Best Archery Rangefinder: Improve Your Bow Hunting Skills and Confidence

Best Archery Rangefinder
Written by Shawn Harrison

Do you want to improve your bow hunting and range shooting with a bow and an arrow? Most archers have been able to perfect their bow hunting skills with the use of the best archery range finder.

However, finding the ideal rangefinder for your archery expeditions isn’t as easy as you would have imagined. One of the hardest attributes of bow hunting is ranging your shot. A good rangefinder will help you with this particular problem.

That is why we have created the following list of high performing rangefinders. After a thorough research and evaluation of design features, customer ratings, pricing, and brand popularity, we nominated the 7 rangefinders that will definitely improve your bow hunting skills.

Our Top Picks

ProductWeightSizeMax. rangePrice
Bushnell Scout 10006.7 ounces5 x 24 mm1000 yardsCheck price on Amazon
Wildgame Innovations Halo Ballistix 60011.2 ounces6 x 23 mm600 yardsCheck price on Amazon
Bushnell The Truth ARC6 ounces4 x 20 mm600 yardsCheck price on Amazon
Vortex Ranger 1000 RRF - 10112 ounces6 x 22 mm1000 yardsCheck price on Amazon
Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence8 ounces4 x 16 mm600 yardsCheck price on Amazon
Leupold RX-1200i TBR/W12.8 ounces6 x 22 mm1000 yardsCheck price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

A standard rangefinder will just provide you with the range, not including all the details for a perfect shot placement. But, the best laser rangefinder will provide you with the range and all the minor details for the best bow shooting experience.


The magnification power of a rangefinder plays a big role in bow hunting. Most games are taken at considerable distances of 200 to 600 yards. Therefore, high-quality rangefinders with an optical power of 4x, 5x, or 6x will do.

Rangefinder on the Rocks

Keeping the magnification on the low setting will keep you ready for those close range shots. The zooming performance and clear view of your intended target depend on the magnification of the rangefinder you buy.

Objective Lens Diameter

The objective lens diameter plays a big role in how well the rangefinder gathers light. Apart from the quality of the optics and the laser technology the size of the lens will improve the performance. The most popular lens sizes range from 16 to 24 mm.

Hunting with Rangefinder

Usually, the lower the optical power the larger the objective lens diameter/ lens size. Therefore, a rangefinder with an objective lens diameter of 20 mm and four times magnification will allow for perfect ranging between 10 to 600 yards.


The best archery rangefinder must have an ergonomic and durable design. In light of this, you should choose a pocket-size design that is lightweight and ultra-portable. Such a design will be easy for you to bring on a bow hunting expedition.

Rangefinder on a Rock

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A rangefinder with a simple one-button will be easy to operate. For durability, you need a rangefinder with an o-ring seal design. This design will prevent debris, dust, and moisture from damaging the device.

Field of View

This is one of the most important qualities of any rangefinder. Field of view various considerably from one long range rangefinder to another. For instance, an 8×42 mm model has a field of view of 377 feet while a 10×42 mm model has a field of view of 341 feet.

Hunting with Rangefinder

A low powered rangefinder provides a larger field of view compared to a high powered rangefinder. A wider field of view provides finer details of the target, such as the tail of a deer slipping through thick brush.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the range of distance between your eye and the ocular lens that gives you a full target picture. High magnification power produces a shorter eye relief. In most cases, eye relief is most generous on low power rangefinders.

Bow Hunting Rangefinder

High power rangefinders have critical eye relief, which is usually suitable for urgent shooting. Generally, a longer eye relief is necessary for eye glass users and for reducing eye strain and fatigue.

Top Products on Today’s Market

For better archery experience, you need a rangefinder that can deliver a variety of accurate distance measurements. The ideal model ought to have: an ergonomic and durable design, powerful and high-quality optics, and excellent ranging features.

We have selected the following rangefinders on your behalf. They are the best you can find in the market as far as the price, high-quality features and performance are concerned. You can also use the reviews to compare products before buying.

Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC Rangefinder

Price: Approx. $300Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC Rangefinder

Weight: 6.7 ounces

Size: 5 x 24 mm

Specific features: Built-in digital inclinometer; rain guard hd; ergonomic pocket size design; multiple aiming (scan, brush, and bulls-eye); rifle mode for bullet-drop; bow mode for true horizontal distance; fully multicoated lens coating; 650 yard tree ranging performance; and 325 yard deer ranging performance

Best use: Bow hunting, range shooting, deer hunting and golf

The Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC Rangefinder is among the best in the market. With a magnification of 5x and a range of 5 to 1000 yards, you are able to target properly. Its optical design is fully multi-coated with rain guard HD.

The rain guard HD is a permanent, patented, water resistant lens coating that prevents fogging from rain and breath. It features a built-in tripod mount that allows you to attach a tripod for stability during long periods of use.

Its ergonomic design with textured rubber gives you a firm grip during use. It incorporated with a built-in digital inclinometer that digitally displays the exact angle from -60 to +60 degrees of elevation. The inclinometer has a +/- degree accuracy.

With this digitalized system the problem hunters face of how angles alter the distance of the target has been solved. The angle range compensation integrated inclinometer provides elevation angle, allowing distance compensation when targeting objects.

It features various operation modes that include: bow mode, rifle mode and regular mode. The bow mode provides a true horizontal distance from 5 to 99 yards. The rifle mode provides bullet-drop or holdover data in inches from 100 to 800 yards.


  • Rain guard HD for superior fog-resistant
  • Rubber grip offers non-slip and strong grip in all weather conditions
  • ARC digitalized inclinometer system provides accurate targeting
  • 5x magnification provides a clear view of the target
  • Inbuilt tripod mount allows you to attach a tripod
  • Neck strap and carrying case offer easy portability
  • Read/power button is easy to operate

  • Not suitable for use in all lighting conditions
  • Provided lanyard is not useful

Related: You should consider buying this archery rangefinder along with the Mildot Master. This analog calculator will allow for simple computation of range to the target; so, there is no need of you memorizing formulas.

Check the price on Amazon

Wildgame Innovations Halo Ballistix 600 Range Finder

Price: Approx. $115Wildgame Innovations Halo Ballistix 600 Range Finder

Weight: 11.2 ounces

Size: 6 x 23 mm

Specific features: Laser rangefinder; measures in yards and meters; effortless switching between modes; quick ranging; lightweight design

Best use: Bow hunting and range shooting

The Wildgame Innovations Halo Ballistix 600 Range Finder is a resourceful gear that is competitively priced. It has a sporty design that makes it an aesthetically appealing gear on appearance. It features an ergonomic design and it is compact in a way that it can fit in your hand.

In addition to its small size, it is lightweight and only weighs 11.2 ounces. It is made of a non-slip housing that ensures that you can easily grip the gear even when wet. The grip is also a rubberized silicone grip that prevents it from making any noises during use.

It features a 6x magnification that allows you to range up to 600 yards. It has a scan mode that allows you to constantly keep on ranging, which is important in situations that you require to track moving objects. It consists of the angle indicating technology that accounts for slopes.

This type of technology solves the problem of calculating angle compensation for hunters. The technology offers you angle compensation values and accuracy to -1/+1 yard. The rangefinder comprises of a black square reticle that provides you with easy targeting and identification.


  • Target long distance objects reaching up to 600 yards
  • High magnification rate of 6x offers wider field of view
  • Scan mode allows for continuous ranging of moving targets
  • Lightweight and small in size, allowing you to carry it anywhere
  • Non-slip housing construction gives a good grip
  • Ranges fast both in meters and yards
  • Angle compensation allow for tree stand hunting

  • Not suitable for low light conditions
  • Does not perform well during golfing

Related: The rangefinder doesn’t come with a battery; you will need to buy the Viridian CR2 Battery. The battery has a maximum life and power delivery from start to finish.

Check the price on Amazon

Bushnell The Truth ARC Rangefinder

Price: Approx. $165Bushnell The Truth ARC Rangefinder

Weight: 6 ounces

Size: 4 x 20 mm

Specific features: Ergonomic pocket-size design; angle range compensation (ARC); anti-slip grip finish; bow mode for true horizontal distance; posi-thread battery door; battery life indicator; 600 yard tree ranging; 200 yard deer ranging

Best use: Bow hunting, range shooting and deer hunting

The Bushnell The Truth ARC Rangefinder is characterized as one of the best rangefinders in the market. It features the angle range compensation technology with bow mode. This technology determines the distance compensated based on the angle of a shot.

It comes in a compact design that can fit in your pocket and light in weight for easy portability. Its external construction is made of a rugged case with a grip finish that is anti-slip for added comfort when using it in wet conditions.

The 3-volt battery has a long battery life. It features a battery life indicator to keep you informed on when you require changing the battery. It is easy to operate the rangefinder, it only comprises of one button for operation.

Its 4x magnification provides you with clear, sharp and bright images. It comes in with a carrying case for storage and a neck strap. The neck strap ensures that the ranging device is supported while moving and does not fall off during use.


  • Lightweight and compact design is highly portable
  • Rainproof housing is suitable for humid and rainy condition
  • 3-volt battery has a long burn time
  • Angle range compensation is suitable for bow hunters
  • Magnification of 4x offers crispy and bright images
  • Battery life indicator shows you the battery level
  • Superb deer and tree ranging performance

  • Does not perform well in low light conditions

Related: This rangefinder offers excellent performance in daylight, but poor performance in low light; so, you should buy the Bushnell Trophy Binoculars. You can use the binoculars in low light conditions to acquire beautiful images of your target.

Check the price on Amazon

Vortex Ranger 1000 Rangefinder

Price: Approx. $300Vortex Ranger 1000 Rangefinder

Weight: 12 ounces

Size: 6 x 22 mm

Specific features: Rugged design; rubber armor finish; o-ring seal for waterproof; horizontal component distance mode (HCD); line of sight mode (LOS); scan mode for continuous readings; easy-to-use menu

Best use: Bow hunting, range shooting and deer hunting

The Vortex Ranger 1000 Rangefinder is among the best ranging devices in the market that is worth its price. It features a primary horizontal component distance mode that displays angle compensated distance readings.

It comprises of a line of sight mode that is specialized for rifle shooters who use the slope correcting ballistic drop data cards or those shooting beyond 500 yards. It incorporates a scan feature that can be used to range small targets on uniform backgrounds in any mode.

The rangefinder is sealed with o-rings that enhance its waterproof performance. The o-rings also prevent dust, moisture and debris from penetrating inside. It is a lightweight gear that is compact and comes in an ergonomic design, making it easy to pack or carry around.

Its rugged construction is built to handle harsh conditions regardless of it being lightweight. The included lanyard allows you to hang it around your neck. Its adjustable utility clip can be used to clip the unit to a belt or any flat edged surface for easy access.


  • O-rings prevent dust, debris and water from damaging the device
  • Compatible with a tripod adapter for support
  • Rugged design is built to withstand tough areas and conditions
  • Rubber armor offers non-slip and secure grip
  • Fully multi-coated lenses provide crispy and bright images
  • Lightweight and portable for easy backpacking
  • Illuminated display is easy to read in low light conditions

  • Impaired performance in extreme foggy conditions
  • Not suitable for low light conditions

Related: You should buy the rangefinder along with the Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars and the Vortex Harness Strap. The binoculars will offer you a better view in low light, and you can use the strap to harness the binoculars.

Check the price on Amazon

Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence Rangefinder

Price: Approx. $150Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence Laser Rangefinder

Weight: 8 ounces

Size: 4 x 16 mm

Specific features: Class 1 laser; tilt Intelligence for true horizontal distance; simple one-button operation; in-view LCD display; powerful optics; 10 to 600 yards ranging; 4 mm exit pupil; 20 mm eye relief; and 320 feet FOV at 1000 yards

Best use: Bow hunting, range shooting and deer hunting

The Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence Rangefinder is a well known brand in the market that comes with a good price. It is well known due to its tilt intelligence feature that offers you a true horizontal distance to the target. The distance is displayed for targets that are 99 yards.

The tilt intelligence model calculates the true horizontal distance and displays it below the line of sight distance. It features a 4x magnification which is best suited for individuals who hunt at a close range.

The magnification range offers you bright and crystal clear images. You are able to set back the distance in yards or meters. It incorporates an LCD display and box style reticle that you can use for targeting.

Upon purchase, you get a carrying case for easy portability and packing and a 9-volt battery. Regardless of it being large and heavy it is less expensive, making it the ideal gear for individuals with a tight budget.

It features a vertical design which makes it lighter and compact, unlike horizontal rangefinders. The vertical design is also weather resistant and you can use it in various weather conditions. It is an easy to use gear with only one button for operation.


  • Tilt intelligence mode calculates true horizontal distance
  • Simple one-button operation
  • In-view LCD display gives the real distance to target
  • Weather resistant housing is highly durable
  • Powerful optics offer great performance from 10 to 600 yards
  • Easy to switch between meters and yards for convenience
  • Angle compensation makes it suitable for tree stand hunting

  • Rangefinder’s performance isn’t excellent beyond 350 yards
  • Does not perform excellently during golfing

Related: If you are into range shooting, then you should buy this product along with the Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand. This stand is suitable for holding two sixteen-inch targets side by side during range shooting.

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Leupold RX-1200i TBR/W Rangefinder

Price: Approx. $380Leupold RX-1200i Rangefinder

Weight: 12.8 ounces

Size: 6 x 22 mm

Specific features: DNA accuracy; mobu design; tbr technology; scan mode for moving targets; oled platform technology; fold-down rubber eyecups; built-in inclinometer; various reticle options; quick setup menu

Best use: Bow hunting, range shooting and deer hunting

The Leupold RX-1200i TBR/W Rangefinder is a well-known ranging device in the market. It features a compact vertical style with aluminum housing. The housing is equipped with a rubberized layer for a firm grip and weather resistance.

It features a 6x magnification, making it suitable for bow and rifle hunting. It uses the red oled display that offers clear images and has the ability to display in rifle and true horizontal range modes. It has holdover adjustments in MOA, inches or centimeters.

The line of sight mode does not account the shot being taken, but returns ranges. The bow mode provides angle compensation for up to 125 yards. It features selectable reticles with three different ranges.

The rangefinder has the ability to measure height when the trig setting is selected while in rifle mode. This is useful for measuring the height of the object that you wish to target. The rangefinder is also able to calculate the full value wind holds at the ranged distance.


  • Wind adjustment offers quick windage calculations
  • Powerful magnification offers crispy-clear and bright images
  • Angle compensation allows you to work in both archery and rifle modes
  • Aluminum housing is durable and weather proof
  • Rubberized layer offers a firm grip during use
  • Digitally enhanced accuracy delivers precise and faster results
  • Quick set menu allows for quick and reliable settings

  • No tripod adapter for mounting

Related: The Leupold RX-1200i TBR/W is a top-quality ranging device, but you can make it more convenient for your bow hunting expedition by buying the Horn Hunter Rangefinder Wrap. The wrap easily attaches to straps and belts.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap Up

The Leupold Laser Rangefinder marks the end of our archery rangefinder reviews. Archery involves distinguishing the uncertain from the certain. Your main objective is to be certain of your distance from your target.

Rangefinder Construction

The reviewed rangefinders help you know your exact distance from your target. They offer you first-rate laser technology that maximizes your bow hunting experiences. The ideal rangefinder will allow for accurate shot placement for a successful hunt.

Generally, you are supposed to choose a dependable archery rangefinder model with a reputation for quality and reliability. You do not necessarily have to spend too much on a high-end product if you have a tight budget.

There are inexpensive models that are high performing and come highly recommended by users. With that said, did you find what you were looking for? Was this information helpful? Please share your experiences, thoughts, suggestions, and concerns with us in the comments section below.


Shawn Harrison

Shawn Harrison is our expert in hunting. He was born in Alaska, so hunting was his hobby since high school. Later, Shawn took a Hunter Training at Alaska Department of Fish and Game to structure his knowledge and now he is open to share his knowledge with our readers. Shawn is taking ‘Safety First’ approach on all of his trips, especially is some people are going hunting for the first time.