Best Hunting Apps: 10 Best Apps That Can Be Used for Hunting

When you are an enthusiastic hunter, you might have noticed that there are some apps that might prove to be helpful in hunting. Anyway, in this day’s tech world almost everything can be done using the mobile phone. Why not use it then, if you can benefit from it.

A person might wonder why an app can be rated as one of the best hunting apps yet there are a lot of apps out there also used for the same purpose.

The most important thing here is that the app should be informative and unique. The app should be having some impact and also should be memorable to you. Another key thing that is always considered is if the app is intuitive and is also easy to use. This means that you should be able to the app quickly follow how it flows with a lot of ease.

Hunting app

Finally, if the app is not of any use, it will just be wasting your time. These apps should be helping you to know the current environmental conditions, including the wind and the temperature.

The app should also be able to give you some advice on when to hunt and when not to. From the app you should also be able to know if the conditions around are suitable for fishing and many others. Having said all that, let us now look at some of the best hunting apps that you should try out.

This tiny app will always provide you with the knowledge that is usually gathered by a lot of people across the world. This person always has an option of buying and selling what is termed as a “fishing hotspot” by using locations and GPS systems.

This is something that is used of course with the help of Google maps. For instance, if you are an experienced person when it comes to fishing and you would like making some cash, you can be able to share with other people your fishing spot using this FindMeFish app.

FindMeFish app

FindMeFish can also be used by the tour guides. You can use it to give out some more information or knowledge on a particular area. Anyway, this only shows that the user won’t be spending much of their time searching for the best place to fish because another person would have helped you through the app.

Hunt Predictor

This is also one of the most used and popular app one can find. It is also known to be more valuable to hunters since it also lets you know the suitable time for hunting and when not to hunt. The weather conditions are always predicted using data from the weather forecast and the integrated GPS.

This information always provides the hunters with best results as it also gives you an option of choosing the animal you are planning to hunt. This is to enable the app to give you the correct information based on whatever you chose.

Hunt predictor app

This Hunt predictor app has a layout that is much easy to understand and its graphical interface will allow you to quickly navigate through the app with a lot of ease. The app also has some line graph that will enable the user to obtain the much-needed information.

The app will let you know if you have a bad weather today thus you won’t even have to step out of your house as all the data will be delivered on your device or smartphone.

Ihunt Journal

Using Ihunt journal means getting a very clean and understandable layout together with a very interactive user interface. This has also been rated to be among most intuitive and best apps for hunting.

Basically, the app will be tracking all your hunting adventures and your trips and it will also provide you with a range of animals which you can choose from. When it comes to the functionality of this product, it can be of great help to the hunter in that it does a lot of things altogether.

Ihunt journal

The app has an observation mode, it has a GPS system and it also keeps in history, the records of the harvest season. The Ihunt journal app can also help you to track all your records the entire time.

Onxmaps’ Hunt

This Onxmaps’ hunt app is also among the best hunting apps simply because it helps the user to know more about the place they are in currently. For instance, if you plan on going to hunt in a particular area, just some place you haven’t visited before, the app will tell you if the place is a private land or a forest, it will also be able to know if its public or not.

If the place is owned, the app will tell you who it belongs to.

Onxmaps’ hunt apps

This information is usually very important to the serious and very experienced hunters who always like to explore new areas but do not have any idea about who it belongs to and so on. Using this product as a hunter usually means saving a lot of your time as you can do all these things within a short time using “Hunt”, made by OnXmaps.

Tracking Point

Tracking is probably that kind of app you would always wish you had if you are a serious shooter. This is also one of those revolutionary apps which are unprecedented on the store. Of course, you will aim at your animal using the rifle but for you to lock your target and be sure of the kill, you will have to use tracking point.

Tracking point

What is actually good about this product is that the viewers can be able to watch the whole thing in real time. The only disadvantage with it though is that it only works with tracking point rifles and scopes. However, it still remains one of the greatest apps to be used by hunters.

Sportsman Tracker

The sportsman tracker has over the years been rated among the most trusted apps for hunters. It allows the user to track different weather conditions that you want including the temperature, atmospheric pressure, the sun’s and moon’s activities and also you will be able to notice when the weather is changing or not.

Both the direction and the speed of the wind can also be read using the sportsman tracker not forgetting also the specifics and the seasonal patterns.

Many of us would probably wonder why it is said to be among the best. Well, you can use the sportsman tracker app to track almost everything that is moving. You can use it to track any animal you would like to hunt or even fish.

Apart from that, those who created this product also have some collaborative connection to those who build different lakes’ database. From the app, you can be able to see specific contours for the lake, thus you will be able to navigate through this into a hot spot or just any of your favorite fishing location. It also has a stunning level of accuracy.

Sportsman tracker app

Using the sportsman tracker will also allow you to be able to pick for yourself the ideal time for you to hunt all because it has a line graph that will show you which days are most likely to have a high chance of getting a better harvest.

You can also be able to see the different factors that will probably make a good prediction. For instance, if it is going to rain, you can use the app to tell you when is the best time for you to go hunting, whether it is before the rain or after. This can only be done correctly if you first feed your app with information on what animal you are planning to go hunt or which fish will you be looking for.


Actually, I tend to think that this archerypal app was basically created to target the archery fans, just as the name suggests. Maybe the only disadvantage it has is that it only operates on Apple devices. Just like those other apps we’ve seen before, the archerypal can also do a lot of things.

You can use it to improve your skills while it also tracks your record through time. When you are a beginner, you can start by calculating your arrow’s speed and the kinetic energy that it will produce on impact.

Archerypal will also help you to know if your arrow will produce the required results upon shooting. If not, this means that you will have to do some adjustments on the arrows. This is why actually it’s important for users to always log in their progress.

This might just help you get better and become a professional within no time. The archerypal also offers graphs which can always be used to keep some regular log on the placement of your arrow with just one simple touch on your screen.

Archerypal app

Archerypal will also help you to track your accuracy over some time and also keep track of the trends judging by how you place the arrows. It is even more impressive if the app also recognizes the maximum range for you to shoot and kill. This usually gives the hunters a bit of boost in their confidence.

With it, you will also be able to get unlimited access to some hotspots and you will also have an option of adding your own. This can be done either automatically or manually. Archerypal also has the ability to work at night. All you have to do is just to use the night button. This will help you to navigate around while using the green light. You can do this all the time without being seen by the animals.

Primos Wind

Primos wind, regardless of its tiny size, it is usually useful to the hunters. Many of us at some point when hunting, you might find yourself getting close to the animal but suddenly within a split second it runs away and disappears.

This is usually caused when the wind changes direction, this will usually bring your smell to the animal thus it will sense danger and run away. For you to avoid such experiences, you will need to use some data about the wind direction. Primos wind app will also give you some data concerning the speed of the wind.

Primos wind

Well, if you know the direction of the wind and also the speed at which it is moving at then you will be able to plan out your hunting very efficiently right? These are just some of the advantages that come with the primos wind app.

It also has a graphical interface which is very much simple to use as it is also a user interactive kind of interface. By simply tapping the screen, you will be able to see the direction of the wind represented on some graphical map.

Recon Hunt by Cabela

Recon hunt always provides its users with the best mapping tool which is also very much appreciated among the hunters. The map can be used to color code those areas which might be public or private. This is one of the greatest features that recon hunt has.

Anyway, it will also offer you with unlimited options to track your desired animal and other wildlife, it can also enable you to discover some new hotspots, take photos of your game and keep them as trophies and finally when going back home, you can use this product to show you the way.

Recon hunt by Cabela

You might be mistaken to think that this is all about the app. You can also get some important information on various things like both the sunrise and the sunset, the moon phases and also some ballistic data. Perhaps the most important thing about it all is that, when Cabela created it, the thought about your smartphone’s battery was also considered.

Using some of these apps will only make you be recharging after a while. Recon hunt also offers you with an option to save your battery from draining too fast. It does this only by monitoring your app usage.

Another strong feature that it has, is that it doesn’t have to be connected to some wireless network for it to work. Recon hunt is always at its best even in those places having poor reception.

SAS Survival Guide

What is a great opportunity? For me, I would say a great opportunity is having with you a great survival guide in the pocket. With this, you will be able to get access to a lot of tips about hunting in a specific climate, different weather condition, maybe in the sea or on land and many others. It doesn’t matter where in this world you are located, with this with you, you can be sure to survive.

You will also be able to get a free book authored by John “Lofty” Wiseman. With this, you also get access to 15 videos talking about survival and a list of both the poisonous and edible plants.

You will also get to learn the important signaling using the Morse code. Also, to put your knowledge to some test by attempting the built-in quiz during your free time. Another feature that comes with it is some special sun compass.

SAS survival guide

In case you want to find some information regarding something, you can always run a quick search through the book. Also, you can be able to increase your skillset and knowledge by using the extreme climate survival.

This helps you to learn and know how to survive when you find yourself in different conditions, for instance, the Polar Regions, deserts, in tropical climates or at the sea. This book also a first aid section where you can be able to learn just as many techniques that you can use when doing some first aid.

All these apps above usually do require some on-the-field-testing first before anything else is done. There are also a lot of apps like these that are best used for hunting but for now the choice lies between you and yourself. Pick the right app that will suit your needs and budget otherwise always remember to stay safe when hunting. Good luck.


Shawn Harrison

Shawn Harrison is our expert in hunting. He was born in Alaska, so hunting was his hobby since high school. Later, Shawn took a Hunter Training at Alaska Department of Fish and Game to structure his knowledge and now he is open to share his knowledge with our readers. Shawn is taking ‘Safety First’ approach on all of his trips, especially is some people are going hunting for the first time.


  • Sportsman Tracker is a good and functional application. Probably the best among other similar. Convenient that there is a version for both Android and iOS. What can it do? Well, it’s like a social network for hunters and fishermen, to exchange experiences, achievements, happenings and photos. It shows the weather on a specific day, the wind, pressure and moon phase. Overall a good assistant and takes up little space in your smartphone.

    • The Sportsman Tracker is like the Linkedin for like-minded enthusiasts which allows comprehensive discussions, events, and imagery. If you are the type of person who is new to this niche, this is one of the apps that I really recommend downloading.

  • Was pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of the program onXmaps Hunt Premium GPS for. It turns out that it can recognize public and private lands, highlight public- and private-land boundaries, show different layers for big-game units, roads, trails and more. The image is good and compatible with all color-screen, SD/Micro SD Garmin GPS units. I advise you to pay attention to this app, often rescued.

    • There are a lot of really helpful hunting apps that are often overlooked by users. My best advice is to sit down and identify the things you anticipate that you’ll need (or need help with). The onXmaps Hunt Premium GPS is a great choice because it has a more updated GPS database compared to other apps.