list should be a great backpack that would carry your things.

Hunting backpacks

You don’t necessarily need to go to great lengths to find the one hunting backpack that is for you or spend almost half the trip money on the backpack. However, it is recommended to make your choice based on your hunting style, the track you have chosen, and the duration of your trip.

Essentially, as long as your pack has the basic hunting backpack features covered, you should be good to go.

Features to Consider When Looking for A Hunting Backpack

Generally, hunting backpacks are pretty different from the traditional hiking backpacks. Hunting backpacks should be water-proof, light on the shoulders, breathable, highly durable and most importantly adventure proof. You might want to regard a few other features, but broadly, as long as these qualities are met, the ideal backpack might not be too far away.

Hunting backpack comparison

Here are some features you would want to focus on:

  1. Smart Pockets. Staying organized and keeping your valuable stuff protected is becoming an increasingly popular feature amongst backpackers. This has forced backpack designers to rethink designs. The inclusion of smart pockets allows you to keep your valuable close, waterproof and safe.
  2. Light on the shoulders. Traditional packs heavily rely on finite zones of the body to support heavy loads which create painful pressure points on the back and hip area. The backpack you choose should reduce weight and boost comfort around the lumbar area and hips.
  3. Design. Hunting Back Packs come in small, medium, and large sizes but even the designing ways might increase or decrease stock space. Internal stitching, materials used and overall fabric quality should be key things to keep an eye on. Overall workmanship eventually becomes one of the top features when considering a backpack.
  4. Adjustability. When out in the open, experimenting with a hip belt, shoulder straps, and load lifter straps to find a comfort zone becomes essential. Thus, when the weight settles and terrain changes, adjustability of a backpack to achieve the best balance and maximum comfort.
  5. Extra load capacity. When on a hunting trip, your packing doesn’t always go as planned. You might just need to pack in some extra things while on the trip. This is why a spare sack or some extra load capacity might be a good feature to consider.
  6. Organization. The best hunting backpacks have to be designed well to hold calls, ammo, water and snack in an organized fashion so that waiting out on your game becomes as interesting as the hunt itself. The further you venture the more you need specific gear you can bet your life on.
  7. Warranty. Always purchase a backpack from a well-known company if you expect a good customer service. A full warranty ensures you have the best packs and an assurance that the company is going to stand by you, should you have any problems at all in the future.

Top Hunting Backpacks That Every Hunter Will Eye

Here we bring you some of the best hunting backpacks out on the shelves for you to consider. Below is a list of some of the top hunting backpacks you would want to consider before making a choice.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

Size: 5250 cubic inches

Color: Brown

Weight: 2 pounds 3 ounces

Total weight with frame: 7 pounds 5 ounces


Best use: Long elk hunting trips

Description: ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bagis primarily aimed at people who want a backpack along with the frame. The lightweight, adjustable frame has a comprehensive lashing system, and is a full system for hunting yet it can still accommodate a rifle in the rifle holder. The top loading backpack has a lower door access which enables the packer to pack things in with ease.

A hold-open frame and the accommodation of 10 super sturdy zippers make space for things like your compass, water bottle, binoculars, and knives. The internal horizontal divider adds to the already ample space inside the bag where the Clevis pin attachment helps the frame to keep a sturdy structure. The inclusion of the unique lashing system can be used to secure your meat.

Looking at the price it’s hard to believe that the pack is made of high-quality material that makes it ideal for elk hunting trips.


Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack

Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack

Size: 1,830 cubic inches

Color: A variety of colors

Weight: 4lbs 8oz

Price: $199.00

Best use: Day hunting trips

Description: The Eberlestock X2 is a backpack that packs a punch in a small compact design. One of the notable features is the Ample FlexChassis which can flip out forward and can be used as a seat. On the other hand, the ARCG ButtBucket can be used for carrying a compound bow and the A1SS or A2SS Side Scabbards are used to carry either shotguns or a rifle.

Designed to perfection, its oversized compression straps are used for lashing on a heavy load while the full mesh back panel maximizes comfort on the back and hip areas. The tough, lightweight tubular IntExTM metal frame has a class of its own that helps to keep the excessive load off your shoulders.  This pack is generous in its big sporting scope-sized, quick-access main side pockets.

With Dual hydration compartments, the packs are designed specifically for the hunter that wants to travel light and can deftly handle a huge variety of hunting trips.

Badlands Sacrifice Backpack Polyester

Badlands Sacrifice Backpack Polyester

Size: 3450 cubic inches

Weight: 3 pounds 8 ounces

Price: $269.95

Best use: Multi-backpack

Description: The benefits of Badlands Sacrifice Backpack Polyester are numerous but its capacity of 3450 cubic inches is definitely a plus. Going by design, on the outside of this backpack you’ll find 7 pockets and on the inside 2 compartments for quick access. You can fit different things like bottles to binoculars. The smart design maximizes comfort for the hunter on a multi-day or long hunting trip.

The exclusive Hybrid hyper-vent suspension feature keeps pack, off your back and along with the effective suspensions; it prevents exhaustion and back injuries.

It is pretty rare to find a pack this large which is so light and supportive. If you want to get loads of comfort, smart organization, and exceptional adjustability all at one place, this is the pack for you. An additional feature that sets the pack out and above the rest of the competitors is the lifetime warranty offered by Badlands.

Badlands promises to repair any and all damages their backpacks might sustain, at no additional cost. Overall, this is a backpack that looks into all your multi-day hunting needs with that extra touch of resistance to wear and tear.

Tenzing TZ 1140 Single Sling Archery Pack

Tenzing TZ 1140 Single Sling Archery Pack

Size: 1,144 cubic inches

Color: Military Green

Weight: 2lbs

Price: $90.20

Best use: Archery

Description: If you are looking for the best archery hunting backpack, Tenzing TZ 1140 Single Sling Archery Pack is the one for you. Streamlined pockets straps and balance are some the key features in the Tenzing TZ 1140 Single Sling Archery Pack.

The one strap shooter friendly sling design frees up your shooting arm and works well with the Quick access quiver mount and bow clip to hold your arrows easily.

The packing material is lightweight rip-stop nylon which makes it easy for reinforcement and brings in durable straps.

The pack also comes with a quick access optics/rangefinder pocket and a special breathable mesh pack pad that makes it the best lightweight and travel-friendly archery backpack. All those convenient features with a sweet price to match it all up make this pack a good bet for a 1-2 day hunting trip.


Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

Size: 2150 cubic inches

Color: Black, Coyote Brown, Military Green, Unicam v2, Dry Earth and Multicam

Weight: 12.6 pounds

Price: $249.00

Best use: 2-day bag

Description: The Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack is one of its kind when it comes to handy bags for short overnight hunting trips. It’s two side-mounted compartments let you carry up to 2 hydration systems at one time.

The inclusion of the Pull-out rain cover makes its cross-terrain usable and an instant favorite. This pack raises the bar for big load ventilation in a pack and all these neat freaks can keep this pack squeaky clean at all times.

The 1000 Denier nylon used with the internal lining and a fold down shelf provides comfort, support, and ventilation that make the pack comfortable for an all-day wear.

On the downside, though the pack doesn’t come with an inbuilt weapon carrying system, a bow or rifle bucket system can be mounted on the full array of PALS compatible webbing. Overall, this bag is a good choice for hunters who need space and durability as their main features.

Badlands Superday Pack

Badlands Superday Pack

Size: 1950 cubic inches

Color: AP

Weight: 3lbs 15 oz

Price: $199.99

Best use: Extensive hunting trip

Description: If you want a sturdy, durable backpack for your hunting trips, this Badlands Superday Hunting Pack may suit you perfectly. This pack comes with seven pockets and 3 compartments for providing adequate space for carrying the essential hunting equipment. This pack also blends in well with the hunting scenario as it somewhat replicates the forest theme in colors serving as the perfect camouflage.

The Five External compression Straps ensure comfort even when you have to pack heavy and they save you from sore shoulders or even worse blisters. Coming to the hunting equipment, the pack has an adjustable rifle boot and a dedicated Pistol holding webbing on both sides of the waistbelt.

The KXO 32 camo fabric used for the backpack is extremely durable and quite resilient when it comes to wear and tear. Yet, if you do manage to get it damaged somehow, you have the Badlands “free warranty forever promise” to get some quick repairs done.

Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack

Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack

Size: 3,100 cubic inches

Color: Hide-Open Timber Veil

Weight: 12.6 pounds

Price: $329.00

Best use: Elk Hunting

Description: To begin with, we would have to say that Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack has an impressive load of features. Its body-following contours, a bottom-shelf design, and the intex-frame provide excellent comfort and stability. It’s the perfect mix of lightweight comfort and toughness. The backpack weighs 12.6 pounds and its capacity is 2800 cubic inches which is quite a good bet considering the hefty price tag.

The M5 pack is the next level of hunting packs. It has two optimal access points, the front-loading access, and top-loading access. This, along with the Waist-belt Rangefinder Pockets, ensures that you have easy access to all your important accessories.

Grapple-Compression Straps make it easy for you to carry the load around while on an extended elk hunting trip with your troop. The hip belt and back pads are made of very comfortable foam, to ensure that extra support and comfort. Along with this, you can also use the pull away hip pockets to store a few smaller items, and even a firearm if you wish.

To add to these features, there are added zip-and-flip covers so that you can get some extra space when not carrying a gun or bow. Overall this backpack is ideal for all your elk hunting trips.

Tenzing TC 1500 The Choice Hunting Daypack, Realtree Max Xtra

Tenzing TC 1500 The Choice Hunting Daypack, Realtree Max Xtra

Size: 1500 cubic inches

Color: RealtreeXtra

Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz

Price: $135.99

Best use: Light hunting trips

Description: With Tenzing TC 1500 The Choice Hunting Daypack, Realtree Max Xtra, you could give yourself that extra bit of comfort when it comes to a day hunting trip in the Alps. Its new comfort stretch waistband has concealed elastic straps that let you adjust the pack for your specific needs and body shape. The quiver mount hold helps keep your bows in place.

Tenzing, being among the top manufacturers of quality backpacks, ensure a very high-quality purchase. This particular backpack has a minimum capacity of 1500 cu. in. and weighs around 3 lbs and 4 oz. The light framework, the internally fluted aluminum frame stay, and the padded hip panels are all that you need to keep it easy on your back and hip area.

The Breathable mesh back padding gives you enough ventilation and prevents the overheating and excess sweating. Thanks to the whooping 12 compartments, you can also store a few extra items as per your liking.

This backpack also boasts of H20 compatibility, which means you can carry an extra 2 liters hydration system anytime you are traveling a little off your original tracks. On the whole, the pack works great for 1-day hunting trips where you would want to travel light.

Tenzing TZ 1200 Ultra-Light Daypack

Tenzing TZ 1200 Ultra-Light Daypack

Size: 1211 cubic inches

Color: Military green

Weight: 2 lbs

Price: $98.84

Best use: Treestand or day hunting

Description: With 8 compartments and pockets in total, Tenzing TZ 1200 Ultra-Light Daypack is a good bet for the light day hunting trips. It might have a size of 1211 cc. but with the expandable main compartment you can keep all your things organized and handy. It stands up to the “ultra-light weight” tag in its label which makes it ideal for tree-stand or day hunting.

The 2-liter water reservoir compartment comes in handy when you’re visiting a water reservoir while on the trip and want to stock up on your supplies. It also comes with 2 lower compression straps to attach extra gear so as to leave more space in your backpack.

The three zip pockets can be effectively used for anything and everything that you might need on your trip. The breathable mesh back pad, the padded hip panels and mesh breathable shoulder straps ensure that you do not necessarily feel the load that you are carrying.

This pack essentially helps keep the load off your shoulders, no matter how far you are planning to travel or how long you have to wait for the right time. This is an ideal purchase when you need a backpack that is lightweight yet functional.

Summing Up the Hunting Backpacks

Having had a look at the list of the top best hunting backpacks in the market, you might have gauged that in reality there is no such thing as a perfect backpack. One backpack may have all the best features, missing out on just the one feature that you find essential while another backpack might not be that feature rich, yet it may tick all the right boxes for you.

Backpack for hunting

So, it is best to go for a backpack that suits your individual needs at the moment. You can always upgrade once you decide to take hunting up as a profession. We would advise you to look through all your choices and choose wisely. Also, if you want to brag about it, let us know of your choice in comments. We are very interested in knowing why you choose a certain model over the others.

Shawn Harrison
Shawn Harrison

Shawn Harrison is our expert in hunting. He was born in Alaska, so hunting was his hobby since high school. Later, Shawn took a Hunter Training at Alaska Department of Fish and Game to structure his knowledge and now he is open to share his knowledge with our readers. Shawn is taking ‘Safety First’ approach on all of his trips, especially is some people are going hunting for the first time.