Best Fishing Apps: Top 6 Smartphone Apps Every Fisherman Will Find Useful

Fishing Apps
Written by Neal Walker

Are you an outdoor activity lover? Is fishing one of your interests?

If yes, then this article on the best fishing apps will certainly grab your attention. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a boom in the tech industry. This “tech boom” has also led to the rise in development and production of a particular category of an app called the fishing app.

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Hundreds and thousands of fishing apps, all designed for specific purposes have been downloaded millions of times from the app stores. This particular blog article aims to highlight all the key factors associated with these uprising fishing applications. We’ve also curated and enlisted the 8 best fishing apps currently available in the app marketplace.

What Makes A Good Fishing App?

A fishing app qualifies as a good fishing app if it comes with additional attachments like the sonar. A fully functional fishing app should be able to transform your portable mobile phones into a good old fish finder.

Fish brain app

Every company that designs any of these fishing apps claims their app to be the best. So, we decided to study these apps and put forward before you the key findings such as what the app does and how it can possibly help you catch more fish.

There are a ton of fishing apps, whether it is apps for knot tying, fish locator or perhaps social networking with others in the fishing community; you can do it all with the help of these fantastic fishing mobile applications. Do check out our tips on the best fishing times to go on your fishing trip – an important and useful read.

App for fishing

Some of the latest addition to the fishing app category includes fishing guide, fishing logs, and even lunar or solar timetables. Out of all the many fishing apps that are currently available in the app markets, the following few actually caught our attention.

Freemium Apps


With the help of the fishidy app, you can access all of their online services very easily as you go. The app comes with multiple features which make it all the more interesting. Sharing fishing locations, determining fishing hot spots, tracking fishing data, and recording catches are some of the many cool things that you can do with the FISHIDY mobile app.

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The FISHIDY app network is totally map or geo-location With the help of their advanced algorithms and technology, an angler can very easily determine patterns or fishing trends from their own fishing record without even having to update it manually.

Discovering fishing hot spots is another fascinating feature that comes along with the mobile app. So basically, if you ever wish to know how your last fishing trip was, all you have to do is check the app. The user interface certainly is user-friendly for everyone to use. You can have a lot more fun fishing with the FISHIDY mobile app.

Pro Angler

Are you a saltwater angler? If salt water fishing is your thing, then the Pro Angler app is simply the app for you. This app is created specifically with the idea to providing a one stop shop solution for all the saltwater angler folks. This app absolutely contains a plethora of information that will make your fishing trip a charm. Some of the many features are enlisted below as follows:

  • Weather updates
  • Professional tips from local professional guides
  • Weekly updates on the latest catches
  • GPS navigator for boats to navigate to hot spots
  • Information on over a hundred species of fish.

With the help of all of the features aforementioned above, any angler whether a rookie or a pro will be able to load a lot more in their boat than they would otherwise. This app helps you determine the size limit and the bag limit of the area where you’re fishing too. If you were wondering how to tie the bimini twist, fret not.

This app has got you covered. Apart from all of this, the app showcases latest fishing reports area wise too.

Gofree Hooked

This iOS and Android app is practically what’s buzzing off late. Anglers, fishermen, and even fishing hobbyists are talking about it due the functionalities and specifications it offers. The GoFree Hooked fishing app is one of the best fishing apps due to its ability to allow anglers fish based on their GPS location.

It guides anglers to the right location with the GPS functionality if has. This app has hit a home run when it comes to analyzing and predicting the future success of an angler with the help of real-time data available.

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The GoFree Hooked app has made an attempt to make fishing more fun and they certainly have succeeded. With features like Tournaments, leader board, and social media sharing; you will certainly be captivated by the awe-striking features with ease.

You can share any sort of information like fish photos, data or stats with your family and friends on the go. The tournaments and leader board is designed to showcase the best angler in the location at present. You can even discuss secrets and other insights about fishing with other pro members of the fishing community too with the help of this fascinating app.


In case you were wondering which app is the best when it comes to marine charting, it’s NAVIONICS. As cool as the name sounds, NAVIONICS offers a high-end database of charts along with a comprehensive library of bathymetric maps too.

Navionics aims to cater to their customers in several ways. They even offer subscription packages to their premium services called NAVIONICS+. The Navionics+ has a lot more to flaunt than the normal application like the Sonar Chart feature. The Sonar Chart helps upload sonar data logs to build a much more customized charting for their angler work.

The maps that are preset into the more high technology GPS units are found in the services offered by Navionics mobile apps. You can access the app on the go literally from any corner of the world.

So basically if you’re an angler who is missing a GPS system in your fishing boat, this app will get you covered without a worry. It is said to have a great reputation among ice fishermen since ice fishermen do not have too many high-end GPS tech available with them.

Paid Apps

Fishhunter Finder

Fish beware! The Fish Hunter Finder is here to find you all. This fishing app is available for purchase from the app store at $199. It certainly is a little expensive but is a one time fee worth shelling out.

If you found yourself amazed by all the various properties, features and tech from the apps mentioned above, then prepare to be thrilled because the Fish Hunter Finder is THE app for anglers to use. The Fish Hunter Finder system is considered by many to be an app that is best in its own class. It comes from a lineage of amazing built fishing gadgets and hence the excellence.

The company, Fish Hunter Inc has combined cutting edge software with latest hardware technology to produce the most accurate fishing system ever. The system is expensive partly because of the hardware that comes with the premium application. It comes with a rubber polymer ball which contains a sonar transducer on the inside.

Sonar technology enables graphing out the location of fish real time. The technology was designed by specialists at sonar technology and by people who’ve previously worked with the US Navy and other marine forces too. The first and foremost feature of the software app that caught our attention would be its intuitively designed user interface.

It is much more advanced and beautiful to look at in comparison to other fishing applications. When it comes to apps containing useful features, the Fish Hunter Finder has raised the bar. With the help of the polymer ball floating on the surface, the app can feed you with surface current data too. Tons of other such statistics like water flow speed, the direction of current are accessible using the app too.

It works as soon as the device is placed on the surface of any water body. As soon as it is placed, you can measure the temperature of the water too. The main function of the built-in sonar system is to offer a very top notch view of the topography underwater so that the anglers can hunt down their fish with ease.

You can specifically pinpoint the locations of fish in a water body with the help of the fishing app. It is undoubtedly one of the best smartphone fishing apps currently available in the market.

Deeper Sonar

Get deeper into the waters with the help of the ultra powerful Deeper Sonar mobile app and hardware:

  • Solunar Forecast Calendar
  • Weather Forecast
  • Camera
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Controlling your Sonar Data
  • Advanced offline mapping techniques
  • Global compatibility
  • Rich experience

These above-mentioned points are some of the many features among a vast ocean of functionalities that come with the Deeper Sonar fishing app.

Right from their initial product marketing phase till today, the company that manufactures the product have tried and succeeded in being absolutely innovative in all aspects. The software app is brilliant. The submersible ball is great too. Much like the previously mentioned Fish Hunter Finder, this app too offers a complete set of features for every angler in town.

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The sphere designed by them is unique and is extremely efficient in mapping underwater topography. The design of the hardware is sleek and stylish so it certainly is appealing to everyone. The fish hunter finder is said to be slightly more protected with the rubber exterior in comparison to this deeper sonar.

Conveying temperature or several other data like wind speeds, current direction, and fish hot spots are offered by the app too. See also our spinner fishing tips for more information.

The software app for fishing is simply quite marvelous. An added feature of the app is that it shows the angler the current air temperature too. Whether it is moon phase readouts or perhaps social media sharing; the deeper sonar lets you have fun fishing to the most.

Fishing is certainly more exciting with more advanced statistics and data. You are more likely to catch a ton load of fish knowing where the fish are than you would have without any inputs. This app gives it all to you in a platter.

Industry Trends

Fishing has been around for ages. Most innovation in the fishing industry has been centered around the fishing rod, line or perhaps the bait. However, the recent trends in the fishing industry show otherwise.

Fishing app for weather

The gradual trend in the technology industry is a mobile application. Fishing apps certainly have taken a good advantage of this trend to help fishing enthusiasts catch a lot more trout. Nowadays, almost every angler unconditionally carries their smartphones with them before hopping onto the boat. Not only can you share a picture of the size you caught but will rather be able to find a much bigger salmon too.

Wrap Up

The bottom-line for the best fishing apps comes down to simply the fact that if an app allows you to catch more fish, you should go ahead with it at all times.

Typically much like the apps mentioned above, all fishing apps are judged and reviewed by users based on the sonar technology, sharing abilities, maps, fishing spotter, weather forecasting abilities, knowledge, and information, log book/tracking software, and rewards or competitions.

Fishing Brain app

If your fishing app does the aforementioned tricks, you probably are in good hands. Most of the apps that are mentioned above are readily available on the android and iOS play store. The smartphones that are required for running these apps don’t need to be modern as well.


Neal Walker

Neal Walker started fishing when he was 4. His father took him to the fishing trips all over USA and Canada. Later he took Angling Education Program at Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, but most of his knowledge comes from experience. Now he takes his sons with him to share his passion.