Best Bushcraft Knife: Top 8 Bushcraft Knives Reviews

The skill of living in the wild requires you to have the best Bushcraft knife. This is an edged tool that will run the gambit of knife usage. The model you choose should be able to skin and butcher game, carve wood, as well as cut numerous materials. It is simply a tool that has what it takes to help you survive in the wild.

Currently, the market is flooded with knives with different specs and features. However, not all the knives will work for you when you are in the rough country. Only a selected few can do what you want them to do. The list of product reviews provides you with a way of comparing blades, allowing you to make the best purchasing decision.

Refer to the following table to get an overview of the main features of the bushcraft knives we discuss in this article.

Product NameWeightBlade MaterialBlade LengthPrice
Fallkniven F1 Thermorun Handle Plain6.4 oz.iVG10 steel blade3.8 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Spyderco G-10 Plainedge7.8 oz.High carbon steel3.9 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Morakniv Carbon Tactical8.8 oz.Carbon steel 4.3 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Helle Temagami Carbon3 oz.Triple laminated steel 4.3 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Esee -3mil-P G10 Blades16.1 oz.1095 carbon steel3.88 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Ka-Bar Becker Bk2 Campanion16 oz.1095 Cro-Van steel5.25 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Condor Tool And Knife Bushlore16 oz.1075 high carbon steel4.375 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Benchmade7.72 oz.S30V stainless steel 4.43 inchesCheck price on Amazon

Most Important Features

There are two major considerations that you are supposed to make: the blade profile, and the handle profile.

The Blade Profile

Start by choosing steel material that will work best for you. Depending on the alloy; there are some materials that are easier to sharpen, retain a fine edge, and resist corrosion than others. The best and most recommended materials are:

iVG10 steel; 0-1 high carbon steel; Triple layered laminated stainless steel; 1095 carbon steel; 1095 Cro-Van steel; 1075 high carbon steel; and S30V steel. Then make sure you have the right grind, drop point, blade length, and blade thickness.

The Handle Profile

You have to choose a handle made of high quality material. The material should be lightweight and hard. It should provide you with a strong grip that will not slip off in wet or cold conditions.

Black Bushcraft Knife in the woods

The most recommended handle materials that you can consider are: G-10 (rugged and lightweight); Micarta (smooth and tough); titanium (unsurpassed corrosion resistance and warm grip); and aluminum (lightweight and solid feeling).

Top 8 Bushcraft Knives Reviews

Fallkniven F1 Thermorun Handle Plainfallkniven f1 knife

Price: Approximately $120

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Blade length: 3.8 inches

Specific features: iVG10 steel blade; thermorum handle; Zytel sheath; and perfectly weighted.

Best use: Bushcrafting

Measuring 8.3 inches and weighing 6.4 ounces, Fallkniven F1 Thermorun Handle Plain is a well-designed fixed blade that is made in Sweden and forged in Japan. It has a blade length of 3.8 inches, which is perfect for living in the wild. It is a simple knife, yet very resourceful. It has a drop point cutting edge with a complete convex grind.

It is a preferred survival blade because it has no jimping and organic shapes. It has a thickness of 4.5 millimeters. You do not need a large cutting tool when you have this piece, since the blade thickness combined with the drop point structure and convex grind offers you the power you need to do the work of a large knife.

The iVG10 stainless steel is tougher, harder, and excellent for edge retention. It has an ergonomic handle profile. The handle is made of Thermorum, which is a high density plastic with a touch of rubbery feel. The handgrip sheathes the tang of the blade. The pommel is made of approximately 1/8-inch of the tang.

You can use the pommel for crushing and hammering. The handle also accommodates a sizeable sleeved lanyard hole that you can use to hang the knife or attach it to another weapon. The holder has a heavy duty diamond texture that provides you with a tough and strong grip.

You should buy this piece if you are looking for a cutting tool with: durable & simple design, small & inconspicuous profile, and maintains a fine edge. It also comes with a Zytel sheath, which is highly resourceful for securing the blade.


  • Good sized handle
  • Handle provides a good grip
  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Blade keeps the edge well
  • Durable
  • Sheath simple and suitable for use in water


  • Sheath too light and cheap, makes rattle noise
  • May be a bit too short for a few purposes

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Check the price on Amazon

Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Plainedge Knifespyderco plainedge knife

Price: Approximately $200

Weight: 7.8 ounces

Blade length: 3.9 inches

Specific features: G-10 handle; 0.14-inch blade thickness; 0.23—inch blade hole; 0-1 high carbon steel; and leather belt carry sheath.

Best use: Bushcrafting

Measuring 8.75 inches and weighing 7.8 ounces, Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Plainedge Knife is a traditional bushcrafting knife for the money. The blade’s design originates from the dwellers of the Southern hemisphere. The cutting edge is particularly engineered for ultimate wilderness survival.

It is a typical Bushcraft knife, which is fully tanged with a Scandinavian grind. You will certainly love the Scandinavian grind. It provides you with a flat, wide, single bevel grind that is extraordinarily hard-wearing. The blade is made of 0-1 tool steel that holds a fine edge after extensive use, and it is easy to sharpen.

0-1 steel is the most forgiving of any material, and it offers an edge of excellent quality for wilderness survival. Edge holding is amazing, and the blade provides precision ground. The handle is made of a fiberglass based laminate, which is strong, lightweight, and very hard. The handle’s surface is textured in the method of checkering.

This piece has a unique edge angle. The edge bevels are twelve degrees on either sides for twenty four degrees in total. Basically, there is no secondary edge or micro bevels. The leather belt carries sheath is equally skillful for both hands. This is beyond any reasonable doubt, the most convenient and comfortable cutting tool to have.


  • Very sharp blade; holds its edge
  • Sturdy
  • Strong, light, smooth handle
  • Can be comfortably carried by both right-handed and left-handed users


  • May be a tad difficult to maintain the blade
  • Sheath not durable

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Check the price on Amazon

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Tactical Knifemorakniv carbon blade

Price: Approximately $40

Weight: 8.8 ounces

Blade length: 4.3 inches

Specific features: Carbon steel blade; 4.3-inch blade length; 0.125-inch blade thickness; non-serrated; plastic sheath.

Best use: Bushcrafting

Measuring 9.1 inches long and weighing 8.8 ounces, Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Tactical Knife is the best knife for the money. The blade is made of black high carbon steel. The edge is 0.125-inch thick, and it is tremendously sharp. The edge is toughened to HRC 56-58 to enable it to hold out stress and abuse when batoning.

The most amazing aspect of the blade is the black finish. It offers protection against corrosion. Like most Bushcraft knives, this model has a scandi grind that safeguards it from slipping off. The scandi grind chews into an object without getting stuck on the object’s surface. It is also razor sharp and stays sharp for a considerable amount of time.

The edge is fairly thin, which offers you the power you need for carving and batoning. The stiletto is fitted with a Morakniv handle with an over-molded rubber clutch. The holder offers excellent anti-slip capabilities, and it maintains a strong grip both in cold and wet conditions. You will definitely like the grip.

The knife will settle securely in your hand, providing you with greater performance, safety, and greater control. You can use the blade to accomplish several bushcrafting tasks, including fire starting, carving, cutting, and batoning.

The back section of the blade, which is also referred to as the spine is grounded for use with a fire starter. You can start a fire by rubbing the back of the blade along a fire starter.


  • Handle comfortable for most people
  • Secure sheath
  • Value for money
  • Suitable for many activities like batoning and hunting
  • Very sharp knife


  • Some may find the handle to be not very comfortable because of the finger choil for the pointer.

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Check the price on Amazon

Helle Temagami Carbon Knifehelle carbon knife

Price: Approximately $180

Weight: 3.0 ounces

Blade length: 8.3 inches

Specific features: Triple layered laminated stainless steel edge; curly birch handle; Les Stroud design; and genuine leather sheath.

Best use: Bushcraft

Measuring 8.3 inches long and weighing 3 ounces, Helle Temagami Carbon Knife is one of the most useful bushcrafting knives to buy. The blade is made of triple laminated steel that is about three millimeters thick. The tang is not full; however, it covers half of the holder and goes all through to the end point.

It may not be a true full tang, but it actually feels like a full tang. The steel material is softer on the sides and harder at the center, enabling it to retain a fine edge for longer durations. The steel tang is visible on the top section and the pommel end. Though, it is covered by the handle material.

This is a necessary feature because it helps safeguard your fingers when using the blade in the cold. It has a drop point edge accompanied by a scandi grind, which is approximately seven millimeter deep. The steel is contained in the holder by 3 rivets, and one of the rivets is hollow, providing you with a lanyard hole.

The handgrip is made of Masurian birch also referred to as curly birch. The handle is highly user-friendly, offering you a strong grip that is not slippery. This means that you can comfortably use the knife in cold and wet conditions without any problems.

It comes with a genuine leather sheath that has a simple and unique design. The carry sheath is resourceful for both hands.


  • Solid, durable knife
  • Sleek design
  • Handmade


  • Overpriced
  • Prone to chipping after a few uses

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Esee -3mil-P G10 Bladesblades and micrata handles

Price: Approximately $100

Weight: 16.1 ounces

Blade length: 8.31 inches

Specific features: Made in the USA; 1095 carbon steel; black G10 handle material; textured black powder finish; 3.88-inch blade length; and black MOLLE sheath.

Best use: Bushcraft

Measuring 8.31 inches long and weighing 16.1 ounces, Esee -3Mil-P G10 Blades is a uniquely designed bushcrafting knife. It features a 3.88-inch black coated 1095 high carbon steel blade, which is full tang. When you pick this blade up for the first time, you will know that it is what you need for your trip into the wilderness.

It is everything you have been looking for because it is the ideal size and weight for real life circumstances. It is highly versatile, solid, simple, and with a fantastic fit and finish. It has an ergonomic handle made of Micarta material, which is not only lightweight but also tough and it does not absorb moisture.

The handle offers a strong grip that will hold on even in cold and wet conditions. The size is appropriate for activities in the wild. You might complain that it is heavy, but you will not experience any problems with the performance. It is conveniently small (even though it weighs 16.1 ounces), making it easy to conceal and draw.

It comes with a black MOLLE sheath, which has excellent quality; however, it does not allow flat carry. To some extent, this is a design flaw, which might cause some inconveniences. You can correct this flaw by making square sheath holes.

The pommel is visible after the last rivet, which you can use for hammering and batoning. The pommel is also fitted with a sizeable lanyard hole, which can accommodate a 550 Paracord.


  • Very strong and sturdy knife
  • Fits well in the hand and has a good grip
  • Good quality sheath
  • Covered by guarantee.


  • Not suitable for carrying horizontally
  • Need to be very careful while putting the knife in the sheath when using the belt clip.

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Ka-Bar Becker Bk2 Campanion Knifeka-bar leather blade

Price: Approximately $75

Weight: 16 ounces

Blade length: 10.5 inches

Specific features: Made in the U.S.; 1095 Cro-Van steel; flat grind; ultramid handle material; HRC 56-58 hardened; 0.250 blade thickness; 5.25 blade length; drop point; and 20-degrees edge angles.

Best use: Bushcraft

Measuring 10.5 inches long and weighing 16 ounces, Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Knife is an ideal fixed blade knife designed specifically for bushcrafting. This is a popular cutting tool among survivalists, campers, and hikers. The design is not only unique but also versatile. It is fixed blade, drop point, and medium-sized.

The grind is flat accompanied by a secondary bevel that is situated at 20-degrees angle. This is a useful bevel for a variety of cutting chores, including game skinning. The cutting edge is made of 1095 Cro-van steel, which is robust, corrosion-resistant, and has high edge retention capabilities.

It has a blade length of 5.25 inches and blade thickness of 0.250, making it perfect for surviving in the wild. It features a Grivory handle that provides you with a contoured, smooth grip that is comfortable to hold. In fact, the grip will hold even in cold and wet conditions.

There is a sizeable lanyard hole just beyond the top rivet that can accommodate type 2 to type 4 Paracord. There is a pommel just above the lanyard hole, which you can use for hammering and batoning. The dagger comes with a molded FRN sheath that perfectly conceals the blade when not in use.


  • High-quality carbon steel knife
  • Blade angle suited for many uses
  • Fits well in the hand – comfortable even for large hands
  • Thick blade


  • Coating could be better
  • Needs use of both hands to take it in and out of the sheath
  • Takes time to get the edge; heavy blade
  • Customers experienced it is not that durable

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Condor Tool And Knife Bushlorecondor-tool-and-knife

Price: Approximately $65

Weight: 16 ounces

Blade length: 9.5 inches

Specific features: 1075 high carbon steel blade; blasted satin blade finish; Micarta handle; and 45 sculptured vents.

Best use: Bushcraft

Measuring 9.5 inches long and weighing 16 ounces, Condor Tool And Knife Bushlore is one of the most refined knives that you should consider buying for wilderness survival. You do not have to read a collection of reviews in order to buy this piece because it is one of the best cutting tools in the market.

The blade is made of 1075 high carbon steel, which is tougher and easier to sharpen. It has the ability to resist corrosion and it fairly retains a fine edge after extensive use. You might complain about the blade material; however, you should set a limit to which you will abuse the blade.

The handle is made of Micarta, which is strong and lightweight.  The handle has no surface touch. Therefore, it is smooth to touch, but with a strong grip. The knife has a blasted satin finish, which offers a unique appearance. It comes with a genuine leather sheath, which is one of the best in the market.

The leather is high quality, very attractive, very thick, and does the job right. The carry sheath conceals the blade strongly and securely. The blade is also easy to draw from the sheath, providing you quick reflexes when defending yourself against an aggressor while in the wilderness.


  • Good quality steel blade
  • Retains edge
  • Sturdy knife, yet not too heavy
  • Well-fitting sheath
  • Knife well shaped; suited for detailed and varied tasks


  • The blade required maintenance

Check the price on Amazon

Benchmade Bushcrafter Knifebenchmade knife

Price: Approximately $200

Weight: 7.72 ounces

Blade length: 9.2 inches

Specific features: S30V (58-60HRC) stainless steel blade; G10 handle; high ground drop point; vulcanized spacer; D-ring & flint rod loop & retention strap; and leather sheath.

Best use: Bushcraft

Measuring 9.2 inches long and weighing 7.72 ounces, Benchmade Bushcrafter Knife is one of the most popular bushcrafting knives for the money. This is a resourceful blade from Benchmade that is built to offer quality performance.

The blade is made of S30V stainless steel material that is not only easy to sharpen but can effectively hold a fine edge and resist corrosion. It has 4.43-inch blade length and 0.164-inch blade thickness, providing you with an ideal blade profile for different cutting chores.

The handle is made of G-10. Therefore, it is hard and lightweight, offering you with a strong grip. There are two substantial lanyard holes on the handle and a third one just before the pommel-shaped end. It also comes with a well-built leather sheath.


  • Smooth and polished blade – functions very well
  • High quality leather sheath
  • Fits well in the hand
  • Very versatile – suited for anything from kitchen use to heavy duty camping and hunting


  • Sheath could be more secure; this sometimes tends to expose the sharp knife

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Check the price on Amazon

In Conclusion

The skill of living in the wilderness requires you to have the right gear. Extreme weapons, such as guns and bows will help you kill game, but you will definitely need a knife to skin the game. Apart from game skinning, there are other activities that will require a Bushcraft knife (batoning, carving, feather stick, and fire starting).

Brown handle Bushcraft Knife in the woods

Therefore, you have to choose a blade that is designed for bushcrafting, and not just any good-looking knife you come across. A good Bushcraft blade as discussed in this article is one that will make it easier for you to carry out different cutting chores in the wild.

Do you think we have missed any great knives? If so, please let us know in comments.


Dennis Owens

Dennis Owens is a graduate of National Camping School and REI Outdoor School. He knows everything about what gear to take with you, how to plan your trip to stay safe and what to do if you get lost in the mountains. We are lucky to have Dennis with us as he is a ‘walking encyclopedia’ when it comes to the wilderness.


  • The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 is an absolutely fantastic knife, after losing my old $20 Gerber survival knife in the woods, I decided it was time to invest in something that was a little higher quality and ergonomic.

    First impressions of this knife are incredible, the second you hold it you can feel just how sturdy and high quality it is, a seriously hefty knife, 1/4″ thick and not the lightest either, which in my opinion, is definitely a good thing.

    Overall, the BK2 is one of the finest, most durable and ultimately best knives I’ve ever owned. It will make short work of cutting wood or plastic and tolerate some serious abuse, blowing most other knives out of the water in that regard, whilst still being affordable. A must have for any survivalist or outdoorsman.

    • The BK2 is definitely a worthy upgrade to your Gerber. It is well-built, extremely durable, and something I would recommend to my peers who are considering a new knife or an additional knife for their stash.

  • The Benchmade Bushcrafter is, without a doubt, the best knife in this list by far, and an absolute must have for any serious bush crafter. It’s capable of handling almost anything I can throw at it from everyday outdoor tasks to extreme use. The blade is thick, holds a keen edge, resists corrosion and pitting and is very easy to sharpen, the handle fits in my large hand very comfortably, and feels secure and precise. If you’re looking for a reasonably inexpensive bushcraft knife, then I sincerely recommend the Benchmade, it’s a decision you will not regret.

    • You can never go wrong with a Benchmade Bushcrafter. It is not too expensive, but its reliability and well-built construction is impeccable. I have also recommended this model to some of my friends.

  • There are many good Bushcraft knives, but I think the handle is even more important than the blade. So, when you choose a knife think about how you are going to use it. Oval shaped handle allows you to hold it in many different positions. A rear guard is good for the chopping. If a handle has a spot in front of the front guard then you can hook your index finger there.
    The best way is to buy a cheap knife and figure out what fits you best.

    • I quite agree, John. When a handle is wobbly or unbalanced, you lose the ability to properly wield the knife which can even cause injuries. Cheap knives are alright as long as it serves the purpose and satisfies your needs.