Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet: Keep Yourself Moving

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Written by Dennis Owens

If you’re going hiking it’s always important to have the best possible boots available to keep you warm and dry. Though other things are going to be important too, you’re not going to notice any of them as much as you’ll notice the wrong hiking boots.

If you have wide feet, however, it can be even more difficult to find a good quality boot. That’s why we have this list of the best hiking boots for wide feet to make the process of shopping a whole lot faster and a whole lot easier.

The Features You Need

Going hiking is something that requires the best of the best in equipment and that will most definitely apply to your new hiking boots.

We’ll help you figure out just which ones are really the best option for you based on the sizing, the materials and a whole lot of other features that will be crucial when you’re out there in the wilderness and don’t have another pair of shoes to easily slip into. With the right boots you’ll have a great experience, but the wrong boots can make a rough trip.

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Proper Size

The very first thing you need to do is make sure the boots you’re looking at are the right size. If they’re not you’ll have a tough time out on the trail. You need something that is wide enough to fit your feet, especially if you have wide feet and something that is long enough as well.

Check the sizing on each pair of shoes you think you might want. Don’t sacrifice anything when it comes to the fit, which means not every type of boots will actually fit you.


This encompasses two different sections. Namely, you need boots that have the right amount of heel because this is going to impact the amount and type of traction. You need something that has a high amount of traction in order to give you a better experience no matter where you’re hiking.

You also want to look at the height of the boot as well, to know if it’s able to wrap around your foot like a standard shoe, up around your ankle or up higher to create more of a support system around the upper ankle and calves.

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The right hiking boots should be sturdy, durable, stiff and definitely waterproof. You don’t want boots that will let a lot of moisture and water though, whether it’s water directly or mud that can seep through.

The boots should also have additional material and sturdy materials at the toe in order to provide additional support. It needs a toe cover of some type that’s meant to keep rocks and sticks from poking through while you’re trying to hike.

It’s easy to get hurt without the right type of shoes, whether from something breaking through them and hurting your feet or your boots breaking down beneath you.

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Added Features

There are other features that might be present in your boots that are extremely important as well. One of these is the lining, which you will likely want to be heavy if you’re hiking in colder areas.

Another important feature is padding on the inside that may make the boots more comfortable. This could be memory foam or something else but it helps conform to your feet better.

You could also look for boots that have special materials and products built in to keep out odor and to prevent them from developing bacteria or mold when exposed to a lot of moisture.

What It Takes To Find Your Shoes

Merrell Men’s Moab Mid Hiking BootMerrell Men’s Moab Mid Hiking Boot

Dimensions: Sizes 7 – 15, including some half sizes and wide sizes

Weight: 4 lbs.

Specific Features: Leather, breathable mesh, speed-lace hardware, waterproof, prevents odor, 6 colors

Best For: Ankle support, waterproof, moderate price

The Merrell Men’s Moab Hiking Boot offers a range of sizes to make sure they fit you comfortably. They have six different colors, as well, to make sure you get something you’ll really enjoy wearing. Made with leather and textiles, they also have breathable mesh accents to ensure your feet feel more comfortable and cool even when you’re hiking for an extended period of time.

Moderate in price, these boots have a bellows style tongue that keeps any type of debris out of the shoe while you’re hiking. This keeps you feeling more comfortable and less concerned about injury. The waterproofing keeps your feet warm and dry and well, so you don’t end up with chafing from moisture.

The specialty materials also keep out any type of odor, making your feet smell better at the end of the night. If you’re still not sure about the comfort level, there is an ortholite anatomical footbed as well as heel cushions that help to absorb shock while you hike.

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Propet Blizzard Mid-Cut BootPropet Blizzard Mid-Cut Boot

Dimensions: 7 – 15, including some half sizes and wide sizes

Weight: 4 lbs.

Specific Features: Leather, high shaft, waterproof, Thinsulate insulation

Best For: Keeping out water, high ankle support

The Propet Blizzard Mid-Cut Boot is made primarily with leather as well as rubber soles to provide protection and more support. It has a tall shaft that comes up 7” from the arch of the boot to make sure your ankles are more protected while you’re hiking. This is important if you’re in less than ideal terrain or hiking through rocky areas as is the quality traction control that is embedded throughout.

Another important thing about these boots is that they are lined with thinsulate to keep you even warmer while you’re hiking or sitting around your campfire. At a low price for this type of boot, you’re definitely likely to appreciate the padded collar and the insoles that are padded and cushioned to give you more comfort. These boots are somewhat heavy but they’re sealed, cushioned, insulated and a whole lot more, which counters the weight.

The heat retaining insole also keeps you warmer and the scotchguard treatment over the leather keeps them better protected.

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Thorogood Waterproof 6” Oblique HikerThorogood Waterproof 6” Oblique Hiker

Dimensions: 4 – 8.5, including some half sizes and wide sizes

Weight: 5 lbs.

Specific Features: 2 colors, many sizes, waterproof, slip resistant, leather

Best For: Moderate price, ankle protection

The Thorogood Waterproof 6” Oblique Hiker is made with leather to provide a sturdy and durable outside you can trust to protect your feet from anything you might encounter while you’re walking through the wilderness. It also features heavy rubber soles with traction that will protect you while walking through the wilderness and hiking in rocky or rough areas. The boots are also slip resistant on top of the traction, helping you in slippery areas.

These men’s boots are waterproof to keep out all of the moisture you may walk through including streams, rain and a whole lot more. Available in two different colors, these are moderately priced boots that include shock zone footbeds, air flow vents and a whole lot more to keep you comfortable and make sure that nothing about the terrain is going to mess with your feet, knees and more.

Safety boots that are even rated for electrical hazards, you’ll have no problem with these.

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Ariat Terrain H2O Hiking BootAriat Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

Dimensions: 7 – 14, including some half sizes and wide sizes

Weight: 4 lbs.

Specific Features: Waterproof, stability technology, leather upper, duratread sole

Best For: Moderate price, rough terrain

The Ariat Terrain H2O Hiking Boot is a slightly lower profile boot that really fits into the style that you could wear at any time rather than just when out hiking. It has a leather upper that’s full-grain, oiled and entirely waterproof so you won’t have to worry about anything when you’re hiking or backpacking through rough terrain.

They’re also made with advanced torque stability, which ensures you’re able to stay upright when you step on rocks, twigs or anything else that might be in your path.

At 5” from arch to the top of the shaft, these boots also provide a small amount of support to the ankles and use duratread soles to keep you steady. The synthetic lining makes them just a little bit warmer than a standard shoe and the shock absorbing material at the midsole means that you’ll have no problem with them if you need to walk extensively or even jump while wearing them. At a moderate price, these boots have just the right amount of weight for anything that you want to do.

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Dunham Cloud Waterproof BootDunham Cloud Waterproof Boot

Dimensions: 7 – 11.5, including some half sizes and wide sizes

Weight: 2 ¼ lbs.

Specific Features: Waterproof, mid-cut, moderate price, flex zones, engineered foam, leather

Best For: Mild ankle support, moderate terrain

With plenty of size variations to choose from, the Dunham Cloud Waterproof Boot is something you’re going to want to look at. It features four different color options and has leather uppers that provide waterproofing as well as plenty of support and structure. With these boots you won’t have to worry about anything being pushed through because they’re strong and sturdy no matter what you might get into.

With 4.5” shafts from the arch up to the ankle, these boots also have rubber soles that provide increased protection on the bottom of the feet as well as the toe. The leather uppers are actually multi-colored, which makes them more unique and more stylish for you. Because they’re a smaller profile they’re also good for daily use and they’re comfortable without being too heavy or too large for shopping or your normal day.

The ideal traction and more definitely make them a great choice and since it’s multi-directional that’s even more advanced, as well as premium foam that keeps you more comfortable.

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Dr. Comfort Ranger Hiking BootDr. Comfort Ranger Hiking Boot

Dimensions:6 – 15, including some half sizes and wide sizes

Weight: 5 lbs.

Specific Features: X-wide sizes, leather upper, gel insert, diabetic style boot

Best For: High price, specialty shoes

If you have trouble with your feet you’ll definitely want to look at the Dr. Comfort Ranger Hiking Boot because it is specially designed for those with diabetes or other health problems that affect their feet.

Made with their own gel inserts to keep your feet better cushioned when you’re walking, these hiking boots actually have elastic laces and Velcro straps that make them easy to slip on and off when you’re ready to head out.

Available in two different colors, these boots look similar to a traditional hiking boot but with a patent style to the leather uppers. They have a moderate amount of traction on the rubber soles and have padded linings throughout. All of this makes them a great choice for those who are heading out to the wilderness.

It’s also easy to wear these boots when you’re heading to the store or anywhere else as well, because they’re moderate weight and they are smaller in profile with low shafts for a milder amount of ankle support.

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Propet Ridge Walker Winter BootPropet Ridge Walker Winter Boot

Dimensions: 8 – 15, including some half sizes and wide sizes

Weight: 4 lbs.

Specific Features: Suede & mesh, x-wide available, rubber sole, 2 color options

Best For: Moderate ankle support, moderate terrain

The Propet Ridge Walker Winter Boot is moderately priced, which helps you get what you’re looking for without spending a fortune. It comes in two different colors and has a variety of sizes in regular, wide and extra wide to make sure you have exactly the fit that you need in order to be comfortable while you’re hiking a long trail.

They have rubber soles and suede uppers that also use mesh to provide just a little bit of breathability without letting in too much moisture or water while you hike.

Moderate weight makes these a good walking shoe as well as a good hiking shoe. They are small enough in profile that you can take them walking when you go into the store or anywhere else but also take them hiking when you are going on the rough terrain of trails and wilderness. There’s plenty of cushion on the inside and the uppers are waterproof rather than just water resistant, so you will have plenty of protection while you hike.

Not only that but they have just the right amount of ankle support without being too restricting if you’re not hiking or backpacking.

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Timberland White Ledge BootTimberland White Ledge Boot

Dimensions: 7 – 14, including some half sizes and wide sizes

Weight: 2 lbs.

Specific Features: Lightweight, 3 color options, leather and textile, EVA footbed

Best For: Moderate price, moderate terrain

The Timberland White Ledge Boot comes in three different colors that let you choose your favorite. They have a 4.75” shaft from the arch, which allows you to protect and support your ankle while you hike. Made with leather and textiles as well as rubber soles, you’re still given plenty of protection around the entire frame of this shoe to keep your feet safe from sticks, rocks or anything else.

The padded collar on these boots keeps your ankle more comfortable, as does the dual-density EVA in the footbed. The comfort level is definitely going to be higher than with some types of boots and the multidirectional traction lugs will help you keep your grip on just about any type of terrain. These waterproof boots have a gusseted tongue that keeps any debris outside of your shoes and the footbed actually helps you get rid of moisture with improved circulation.

This will assist you with staying prepared for your next trip out into the wilderness or even in the store or anywhere else you want to travel.

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Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking ShoeColumbia Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Shoe

Dimensions: 7 – 14, including some half sizes and wide sizes

Weight: 4 lbs.

Specific Features: Coated leather, waterproof seams, lightweight midsole, Omni-grip traction

Best For: Lightweight needs, moderate traction

The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Shoe is made with PU coated leather, suede and mesh, to provide a stable and heavy duty material that will protect you from anything in the wilderness. With rubber soles, they’re secure on the bottom and have high-quality Omni-grip traction that keeps you safe while you’re walking through rough terrain. They also have waterproof seams to keep out moisture and everything else you walk through.

If you need a little bit of breathability you’ll have it with the mesh that’s built right into these sleek boots. Available in two different colors, they moderate weight and they provide you with the right amount of support while you’re hiking anywhere. You’ll also be able to wear these boots when you’re walking through town or anywhere else in the area. All you have to do is slip them on and you’ll be able to see the stability and flexibility that are included in them.

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Exactly What You’re Looking For

If any one of these sounds like the right boots for you then you’ll definitely want to look at them a little closer. Make sure you check out the links for more information. And if you’re not sure about any of them look at the options for what you should consider. We want to find out more about what you like, however.

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What features are more important to you when you buy new boots? Do you have a favorite pair of boots you won’t go anywhere without?


Dennis Owens

Dennis Owens is a graduate of National Camping School and REI Outdoor School. He knows everything about what gear to take with you, how to plan your trip to stay safe and what to do if you get lost in the mountains. We are lucky to have Dennis with us as he is a ‘walking encyclopedia’ when it comes to the wilderness.