Best Gas Lanterns: Features to Consider & 5 Best Gas Lamps Overview

Best gas lantern
Written by Dennis Owens

Gas lanterns are ancient inventions. Historically, they were first made known to Edinburgh in the 1819. According to authors, the Old, as well as the New Towns, made use of dissimilar strategies. Gas lighting, in general, was regarded as a great wonder, as articulated by George Combe (Scottish writer).

Over the years, new designs have emerged and transformed gas lighting. The best gas lanterns are linked to prehistoric places. One of such great place is New Orleans.

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In actual fact, the current models are classified with respect to historic locations, such as French Quarter and Jackson Square. The list of product reviews presented in this post provides you with crucial buying information.

Features to Consider

Gas/ Electric Lantern

When you talk of a gas or electric lamp, you are simply referring to the type of fuel that runs the lighting device. The choice of fuel can be pressured gas, liquid propane, or electricity.

There are some models that have accessories for electric fuel. As far as the best choice is concerned, you should go for gas fuel because of the ease of use and convenience. Compared to electric, gas lamps are very bright.

Material & Accessory

The material of the lantern you choose matters a lot. The most recommended material that is used by most outdoor gas lanterns manufacturers is copper. Unlike most metals, copper is known for its corrosion and wear resistance capabilities. This material can withstand harsh environments, including humid coastal regions. Furthermore, copper does age charmingly with a discrete character.

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The accessory you settle for depends entirely on where you want to install your lamp. Popular accessories include: top scroll, top & bottom scroll, half yoke, mustache, gooseneck, Fleur De Lis, wind guard, and English top.

Mounts & Fixtures

Good mounts are determined by the fixtures. An ideal model is one that has all the fittings installed with solid brass latches and hinges. This ensures that the glass parts are well-secured, providing you with a stable and durable structure.

The mounts along with the accessories should be highlighted with high-quality coat finish for added corrosion and wear resistance.

Make sure that the various brass and copper fittings have a considerable lifetime warranty. The gas burner fixtures should be CSA certified. This is a guarantee that the model you are about to buy is safe for outdoor use.

How to Order for a Gas Lantern

You must know how to order a gas lamp, especially if you are a first timer. This will ensure that you have all the necessary items needed to complete a specific installation.

To begin with, you have to select the style as well as size of your desired lamp that you are convinced is most pleasing and proper for your needs. Among the very first considerations are accessories and the standard mounting options.

You can improve the look of your lamp by choosing from the available accessories and mounting options. Make sure you know all the specifics of your ceiling before you order a hanging lamp.

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You can achieve this by taking into consideration any and every trait that may interfere with the height of the lantern. Learn as much as you can on mounting yokes.

In most cases, the yokes do not comewith the installed lamp. Parts that are not already fixed are provided independently, and the manufacturer offers you all the hardware necessary for installation.

Post fitters may also require independent installation, and the manufacturer does usually provide you with the necessary installation hardware. You might need to secure the services of a lantern installer if you have limited installation skills.

5 Best Gas Lamp Reviews

CopperSmith Georgetown Gas Lantern

CopperSmith Georgetown Gas Lantern

Weight: 12 pounds

Height: 18 inches

Design Features: GT18 G, copper design material, antique copper color, natural gas bulb, CSA listed, and propane tip included

Best Use: Outdoor Use

CopperSmith Georgetown is a uniquely designed gas lantern that brings an entirely new form of outdoor lighting.

It presents a style that is most regularly seen all the way through New Orleans in the French Quarter. It is also a popular structure in the historic coastal cities, and districts of southern metropolises of New England.

The various parts include:110 volt igniter, wind guard, coach house bars, mustaches, gooseneck, post and column mounts, pendent yoke, reverse bottom scroll, bottom scroll, top scroll, custom mounts and finishes, fleur deLis finial, stem mount, and chain mount.

The design parts are made of solid brass, and they are CSA listed; meaning that they possess the highest safety standards in the market. All the brass as well as copper brass fittings have a limited warranty.The parts of the lantern are installed with solid brass latches and hinges for improved strength. Mounts are smeared with a fine powder coat finish, which has good corrosion resistance capabilities.

You may need to provide additional support for all hanging fixtures that use chain length or down rod. You will not find screws for mounting brackets right out of the box. Therefore, you need to secure the appropriate screws with respect to the surface on which you will be mounting the lamp.

The manufacturer provides you with standard mounting implements for set up on electric junction boxes. CopperSmith Georgetown operates on a priority igniter, which is specifically engineered for this gas lamp. Regardless of its effectiveness, the performance of the igniter can easily be affected by a number of situations, including: poor installation and extreme weather conditions.

In addition, the labor needed to replace the igniter is not covered by the manufacturer. This unique outdoor lighting gear is available in four sizes for pier, post, ceiling, and wall mounts.

You should know that pendant and classic yokes are not fitted onto the lantern right out of the box. Instead, they are shipped alone, and they usually come with all the installation accessories you will need. Post fitters are also not installed on the lamp. You will have to do that by yourself or by your installer.

Nevertheless, all the fixtures you may need to complete the installation come along with the post fitters.

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Primo Lanterns Gas Lantern

Primo Lanterns Gas Lantern

Weight: 13.3 pounds

Height: 21 inches

Design Features: PL-21, gas bulb, glass material, traditional style, copper tone color, and wall mount included

Best Use: Outdoor Uses

As far as the Royal Family is concerned, PL-21 Royal is one of the best in the market. Weighing 13.3 pounds, and measuring 21 inches tall, this is an ideal lamp for outdoor uses.

This is a popular style for the money. The design is made of 22 gauge copper material.Both the lantern and bracket are made of copper.

The material has hand applied vintage finish that offers the lamp its unique look, and the ability to withstand continuous use. Copper is well-known to withstand the harshest of environments because it does not degrade or corrode.

This does not mean that it does not age, but it does so with distinct character. You will have used it for ages before you realize it is wearing out.The light is imported into the United States, and it has four sides. The fuel type that runs this lamp include: gas and electric (two bulbs).

The structure is classic because of the clean lines of the design. It is without a doubt a cherished jewel, which is a popular trinket on the streets of South Carolina, Charleston, and New Orleans pre-historic districts. The gas burner fixtures for this particular model are CSA certified, and the electric assemblies are UL certified.

There are several mount types available, including: wall post, arm bracket, standard mount, yoke bracket, post bracket arm, mustache bracket, goose neck bracket, fancy scroll bracket, standard bracket, chain mount, and hanging.All wall mount options are affordable, but the cheapest one is top scroll, followed by the wall post mount, then full scroll, followed by goose neck bracket.

With that said, this is the best outdoor light to buy for your outdoor use. It does set off your out-of-doors space, as well as create a welcoming vibe.

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Primo Lanterns PL-301 Audubon

Primo Lanterns PL-301 Audubon

Height: 24 inches

Design Features:PL-301, CSA designed certified, ANSI standards compliant, wall bracket included, natural gas stem, tempered glass panes, and hand made.

Best Use: Outdoor lighting

PL-301 Audubon is another magnificent design from the Primo Gas Lanterns collection. This outdoor lighting masterpiece is engineered from genuine 22 gauge raw copper.

Primo prefer to use copper material because of its unique traits against extreme outdoor weather conditions. The material’s resilience makes it the perfect choice for the severest environments.The copper building is accompanied by an antique finish for awe-inspiring appearance.

The design consists of tempered glass panes, making the lantern appearance classic. It is configured to run on natural gas. There is an off valve that adds personality to any out-of-doors area where the PL-301 burns. When ignited, it produces a pecan leaf flame that dances with style as it beams the surrounding area. In fact, the warm spark it produces provided relaxing brightness regardless of its location. The design is CSA certified.

This simply means that this product is CPL listed, and it is safe for use in an outdoor setting. What is exceptional about this product is its making, because it is structured in Louisiana, and completed in China. It is engineered to burn gas 24/7, and propane conversion tables are also available.

The available accessories for both single and twin flames include: wind guard, Fleur De Lis, mustache, gooseneck, chain hung mount, tear drop yoke, half yoke, top and bottom scroll, and top scroll.

Accessories, as well as mounts, are painted with high quality, antique coat finish that is matchless as far as anti-degrading and corrosion resistance is concerned. Fittings are installed with solid latches, and hinges for improved strength. The Primo Lanterns warranty covers this particular model.

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Jackson Square Gas Lantern

Jackson Square Gas Lantern

Weight: 21 pounds

Height: 24 inches

Design Features: Jackson Square, gooseneck style, copper material & brown finish, wall bracket included,and brass burner assembly included.

Best Use: Outdoor lighting

Jackson Square JS24NG is another distinctive French Quarter gas lantern for the money. Similar to most models in the market, this particular work of art is made of copper accompanied by brass hinges and latches.

Just like the Primos, this lantern is engineered by world prominent architect. Copper is used because of its high corrosion and wear resistance capabilities.

The metallic parts will not degrade even if they are exposed to harsh environments. In actual fact, the design will serve you for a considerable amount of time before you can consider replacing it with a newer version.

This inventive French Quarter gas lamp embellishes an array of buildings. The available default accessory is gooseneck, which is cute and it produces a charming flame. There are some close similarities between the Primos and this Jackson Square gas light, but you can also pinpoint some distinctiveness in design from the top to the bottom of the lamp. All fixtures are linked together with brass latches and hinges for added strength and durability.

The glass fixtures are clear, allowing maximum illumination of the surrounding environment. The charming flame burns splendidly as it welcomes visitors into your home in a calm summer evening.

The lantern can be utilized with an array of architectural elegances. The available brackets for this type include ahanging yoke, half scroll, full scroll, gooseneck (default) column mount, and post mount.

This gas lamp will certainly exceed your expectations. This is just the product to buy if you have a log cabin in the country. It provides you with asensational brightness that makes you feel at home in that beautiful retreat cottage of yours.

You will love the view as you walk out of your cabin late in the evening to fetch some firewood. The quality materials and construction are worth paying for.

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PL-15 Orleans Gas Lantern

PL-15 Orleans Gas Lantern

Weight: 9.6 pounds

Height: 15 inches

Design Features: PL-15 Orleans, CSA designed certified, ANSI standards, wall bracket, two light clusters, tempered glass, handmade with genuine 22 gauge raw copper, and brass gas valve included

Best Use: Outdoor lighting

As concerns the Orleans family, PL-15 is one of the best with a unique antique design that is eye-catching from a distance.

Like most Primo gas lanterns, PL-15 is also made of 22 gauge copper material and glass. The copper and glass fixtures are fixed up to offer you a generation of high-quality service with sophistication and classic appeal.

Unlike most metallic materials, copper is well-known for its ability to resist corrosion, even if it is installed in a humid environment.

You should not expect the material to degrade anytime soon; it will be ages before you even see a sign of ruin. A feature unique to the Orleans family is the display of fashionable structure. Unlike other families of Primo gas lanterns, the PL-15 is distinctively smaller and more compact.

Each and every fixture is linked accordingly from the chimney all the way to the bottom. If you are a doubtful buyer, then you should have no concerns about this outdoor masterpiece, because it is CSA designed certified, and compliant with ANSI standards for out-of-doors lighting.

Therefore, it is impeccably safe for you to install it at any given location within your estate without worrying about safety concerns. There are different accessories to choose from for this specific Orleans model, which include the following: gooseneck, wind guard, fleur de Lis, mustache, solid panels, English top, teardrop scroll, half yoke, top and bottom scrolls, and top scroll.

All parts are properly installed with the help of latches and hinges for improved strength and stability. This is just the lamp you need to install at the entrance of your getaway cottage.

Apart from enlightening the entrance of your chalet, the flame glows exceptionally to warm the entrance, which is so welcoming, especially when you are on a romantic retreat or family time during Easter and Christmas holidays. You have to know what to order so as to avoid inconveniences during installation.

Generally, the quality of the material and design is first-rate. You should get a model for your main door entrance if you have not already secured one, because you are missing out on a splendid product.

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In Conclusion

Choosing a gas lantern is not that difficult. All you need is proper info on what defines the best models. The most popular and leading designs are the Primos Gas lanterns. There are several families of these lanterns, including Orleans, Royal, Savannah, Jolie, Charleston, Acadian, Breaux Bridge, and Nottoway to mention a few.

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However, there are other unique and resourceful models from other manufacturers, such as Jackson Square Copper French Quarter lamp. You can choose the best design by taking into consideration all the important features, and how to order tips. Do you think we have missed any great products? If so, please let us know in comments.


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