Best Gun Cleaning Kits: Top 6 Kits to Keep Your Gun in Tiptop Shape

If you own a gun, you know there is much responsibility with safety being the first consideration. Once you get to know your gun, how it works and feels, and you understand the basic safety regulations, you can then move on to other aspects of owning a gun.

Maintenance is an important factor in owning a gun, wouldn’t you agree? A gun is a mechanical assembly. As with all mechanicals, a gun needs regular maintenance. Beyond understanding how your gun operates, the next most basic, yet critical rule of gun ownership is to clean your firearm at a steady cadence.

Cleaning your firearm on a routine basis is essential to your safety as well as those of others. If you maintain cleanliness of your gun, it will function at its best, and you will rarely, if ever, experience operational issues associated with poor maintenance.

Developing a planned cleaning schedule may be helpful. For instance, you can plan to clean your firearm after every two hundred rounds. Just make sure you keep track of the rounds in order not to confuse yourself. The best gun cleaning kit will be the focus of this article to help you decide which kit will fit your needs.

Product NameDimensionsCalibersFeaturesPrice
Real Avid Gun Boss7 x 2 x 14 inches.22, .357, 9 mm, .38, .40, and 45Compact, weather resistantCheck price on Amazon
Hoppe's Universal Gun15.5 x 13.8 x 13.2 inches12/20/.410 gauge, .44/.45/40/10 mm/.357/9 mm/.30/.270/7 mm/.22Adaptable for shotguns and pistolsCheck price on Amazon
Outers .30 Caliber12.7 x 3.5 x 1.4 inches.30 rifleAvailable in other calibersCheck price on Amazon
Dac Winchester Gun Care Case15 x 2.5 x 13.5 inches.30 and .17 to .280Everything you need in one packageCheck price on Amazon
M-Pro 7 Advanced Small Arms10.5 x 8 x 3.1 inches5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, 9 mmMilitary gradeCheck price on Amazon
Otis Elite 100016.5 x 10 x 6 inchesInline muzzle holders; .410 to 10/12 gauge shotguns; .17 to .50 pistols; and .17 to .50 riflesCovers it all, breech to muzzle; optics cleaning gearCheck price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

As expected, each gun cleaning kit will have certain unique features that make it stand out, however, every gun cleaning kit needs the essential items to be of value. Following is a brief description of what to expect from each gun cleaning kit at a minimum.

Calibers & Versatility

These are the first two important features that you must consider. You need a cleaning system that can clean a variety of calibers and gauges. Look for kits that state “universal” as they may have the greatest range of gun cleaning tools.

The design should be compact, an all in one cleaning solution that will not only simplify but also speed up the maintenance of your calibers of guns. The unit should provide you with more than just cleaning items; it should provide you accessories, such as Leatherman MUT, high-quality gun oil, and gun cleaner.

Running the Gun: Gun Cleaning Safety

You are strongly urged to follow all the rules of safe gun handling while cleaning your gun. The very first step that you must initiate is unloading your gun and placing all the live ammunition away from your cleaning area. Then recheck your firearm to confirm there are no remaining cartridges in the gun.

unloaded rifle

Make sure your gun cleaning area is free of other people or pets, and ensure that the muzzle is not pointing at anyone. Always consult a cleaning guide if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Cold Clean Bore: Must-Have Items in Every Kit

A gun cleaning kit can come with high-quality gun oil, gun cleaner, and even Leatherman MUT, but the cleaning items contained inside the case are the ones that will determine the effectiveness of your cleaning process. Here is a list of the essential cleaning items and their uses.

Bore Snakes

They are designed in different sizes and shapes so as to put up with a variety of bore sizes. Bore snakes are a long stretch of padding linked to a long string. You can oil or lubricate the string, and then pull it through your gun’s barrel to complete the weapon cleaning process in a single pull.

bore snake

However, you need to use them decently or else they will become dirty in one cleaning process. Also, the bore snake is not a substitute for a regular, deep, thorough cleaning

Cleaning Cloth

This is one of the most valuable items in a cleaning kit. You can use it to rub the exterior of your firearm. It is also useful for applying gun cleaner or oil to your weapon.

Of note, these cloths should be soft and absorbent. They also should not leave lint behind. There are special cloths made of a variety of materials that work for cleaning such as microfiber, silicone, and cotton flannel.

Utility Brush

This is simply a soft-bristled brush that you can use to clean the outer parts of your firearm. You can use it to dust as well as scrub the trigger, sites, and butt plate. It is the best tool for getting rid of sediments. Brushes can be found with different bristle softness or rigidity to use on various areas of your gun.

utility brushes

They also come in a variety of styles. One resembles a shaving brush with soft bristles. Others look like a toothbrush with a different brush on each end. And yet others are curved with a better grip. Finally, there are also battery powered brushes for those hard to clean areas.


A set of picks can come in handy for cleaning small spaces like a patterned area in the grip or a decorative spot on the gun. These look like tools a dentist would use, but they work perfectly for cleaning small, hard to reach places.

Cloth Patches

These are among the most necessary and versatile items in your cleaning kit. You can use them to clean the interior as well as the exterior of your gun. To utilize patches, you have to attach them to an adaptor at the end section of a bore cleaning rod.

cloth patches for gun cleaning

Then you have to drive them through your gun’s barrel to clean. These patches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cloth patch sizes match the caliber of the gun. You can get them by the roll or individually cut patches

Rod Adaptors

These are simply styles of clasps, hooks, and clips. They are fastened at the ends of your cleaning rods so as to lodge bore brushes, cleaning clothes, and cloth patches. Watch for caliber sizes, so you get the right adaptors for your guns.

Bore Brush

This is best defined as a brush bore cleaning rod adaptor that you have to fasten at the end of a bore cleaning rod.

cleaning with bore brush

Then you have to drive it through your gun’s barrel to scrub off sediment from the interior of the barrel.

Bore Cleaning Rod

This is a thin metal piece that you use to attach a brush, cleaning pad or a cloth patch to the end of an adaptor. Then you can drive it through your firearm’s barrel. Bore cleaning rods come in a variety of lengths so as to fit different kinds of guns.

Top Products on Today’s Market

We have selected the top gun cleaning kits that contain the essentials and range from small, easy to carry kits all the way to large kits that contain everything you need for every caliber of gun you own. We have tried to draw out unique features for each kit. Take a look and see which one fits your style and needs best.

Real Avid Gun BossReal Avid Gun Boss

Price: Approximately $20

Weight: 0.58 lb

Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 14 inches

Specific features: Cleans .22, .357, 9 mm, .38, .40, and 45 caliber handguns; compact, weather resistant travel case; two-section rod system with swivel tip; 25 3-inch by 3-inch patches & b25 1.5-inch by 3-inch patches; secure hold organization tray; 2 slotted tips; .45 cal. Jag; .40 cal. Jag; .357/38/9 mm brush; .22 cal. Brush; and T-handle.

Best use: Gun cleaning

The Real Avid Gun Boss is a complete handgun cleaning kit for the money. It is lightweight and has compact dimensions. This cleaning kit is well organized and designed to provide you with easy cleaning of your gun.

Bores are protected by the phosphor bronze brushes, slotted tips, nylon jags, and aluminum connectors. It is highly resourceful gear that will clean almost any handgun in your possession.

The most notable features of this gear kit are compact, weather resistant travel case; patches; secure hold organization tray; ability to clean .45 cal. & .22 cal.; and 2 section rod systems. Therefore, you can use it in wet as well as dry conditions without it getting damaged.

The two-section rod mechanism with swivel tip is integrated to create a nine-inch rod along with a T-handle. Apart from the T-handle and patches, there are with two slotted tips, .45 cal. Jag, .40 cal. Jag, .22 cal. Jag, .357/38/9mm jag, .45 cal. Brush, .40 cal. Brush, .357/38/9mm brush, & .22 cal. Brush.

This is the best gun cleaning kit if you like to carry a cleaning kit in the field or on the range. It is an ideal, inexpensive travel kit.


  • Covers a broad range of calibers
  • Compact and weather resistant
  • Great to carry in the field


  • It does not come with gun oil and solvent. By removing items, you don’t need you could fit the oil and solvent inside the case.

Related: This kit does not come with solvent, so a perfect companion buy for this kit is a good solvent such as Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner.

Check the price on Amazon

Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning KitHoppe's Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Price: Approximately $18

Weight: 1.8 lb

Dimensions: 15.5 x 13.8 x 13.2 inches

Specific features: It is adaptable for shotguns & pistols. Kit includes nine phosphor aluminum brushes;  five swabs & four slotted ends; three-piece universal aluminum cleaning rods; universal gun cleaning accessory kit; rifle to shotgun adapter brass; caliber swab; caliber rifle phosphor bronze brush; shotgun phosphor bronze brush; and universal cleaning rod.

Best use: Shotgun & pistol cleaning

The Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is one of the ones you can buy. To begin with, it has the best cleaning gear for shotguns and pistols. It comes with a three-piece universal aluminum cleaning rod that is highly resourceful and versatile.

The specs that make this kit versatile are four slotted ends well-matched for .22 caliber; .30 caliber; and 12/16/20/.410 gauge; five swabs well-suited for .45/.40/.270/.22/.38/.35 calibers and 12/20 gauge; and nine phosphor bronze brushes well-matched for 12/20/.410 gauge, .44/.45/40/10mm/.357/9mm/ .30/.270/7mm/.22 calibers.

A great feature in this kit is labeling. The brushes in the kit are labeled, making it easier for you to identify. Therefore, you will always be able to choose the correct brush for the correct caliber/ gauge.

The casing that holds the gear is well-made; therefore, the contents are well-secured when carrying the kit from one location to another.

The covering has a light lining on the interior, while the exterior has a HOPPE’s logo proudly exhibited. If you are a fan of large displays, such as logos on your tools/ equipment, then this is the right gear for you.

It’s an aluminum covering; therefore, it presents you with quality as well as beauty. The cleaning patches are of good size. The rods fasten together neatly, and the brushes fit in each barrel as you would expect them to. This is the best gun cleaning kit if you are looking for one universal kit that will cover a variety of calibers.


  • Handles shotguns and pistols
  • Brushes with labels according to size
  • One universal kit for a full range of calibers


  • It is not a kit for the field due to its size.

Related: A set of Hoppes Lubricating Oil is a great addition to this gun kit, to help you keep your lubricate your gun, especially since is long lasting and ideal for firearms.

Check the price on Amazon

Outers .30 Caliber Cleaning KitOuters .30 Caliber Cleaning Kit

Price: Approximately $10

Weight: 0.7 lb

Dimensions: 12.7 x 3.5 x 1.4 inches

Specific features: .30 caliber rifle; custom parts; solid brass rods; available in different calibers; and professional gun cleaning supplies.

Best use: Gun cleaning

The Outers .30 Caliber Cleaning Kit is the best .30 caliber rifle cleaning gear for the money. A unique aspect of this set is its brass construction. It is the best model for serious gun owners, such as target shooters and hunters.

It comes with heavy duty, solid brass rods along with some high-quality brushes, mops, loops, and jags. The brass design helps minimize the risk of barrel and chamber damage.

This gear is fully packed with the following tools; spear pointed jag; slotted patch loop; wool blend mop; solid one-piece brass cleaning rod; reusable clamshell for storage; two-ounce gun oil bottle; & microfiber absorbent patches.

Each of these tools and equipment is specifically designed to help you clean the various parts of your gun at ease. This kit is designed with undiminished enthusiasm along with accurate focus, aspects which make it the best seller. Its custom parts organizers offer you convenience as well as planned access to all the tools and equipment.


  • Available in a variety of calibers
  • Heavy duty, solid brass rods minimizing any barrel or chamber damage


  • Each kit is for a particular caliber. It is available in other calibers, but you would have to buy each kit separately.
  • There is no carrying case. You could integrate these tools into another cleaning kit.

Related: When you need to properly maintain your firearm, perhaps having more cleaning jags to use with this kit is a better option. Use this Redneck Convent Brass Jag Set for your .17 to .45 caliber rifles 6mm to 9mm and you’ll be covered.

Check the price on Amazon

Dac Winchester Gun Care CaseDac Winchester Gun Care Case

Price: Approximately $42

Weight: 3.7 lb

Dimensions: 15 by 2.5 by 13.5 inches

Specific features: Soft sided case; 68 pieces set; Winchester super deluxe cleaning kit; proven results; performance w/ DAC; made in the U.S.; & quality tested and safety approved.

Best use: Gun cleaning

The Dac Winchester Gun Care Case is a well-designed, soft sided case for the money. You do not have to go through many reviews to find a nice cleaning kit. Based on positive reviews, the DAC Winchester super deluxe kit is what you need.

It contains many cleaning items including 50 of each square cleaning patches (3-inch, 1.5-inch, and 1-inch); 1 polishing cloth; phosphor utility parts brush; nylon double ended utility/breech brush; phosphor double ended utility/breech brush; and one ended metal cleaning pick.

Other included items are four brass accessory adaptors; 4 slot tips; thirteen solid brass spear pointed jags; fourteen mops; fourteen phosphor bronze brushes; .30 caliber, six-millimeter diameter and 29.5-inch working length; .17 to .280 caliber, four-millimeter diameter, and 29.5-inch working length; brass rod dimensions; and six solid brass rods.

This kit offers you simplicity and affordability. Instead of purchasing the individual items (which is expensive), you should just go ahead and buy the whole kit.

This is the best gun cleaning kit if you want great organization, portability, and easy storage. Each piece has a particular place in the kit. Each brush and adapter fit inside a plastic protective cover.


  • Great organization with a specific spot for each tool
  • Easily portable, soft-sided carrying case


  • Lacks a user’s manual to help understand which pieces work together for each caliber.
  • Even though the rods are brass, they may be a little light.

Related: The DAC Winchester is a large kit. A great companion to this kit is UTG Firearm Cleaning Mat that will help keep your tools, guns, and equipment together in an orderly fashion while you are cleaning your guns. It has a rubberized backing to hold it in place and is solvent resistant.

Check the price on Amazon

M-Pro 7 Advanced Small ArmsM-Pro 7 Advanced Small Arms

Price: Approximately $130

Weight: 3.8 lb

Dimensions: 10.5 x 8 x 3.1 inches

Specific features: Complete gun cleaning gear; designed for U.S. soldiers; lockable plastic case; contains military-specified tools; has a variety of cleaning items.

Best use: Gun cleaning

The M-Pro 7 Small Advanced Arms is the most versatile small arms cleaning gear for the money. M-Pro 7 particularly manufactured this kit for the U.S. military.

It comprises of everything that you need to clean and maintain your military-style gun correctly. It is made to provide you with a compact, all-in-one cleaning gear to simplify as well as speed-up your gun’s maintenance process.

The cleaning system comes with Leatherman MUT, gun oil LPX, and the best gun cleaner. The gun cleaner helps you improve your gun’s performance by getting rid of fouling along with embedded carbon.

The cleaner also conditions the gauge, preventing any future buildup. The gun oil LPX delivers unmatched shield against moisture, humidity, and wear. The Leatherman MUT Tool provides you with specific features for gun maintenance and general utility.

The general components of M-Pro7 include a weapon maintenance guide; a lockable plastic case; a mobile field pouch; and magnet pad.

Specific tools included are a T-handle rod; dental pick; nylon utility brush; dust brush; a lint-free cloth; Leatherman MUT; 2-ounce gun oil LPX; and 4-ounce gun cleaner. Caliber-related tools include a 5.56mm chamber mop; and 9mm, 7.62mm, and 5.56mm brass jags, phosphor bronze bore brushes, bore snakes, and cleaning patches (150).

This is the best gun cleaning kit if you have a military-style gun and want the versatility this kit offers through its tools and cases.


  • Has a weapon maintenance guide
  • Leatherman MUT that comes in a case that will fit on your belt
  • MOLLE portable carrying case for taking the kit in the field.
  • For home storage, there is a lockable plastic storage case.
  • There is also a magnet pad that will keep small parts and tools in place while you work.


  • Included patches are synthetic and would weld to the barrel if cleaned in hot temperatures.

Related: The M-Pro 7 is quite a comprehensive kit, but a nice addition would be the Leatherman Bit Driver Extender. It would assist in hard to reach places and give you a bit more leverage.

Check the price on Amazon

Otis Elite Cleaning System 1000Otis Elite Cleaning System 1000

Price: Approximately $70

Weight: 3.2 lb

Dimensions: 16.5 x 10 x 6 inches

Specific features: Breech to muzzle cleaning kit; optics cleaning gear; bronze bore & chamber brushes; specialized precision tools; nylon coated memory-flex rod; 23 bronze bore brushes; 100% cotton patches; 6 memory flex cables; and gun maintenance guide.

Best use: Gun cleaning

The Otis Elite Cleaning System 1000 is the most original gun cleaning kit that you can buy. This unit is engineered to work with all firearms, including all inline muzzle holders; .410 to 10/12 gauge shotguns; .17 to .50 caliber pistols; and .17 to .50 caliber rifles.

The kit’s first cleaning unit is the 750-tactical cleaning system. This system consists of the entire line of bronze bores as well as chamber cleaning brushes.

The second critical system is the optics cleaning gear, which is resourceful for caring and maintaining of rangefinders and scopes. There is an obstruction removal kit for blockages and jammed cases.

The major components include brass scraper tool set; Otis ultra-bore solvent; bore cleaner; all-caliber cotton patches; flag safety; bore reflector; small & large patch savers; obstruction removers; slotted tips; T-handle bar; all-purpose nylon receiver brush; various nylon-coated cleaning rods; chamber brushes; bronze bore brushes; gun maintenance guide; and black nylon case w/ lock.

This unit is consistent with the concept of responsible and safe gun ownership. This kit will always remind you that cleaning and maintaining your gun are the two most important activities for a gun user. If you are looking for portability, organization, and versatility, Otis Elite is the kit to buy.

This is the best gun cleaning kit if you want an accurate universal kit that is organized with tools and equipment to clean virtually every type and every caliber of gun.


  • Made to be used with ALL firearms of every caliber
  • Portability, organization, and versatility
  • Optics cleaning gear for your scopes


  • The rods have a certain amount of flexibility that does not give enough pressure to clean the barrel very well.
  • Does not include gun oil and solvent

Related: With a name like Elite, you know this kit comes with many tools, attachments and brushes. A nice addition would be extra consumables such as Type-III Gun Cleaning Cotton Swabs. One end is pointed for those small edged places. The other end is rounded for a multiple of uses.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap Up

You can only be certain that your gun will not suffer from wear and tear by removing any and every sediment and moisture from its various parts. The effectiveness of your cleaning process does entirely depend on the type of cleaning kit you use and the fact that you put it to use.

man cleaning gun

Use the most important features discussed in this post to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Remember, not all kits are made the same. The rule “quality over quantity” applies here. Some supplies may contain numerous items, but defective or holding less quality.

Therefore, choose quality, and do not mind spending a few extra bucks. Remember, the safety of you and your family depends on quality maintenance of your gun to ensure its proper functioning.

Do you have experience with a great gun cleaning kit? We would love to hear about your model and experiences. We enjoy reading your comments.


Shawn Harrison

Shawn Harrison is our expert in hunting. He was born in Alaska, so hunting was his hobby since high school. Later, Shawn took a Hunter Training at Alaska Department of Fish and Game to structure his knowledge and now he is open to share his knowledge with our readers. Shawn is taking ‘Safety First’ approach on all of his trips, especially is some people are going hunting for the first time.


  • I’ve been using the DAC Winchester Deluxe gun care kit to clean my firearms for around two years and it continues to tick all the boxes.

    The kit comes in an impressive case which contains almost everything you’ll need to keep your gun well-maintained.

    It includes a selection of bronze brushes and mops for various calibers (14 in total), a 13-piece solid brass jag set suitable for any caliber ranging from .17 up to .50, along with a selection of other items you may need such as cotton cleaning patches and brushes.

    Perhaps the only downside is that the kit does not contain any liquid gun maintenance agents such as Bore Cleaning Solvent or a Lubricating Oil, so these will have to be purchased separately.

    For less than $60, however, the Winchester kit certainly offers
    everything you’d need to keep a typical rifle or small handgun in order.

    • This is what I’m talking about some cleaning kits being too basic, they don’t even have any oils or solvents. Overall, the DAC Deluxe gun care kit is alright if you have the missing liquid items required.

  • When my previous cleaning kit was starting to look a little tired after almost a decade’s use, I began the arduous search for a new, spending several months reading reviews and researching. I finally concluded that the Otis Elite Cleaning kit was probably a good choice, and boy, was I right. I love this kit. As someone who has been shooting for 10-years, I have accumulated a selection of cleaning supplies, yet, somehow, I still never seem to have exactly what I need. A problem I’m not likely to face again for a while with the Otis, you have everything you need to clean pistols, rifles and shotguns of all calibers. The only downside I have yet to encounter is that the cleaning pads supplied with the kit tend to leave lint in the barrel. I recommend purchasing a pack of higher quality pads in their place.

    • Some cleaning kits are either too basic or too complex to use with all the things added in the kit but you don’t really need them. I would have to agree that the Otis Elite kit is one of the better options when it comes to useful and really effective gun cleaning sessions.