Best Fitness Tracker App: Achieving your Goals Faster

Written by Dennis Owens

We all know how difficult it can be to encourage yourself to continue working out and shed those extra pounds. People who include fitness in their New Year’s resolutions do not usually last longer than four months. Fortunately, your smartphone has built-in sensors and having the best fitness tracker app makes your compact device a dedicated trainer and workout companion.

However, with so many apps available on both Android and iOS, getting the right one can be difficult. You will need to look for an application that reflects your personal goals – whether you want to build muscle, lose some weight or just stay physically active, your smartphone app should be there to assist you.

Before you hit the download button, check out this guide on how to choose the right fitness tracker app for your goals and personal needs. Read on to learn what else makes a fitness tracker app good and what you should consider when buying one.

Why Download A Fitness Tracker App

There is no doubt that inactivity can result in many health conditions, such as acute illness, weight gain, and heart problems. It may also lead to low productivity in work, school, and life. Moving around by running, cycling or walking at least 30 minutes a day can improve one’s wellbeing.

walking legs

Downloading a fitness tracker app according to your needs can help you achieve your goals and boost your overall health. Some health benefits of fitness tracker apps include:

  • Daily or weekly encouragement – Fitness tracker apps monitor your progress and goals. Knowing how many steps you took yesterday will make you want to walk more today.
  • Tailored goals – Whether you are an athlete or you just want to stay active, fitness tracker apps provide tips, exercises, and realistic goals.
  • Multiple trackers – Most apps today come with a number of You can track your steps and monitor your heart rate at the same time.
  • Cut costs of personal coach – Getting a fitness app allows you to have your personal trainer without hitting the gym.
  • Workout groups – In addition to personal motivation, fitness trackers app also let you share your activities on social media and link with other people.

Basic Fitness Tracker App Features

When choosing any fitness tracker app, you will want to make sure that it provides the basic features and functions. Both free and paid ones may offer certain features for specific goals. Look for fitness apps that allow you to:

  • Create your profile
  • Enter your age, weight, height, and measurements
  • Set your daily, weekly or monthly goals
  • Set your workout plan according to your fitness level
  • Log and track food

fitness tracker app profile

Many fitness tracker apps also offer video demonstrations of many exercises for free while some require you to upgrade your membership to access full features. You also want the app to monitor your daily progress and give you reminders when it is time to get going.

Daily Steps Tracker

There are many pedometers around, and your iOS or Android device is a great method to count your daily steps. When it comes to a reliable and good pedometer app, you want it to have a simple and user-friendly interface.

Many fitness tracker apps also measure other things along with your steps, such as your location, distance traveled, and calories you have burned.

Run Tracker

If you want to track your daily runs, there are a ton of options that you can download, and most are free to use. These apps will also help you look for new routes, create workouts, and access your Music app so you can enjoy your playlists as you run.

runner running

When looking for a fitness tracker app for running, you want it to be simple and easy to use. Some apps will automatically detect your run, and all you have to do is to launch the app.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep is one of the most important factors in keeping yourself in good physical shape. Many fitness tracker apps come with a sleep tracker so you can monitor your sleep habits, movements, and sleep time.

You may also consider getting an app designed for tracking sleep to see your sleep cycle or record any sounds you make.

Heart Rate Monitor

Many fitness tracker apps today come with simplified heart rate monitor by using your smartphone or watch’s sensor. Keep in mind that this feature is not intended for medical use.

heart rate monitor watch

If knowing your heart rate is important for your health, it is best to have a medical professional take your pulse. When choosing fitness or diet apps, it is okay to take your time so you can select the right one for your goals and needs.

How to Choose the Right App

Both App Store and Google Play Store are full of fitness tracker apps. Most of them offer the same features, but some of them perform better than others. While some apps are free, some are not, and you do not want to download one by one just to check which app reflects your workouts. Here are some questions that you may want to ask before hitting the download button.

Is the app suitable for your activities and skill level?

Before downloading a fitness tracker app, think about all the activities you want to do. Know your goals and check the activities supported by your device.

Fitness apps come in different varieties, so looking for the right app that fits your goals and routine can be quite a task. Since not all fitness apps are equal, you want to ensure that you will get an app that is appropriate for your objectives.

fitness app on phone

Do you need a basic fitness tracker app for normal routines or an advanced one with extra features? Some users who do not often workout may want an app that will frequently encourage and stimulate them to move. People who are active may prefer an app with advanced features to help them achieve their new objectives, such as automatic activity recognition.

Is it customized or tailored for you?

When it comes to tracking your health and daily activities, it is important to search for an app that asks for your age, weight, height, and gender. Your app is more likely to help you reach your objectives when it knows more about you.

Many apps are tailored for certain needs and activities, but you can also find apps that can be used for different types of sports and workouts.

You may opt for an app that is designed for one activity or choose one that lets you track many activities, such as walking, running, and cycling. In that case, you will want to look for an app that uses GPS to track everything, including elevation and intervals.

girl using fitness app

Do not get persuaded by other features that you do not need. You want a fitness app that can help you get to your desired outcome.

Is it social?

Another factor that you may want to consider when choosing an app is its capability to connect you with other people such as your family and friends. Some apps let you post your achievements on social media so you can show what you are up to. It may also encourage people close to you to join your activity and stay healthy.

Many fitness tracker apps link up with other users in the area, hosting challenges and creating fitness groups. This will give you additional motivation and help you build connections with other people with the same interests.

Does it offer many compatible features?

Most apps today take advantage of all the features your smartphone has to offer. Most apps use accelerometer and GPS to monitor your workout. Some apps will use your device’s camera to help you perfect the right form for exercises, and some will motivate you by using sound or music.

using fitness app

Many fitness tracker apps do many functions, such as weightlifting logs, sleep monitor, blood pressure monitor, workout timer, and upcoming exercise reminder. Some apps will also provide videos and tell you what to do during your exercises. There are also fitness tracker apps that offer calming music to help you calm down and reduce stress levels.

Consider getting apps that allow you to listen to your favorite mixes to boost your productivity. You may also opt for apps that provide recipes according to your diet plan.

Does it monitor your diet?

One of the popular features today is food logging. Diet is a crucial component of fitness. With the help of your smartphone, you can monitor your meals every day. Whether you want to lose weight, focus on proteins, or you want to cut carbs and calories, there is a fitness tracker app that can assist you in keeping your food consumption in check.

Woman eating fruits dessert with iPhone 4s in hand

Whether you want to shed excess pounds or change your diet plan, make sure that that the app meets your objectives. You may opt for a fitness tracker app that also offers coaching and consulting by connecting you to a nutritionist or a personal trainer.

Does it have good ratings and reviews?

Both Apple Store and Play Store give details about the app and how it works. By checking the information provided by the developer, you will see whether the app is able to meet your physical activity goals and needs.

Before deciding to download an app, consider reading the reviews of the app to provide you with an idea whether it is suitable for your objectives. Previous and current users can help you determine whether the app does what it should or not.

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For instance, if you want to get an app that tracks your steps, distance traveled and calories burned, check what other users are saying about the user interface, accuracy, and other options.

Does it keep you interested?

Getting the best app may not make a difference if it doesn’t make you feel motivated enough. You want an app that will keep you absorbed and moving. Apps that are simple to use and allow you to connect with your friends or other users may help you achieve your desired outcome.

Whether you are searching for a way to track your steps, find simple exercises, or a little encouragement to continue your fitness plan, one way to determine the right app for you is to know what activities will make you engaged for a long time. Once you’ve figured out the right activity for you, it will help you decide on which app can help you keep on going.

Does it fit your budget?

Although many fitness tracker apps are free to download, you will find some that are packed with multiple features and come with a cost. If you are not too serious about your workout, you can opt for free apps that offer basic features, such as a pedometer, food and water intake, and heart rate monitor.

pedometer app on phone

There are also some apps that you can get for free and let you upgrade your membership for a detailed version. You also want to check carefully whether the app has a monthly fee or not, so you won’t be surprised when it charges your account. Some fitness apps that offer daily meal plans or tailored videos may charge monthly.

Bundle Up!

Not everyone likes the idea of working out daily. With your hectic schedule and long hours of work, it may be difficult for you to keep up your activity levels and maintain your personal goals. If you are looking for an effective method to monitor your activities and feel motivated, there are hundreds of options that you can try according to your needs.

fitness apps on three phones

You can rely on a fitness tracker app to set realistic goals, get tips, and even view video demonstrations on various types of exercises. These apps also let you compete not only against yourself but also with your family, friends, and other users.

With the right app, you can manage and achieve your goals without worrying about what you’ve missed. What kind of app are you using? Let us know how you manage your training!


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