8 Best Fishing Spinners: Hasta La Vista, Fish!

Best fishing spinners
Written by Neal Walker

If you want your fishing adventure to be less an adventure and more fishing, you definitely need the right bait.

Which is why you may opt for the best fishing spinners on the market, seeing as their metal blades work better to attract the fish. That’s because they look like small fish when they’re moving, which works to attract bigger ones, who will see the light reflecting in the metal blade even if the water’s not crystal clear.

So since spinners are so easy to use and they can help you catch your game even with your run-of-the-mill retrieve, we’d thought we’d tell you all about them: how and why to choose this sort of bait, plus some top-notch items to browse.

How to Choose Your Dream Spinner

The best way to choose the fishing spinner that will help you catch a ton of fish is by understanding how they work.

Fishing spinners design

There are various types, styles and sizes and each is great but for different purposes. So think about your own needs and fishing style before getting a such a lure.


Fishing spinners can be found in the following designs:

The standard inline spinner

  • Their blades revolve around the wire with the help of a clevis.
  • The wire has a weight attached to it to make casting it easier.


  • They look like safety pins.
  • Their lead head is attached to one arm.
  • The spinner is placed on the other arm with the help of a swivel.
  • They can have one or more blades.
  • The blades are placed on the lead head arm.
  • The clevis and the bead stop are what keep the blades fixed.
  • They’re versatile and can be used in deeper water, with a lot of vegetation and for all sorts of fish.


  • They can look either as a standard inline spinner or as a spinnerbait.
  • They have a revolving propeller attached so you can fish near the surface.
  • They’re a topwater lure.
  • They have to be retrieved fast to make more noise when they reach the surface.
  • They’re more appropriate for catching bass and pike.

Live bait

  • They can have one or more hooks.
  • They use live bait.
  • The spinner blade is placed in front of the bait.
  • They’re very versatile and can catch most game fish.

The blade

The blade is one of the most important components of a spinner because its purpose is to look enticing to fish.

Fishing spinner

So let’s take a moment to discuss the different blades you can choose from, because they all make different sounds and go to various depths, seeing as they have various resistances.

The depths you’ll go to

Depending on the style you choose, you’ll be able to go to at:

A superficial level

…with broader blades, because they’re bigger hence they’ll make a wider angle with the wire when they revolve around it. That will account for various raps and lifts since it makes a lot of vibrations. Choose the Colorado style if you’re more interested in this option.

A medium level

…with blades that have a medium width in order to produce a moderate angle with the shaft. These are perfect for average speed retrieves, and you can use them in still water like lakes or rivers which don’t have a lot of currents. The styles more appropriate for this purpose are:

  • Fluted.
  • French.
  • Indiana
  • Turtleback.

A deeper level

…with very narrow blades that create a minimal angle with the wire, which allows them to get at a lower depth. So if you’re fishing in quick, deep waters and are looking to make a speedy retrieve, this is it. You can choose between two styles: the Inline and the Willow blade, the latter being more appropriate if you’re fishing in an area with a lot of vegetation because it doesn’t get stuck.

The size you’ll get

Size is always important when it comes to the gear you have and how you can use it. Understanding the way in which spinner sizes are measured is another step to getting the right one for your needs.

Basically, you’re going on a scale between 0 and 10, 0 being the smallest for the smallest fish, and 10 the biggest for larger fish:

  • 0-2: trout.
  • 3-6: bass and pike.
  • 7-9: muskies.
  • 10: big muskies and big pikes.

However, keep in mind that a smaller blade has less of its surface inside the water, which reduces the friction and minimizes vibration, thus making less noise.

The number of blades

At this point, the choice lies between single and multiple blades. The advantages of a spinner with double blades are:

  • They break the water when you retrieve it fast.
  • They reflect light better inside the water, thus giving the appearance of more fish.
  • They’re great for catching muskies.

The colors

The hue palette shouldn’t reflect your taste in design, but a very specific purpose. So get:

  • A metallic color like copper, brass, gold or silver if you want a bigger gleam to lure fish in water that’s pretty clear or close to it.
  • A painted color if you’re looking for more contrast, especially at bigger depths or in muddy water. They also work well if you’re fishing at dusk, dawn or when there’s an overcast.

The tails

You can choose to add various fabrics to the tail because that:

  • Makes it look more like a real fish.
  • Makes it look bigger.
  • You’ll have more weight, therefore more resistance that’s great for a slower retrieve.
  • The best fabrics for this purpose are silicone and plastic.

Or you can opt for an undressed tail because:

  • It can reach a bigger speed.
  • It goes at bigger depths.
  • It provides a bigger glare and more vibration.

What to Choose From

Since now you know what each type of spinner is better for, we can take you to the virtual market and walk you through a series of appetizing lures that will make every fish’s heart tick with delight and bite the bait.

Booyah Pond Magic

Booyah Pond Magic

Weight: 0.57 ounces

Specifications: spinnerbait; erratic action; various blades and color combinations; small

Best Use: all game fish

Description: This 4.3 stars Booyah Pond Magic has a retail price between $2.61 and $17.99, depending on the size and type you choose. However, they are all spinnerbaits, which make them appropriate for catching all sorts of fish, seeing as these lures are quite versatile.

So it can work it deeper waters as well as shallow because it uses a combination of blades of different sizes and colors, as well as different silicone skirts for the tail. All these are used to create vibration and flash to attract all game fish.

The technique it uses is erratic action once you cast it into the water and retrieve it, which ends up mimicking the same movements a wounded fish has.  That’s very appealing to other fish which are attracted by this.

Since it’s a very small spinnerbait, don’t use it on a big line and a rod that’s too heavy. It works better if you use it on an 8-10 pounds line, by making a double loop knot to secure it.

Related: Booyah offers this item in two sizes: the 3/16 ounces and the 5 Pieces.

Mepps Aglia Spinner – Treble Hook

Mepps Aglia Spinner - Treble Hook

Weight: 0.08 ounces (size 0) to 0.5 ounces (size 5)

Specifications: French blade; treble hook; stainless steel shaft; metal blade

Best Use: versatile fishing

Description:  This 4.7 stars Mepps Aglia Spinner – Treble Hook can be found in a price range of $0.50 – $9.96, depending on the size you choose. And size is really important because it decides what sort of fish you can catch, in this case:

  • Sizes 0 and 1: stream trout, pan fish, and grayling.
  • Size 2: slab crappie, larger trout, bluegills, sunfish, smallmouth bass, and walleye.
  • Size 3 and 4: all bass, salmon, and steelhead, large crappie, and walleye.
  • Size 5: northern pike, musky, largemouth bass, stripers and large salmon.

Since this is a French blade, it will produce a medium angle with the wire, and thus work better for average and low retrieval speeds. It also works better in still waters with little currents, but it makes for an awesome flash and vibration. The combination of the light and sound stimuli is quite appealing to fish.

The Aglia hook looks like a small trident since it’s treble with colorful sleeves. Besides, it’s very sharp and the game won’t get away. The stainless steel from which the shaft is made is a resistant, yet light material, to which the blade, body, and hook are attached.

The oval blade is concave, and it comes in a plethora of colors. The silver, gold, brass and copper varieties are better used in cleared water, while the painted ones do a good job in murky water and low light.

Johnson Silver Minnow

Johnson Silver Minnow

Weight: 0.13 ounces

Dimensions: 1.75 inches length

Specifications: simple design; lots of colors; various sizes; freshwater and saltwater fishing; versatile techniques

Best Use: fishing in dense vegetation

Description:  This 4.5 stars Johnson Silver Minnow has a price range between $2.00 – $17.26, depending on the size you choose.

It’s an inline spinner, with a simple design that comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the right ones according to the type of waters you’re casting into metal hues for clearer water and painted hues for muddier water.

The smaller sizes are used for catching small fish, while the bigger sizes work well to attract bigger predators. But the good news is you can use all these spinners confidently, both in fresh and saltwater, with awesome results.

Since it has such a plain construction, it can slip right through dense vegetation, so you’ll be sure it won’t get stuck or twist the line,

Plus, you can use it with any technique you like to attract fish, either by trailing the baited line along behind a boat, jerking it up and down through the water, or twitching it at the bottom.

Terminator T-1 Spinnerbait

Terminator T-1 Spinnerbait

Weight: 0.38 ounces

Specifications: double-bladed; various colors; silicone skirts; Trailer extensions; titanium wire frame; premium VMC hook; beveled edges

Best USe: all game fish

Description:  This 5 stars and $9.99 Terminator T-1 Spinnerbait is multifunctional seeing as it can be used in deeper water as well as shallow, with a lot of vegetation and for different game fish.

The fact that it has two blades is also an attractive feature to the fish since the lure reflects light better, it produces more vibrations and looks like a school of baitfish.

The fact that you can choose the color and type of baitfish is another plus because you can get a painted color for murky waters or a metal color for clear water.

Either way, you’ll get the best since the silicone skirts are uniquely designed, and you can change them anytime you want. Plus, they have Trailer extensions that pulsate and lure fish better.

The materials used are top notch, like the titanium for the wire frame, which is very durable since it’s made with a patented technology. The silicone used for the skirts is a quality material too, and the hook is premium VMC which makes it very sharp. The design is good too since the blades have beveled edges, and in combination with the sharp hook they’ll prove deadly.

Related: Terminator offers this item in various other colors: Bright White Shad; Blue Shad; Hot Tip Chartreuse

Panther Martin

Panther Martin

Weight: 1.6 ounces

Specifications: 6 pieces;  UV colors; spinnerbait; double blades; double hook

Best Use: small to medium fish

Description:  This 4.1 stars and $17.20 Panther Martin is a pack of lures that contains six pieces, three in size 2 and three in size 4. That’s an important perk because you can choose which ones you want, either for catching smaller fish, either for luring medium-sized ones.

The official description states these spinners are perfect for various fish, including trouts, bass, salmon, and kokanee.

Besides, the color palette is also quite interesting, because these baits use painted colors, which we know are great for low light and murky waters.

But they also use ultra-violets since predatory fish use UV vision in order to identify their prey. That’s what will make predators be more attracted by this bait and bite more.

This is a good spinnerbait with double blades and a double hook that’s bound to work for different fish, ensuring you make a good catch.

Rebel Pop-R

Rebel Pop-R

Weight: 0.25 ounces

Dimensions: 2.5 inches length

Specifications: buzz bait; Chartreuse Shad; fast retrieving; works for bass and pike; revolving treble hook; dressed tail

Best Use: topwater lure

Description:  This 4.7 stars and $9.86 is a buzz bait that looks like an inline spinner. Rebel Pop-R has a revolving propeller attached, which comes in the color and appearance of Chartreuse Shad. That will give it a plus of veracity, improving its design and action on the fish you want to catch.

Besides, the color used will reflect light and the fact that it’s a surface popper means you can fish near the surface with great results. That’s because it will make all the right sounds, provided you retrieve it fast enough to make more noise.

That’s what will help you catch  fish the like of bass and pikes.

Plus, it has a treble hook that rotates helping you catch more fish. The fact that it has a dressed tail also makes it look more appealing, at the same time offering it some extra weight useful for increasing its size and decreasing the total speed you need to apply when retrieving.

Related: Rebel Lures also offers this item in four other colors and fish baits: Blue GillClear/Red/Blue; Ole’ Bass

Teeny Torpedo

Teeny Torpedo

Weight: 0.13 ounces

Dimensions: 5 x 1.2 x 0.1 inches

Specifications: buzz bait; great for bass, pike, and schools of fish; longer distances; explosive sounds; twitching technique

Best Use: topwater fishing

Description: This 5 stars and $4.99 buzz bait looks like an inline spinner and you’ll see the attached revolving propeller that seems like a real fish. Teeny Torpedo will help you fish closer to the surface, though you have to retrieve it fast in order to produce more noise to catch the perfect bass or pike.

This spinner has the right weight and design to be cast at longer distances, so you can get to the good spots faster. The fact that they make a lot of noise when reaching the surface is a huge advantage for getting the attention of entire schools of fish, that will be attracted by this.

The technique you have to apply is twitching rapidly and chaotically so the strikes make a sound like some sort of firecrackers.

Keep in mind that this is a very light bait, and it can’t be used on heavier lines or bigger rods. Also, it’s not that good at deeper depths since it doesn’t sink that well and can’t produce a lot of vibrations. The metallic color also renders it appropriate for clear water, near the surface.

That’s because there’s more light available to produce the needed flash, although the catching mechanism is based on sound rather than light.

Mepps Muskie Killer

Mepps Muskie Killer

Weight: 1.25 ounces

Specifications: spinnerbait; Inline style; dressed tail; works in vegetation; 0.5 ounces lead head; 2 treble hooks

Best Use: catching muskies

Description:  This 4.8 stars and $10.76 Mepps Muskie Killer is a spinnerbait, that uses an Inline style for its blade. It has a spinner tail, dressed to make the whole thing more appealing to predatory fish, increasing its weight and making it look more real.

Since the official description renders it more appropriate for catching muskies, and since these lurk deeper beneath more vegetation, this is the perfect lure to catch them. That’s because it will start spinning even when you retrieve it with a slow speed.

This spinnerbait is perfect for reaching bigger depths, seeing as it has a narrow blade that, when it’s spinning around the wire, it will create a small angle. That’s what will help you catch your musky fast, in deep water with a lot of currents.

So this item is also great for the early fishing seasons when the water is pretty cold and not that calm because this is the sort of environment muskies prefer.

The 0.5 ounces lead head helps you run deep below the surface and the two treble hooks are very sharp and strong. This will give you an advantage over the big muskies you can find even during the summer, so you don’t have to settle for fishing just at the start of the season.

Decisions, Decisions… What’s Yours?

All these fishing spinners we’ve discussed aim to be the best in their category, but that means they can either work in shallow or deep waters, for big or small fish, in clear or muddy conditions and so forth. The truly versatile spinners are a very rare breed, but there are right spinners for individual anglers.

Choose your Fishing spinners

So tell us which one is right for you? What sort of fishing do you prefer? Where do you usually go? What sort of baits do you generally use?

And what would you recommend to your fellow anglers? We’re curious to know, so don’t let us wait and use the comment section below.


Neal Walker

Neal Walker started fishing when he was 4. His father took him to the fishing trips all over USA and Canada. Later he took Angling Education Program at Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, but most of his knowledge comes from experience. Now he takes his sons with him to share his passion.