Best Night Vision from Yukon: The High Performing Night Vision Riflescopes on Today’s Market

Written by Shawn Harrison

If you are a hunter, then you will agree that you need a night vision rifle scope with you. There is no need of you missing a shot during your night hunting expeditions. The market is full of state-of-the-art night vision devices that can practically increase your success.

The ideal rifle scope is one that will do more than just offer you an image of your target. It ought to offer you clear details of your target at a desired range, so as you do not miss your mark. The design has to be ergonomic and user-friendly, as well.

We have prepared a list of the best night vision from Yukon rifle scope reviews. You should use the list along with the buying tips to make a profound purchasing decision.

Product NameWeight MagnificationObjective Lens Diameter (mm)Price
NVRS Varmint Hunter 2.5X501.9 lbs. 2.5x50Check price on Amazon
Sea Wolf 3X421.4 lbs. 3x42Check price on Amazon
NVRS Tactical 2.5X502.1 lbs. 2.5x50Check price on Amazon
NVMT 4X50 Night Vision0.5 lbs 4x50Check price on Amazon
Yukon NVMT 2x242 lbs. 2x24Check price on Amazon
Yukon Tracker Night Vision1.9 lbs. 3x42Check price on Amazon
Advanced Optics NV 5x601.6 lbs. 5x60Check price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

The modern day night vision rifle scopes are technical as well as specialized. Therefore, you need advice on how to choose the ideal model that will increase your odds during a hunt. For that reason, we have prepared the following buying information to help you with your search.

What Is The Ideal Size?

The size of a night vision rifle scope does usually matter when shopping for one, which is characterized by the magnification power and objective lens diameter, such as 2.5 x 50mm. You need to choose the ideal size depending on the practicality of your application.

For most practical applications, a 3x magnification power with a 40mm objective lens diameter should work just fine. A 3×40 rifle scope is at times better for mounting as low as possible. But depending on the rifle you use, it is the eyepiece that determines the effectiveness of the mounting.

looking through pellet gun scope

You should also consider how effective your eyesight is with respect to the application. If you have fading eyesight, then you should go for a night vision rifle scope with better light gathering capacity, such as a 6x40mm.

What About The Material?

The material of a night vision rifle scope plays a big role in its performance and durability. A great number of riflescopes are made of aluminum alloys, but others are made of steel or titanium. The material does determine the weight of the scope you are buying.

There are benefits with a lighter night vision riflescope, since the forces acting upon the scope and the mounts when the rifle is subjected to recoil are less compared to those of a heavier riflescope.

Choose An Ergonomic And User-Friendly Model

Settle for a tactical night vision riflescope size, which uses enhanced optics, a durable body and sleek design to separate itself from any other riflescope. The best model should incorporate a resourceful mount into its ergonomic design to allow for comfort during shooting.

night vision scopes

The best model ought to have a superior built-in IR illuminator for effective night vision over a considerably long distance. The IR illuminator should be easy to activate to enhance image brightness and increase range in complete darkness.

Top 7 Night Vision Riflescopes

Choosing a night vision riflescope that works for you does not have to be a challenging proposition. All you need are basic buying tips and reliable suggestions. In light of this, we have prepared the following list to help you with your search.

NVRS Varmint Hunter 2.5X50NVRS Varmint Hunter

Price: Approximately $290

Weight: 1.9 lbs

Size: 2.5 x 50 mm

Specific features: 15 degree field of view; 45mm eye relief; detection range of up to 220 yards; recognition range of up to 120 yards; 7 yards to infinity focus range; ½ MOA per click windage or elevation adjustments; 32 to 36 LP/mm resolution; and an illuminated red on green duplex reticle.

Best use: Night vision, hunting and shooting

The NVRS Varmint Hunter 2.5X50 is characterized as a durable riflescope. The design is ergonomic with a titanium body and sleek design that separates it from other night vision riflescopes.

The scope incorporates numerous riflescope essential such as the flip-up objective lens cover, an adjustable lit red on green reticle, remote control with on/off and IR on/off settings. It features a long mount that provides more comfort and also enables the scope to accommodate a wide range of rifles.

The scopes 50 millimeter lens provides a high resolution and is also capable of gathering light which provide a clear vision at night. The scopes flip up lens cover’s open in order to reveal the scope’s illuminated reticle, enhanced and quality optics that are multi-coated.

For enhancing the image brightness and also increase its range at night the scope comprises of an inbuilt powerful pulse infrared illuminator that is easy to activate. The varmint hunter is also digital camera adaptable hence; you can buy digital camera accessories separately.


  • It features an ergonomic design that is durable and less prone to damage
  • The 45 mm eye relief offers the best mounting options for effective operation
  • The easy to activate infrared illuminator makes the scope ideal for use even in total darkness
  • The multicoated optics offer improved clarity and also enhance the image with a magnification of 2x


  • The scope is restricted for sale outside the US and the state of California

Related: This scope is normally bought together with the Solomone Cavalli 223 Bore Sight Laser Red Dot. It offers the best display of 1.5-inch dot at a hundred yards.

Check the price on Amazon

Sea Wolf 3X42 MonocularSea Wolf 3X42 Monocular

Price: Approximately $250

Weight: 1.4 lbs

Size: 3 x 42 mm

Specific features: Two 0.25 inch built in tripod sockets; an integrated IR illuminator with focusing beam; integrated on/off and IR activation LED indicators.

Best use: Hunting and target shooting

The Sea Wolf 3×42 Monocular incorporates a modern, cutting edge technology. It is durable, with its waterproof, rubberized body; it can be used in all-weather condition and harsh environments. Its rubberized body not only makes it waterproof, but also fog-proof, submersible and floatable.

Its rubber designed body is small in size, which makes it portable to carry since it can fit in the palm of your hand or pocket.  The monocular can be used for short and long distance observations and has the capacity to focus on objects that are up to five yards. The Pulse built-in infrared illuminator allows the monocular to expand the viewing range.

It also adds its battery’s life span by minimizing battery drainage.  It comes in with the best light amplification performance that can amplify visible light several thousand times.  Featuring fully multi-coated optics the monocular is able to decrease glare and also improve light transmission.


  • It is versatile, with its rubberized body, it can be used in all weather conditions and numerous outdoor activities
  • It’s durable, the monocular is waterproof and fog-proof making it resistant to damage and any harsh environment
  • Portable, its rubber armor body design makes it lightweight and small to fit in the pocket or in the palm of the hand
  • Can be used in total darkness because of its fully multi-coated optics that improve light transmission and amplify visible light a thousand times


  • Cannot be sold outside the US and in the state of California

Related: We recommend you buy the Yukon NVMT Head Mount. It is convenient for hands-free operation of the scope.

Check the price on Amazon

NVRS Tactical 2.5X50 RiflescopeNVRS Tactical 2.5X50 Riflescope

Price: Approximately $430

Weight: 2.1 lbs

Size: 2.5 x 50 mm

Specific features: Lightweight & durable titanium body; IPX5 water rating; long mount; flip-up objective lens cover; powerful IR illuminator; on/off remount control; standard weaver rail mount; adjustable lit red-on-green reticle; and multi-coated optics.

Best use: Hunting and target shooting

The NVRS Tactical 2.5X50 Riflescope is a great device that works effectively at night in the form of binoculars. The body is made of titanium and is completely shock resistant that can be easily adjusted with the help of off / on switch. The design is really graceful that it offers sleek lines with elevation adjustments.

A comfortable experience of shooting is provided to the user with the help of 50 – millimeter powerful lens that can gather light and provide high resolution.

The viewing range is expanded by the addition of built-in Pulse infrared illuminator which comes along with the reduction in battery drainage. Maximum output of infrared is provided with the pulsing that prevents it from burning out.

This amazing binocular riflescope contains the accessories that enable it to be digital camera adaptable. The augmented products that can be purchased with it include the AK adaptor, double lens, laser pointer and IR flashlight. These accessories help to improve the working and experience of using this product.

Flip-up covers for the lens are present to protect the multicoated optics. The quality of these optics, as well as illuminated reticles, is guaranteed to be great. The pulse present to provide high-quality output is invisible and helps the illuminator in penetrating to the longer distances.


  • The body is lightweight and made of titanium, which adds up to the durability of this product.
  • The red – on – green lit reticle is easily adjustable.
  • The IR system is built-in in the form of a powerful Pulse infrared illuminator.
  • The focus range is from one yard to the infinity that increases the usability of this riflescope in every situation.
  • Two AA batteries make it possible to work for 50 hours.


  • The night vision feature makes it unfavorable for the use in daylight mode.

Related: This Yukon riflescope is frequently bought together with the Streamlight 85177 CR123A Lithium Batteries. The pack of 12 batteries will keep your scope powered for a long time.

Check the price on Amazon

NVMT 4X50 Night Vision MonocularNVMT 4X50 Night Vision Monocular

Price: Approximately $290

Weight: 1.3 lbs

Size: 4 x 50 mm

Specific features: Ergonomic design; long distance observation; interchangeable objective lens; 25mW pulse IR illuminator; focusing beam; IR and on/off activation LED indicators; and up to 270-yard detection distance.

Best use: Hunting and target shooting

The NVMT 4×50 Night Vision Monocular offers a great experience with multi-function units. This is a lightweight device with the mass of only 13 ounces that comes in a compact design. The durability of this 4 × 50 monocular is guaranteed by its weather resistant capability.

The user can trust on this, no matter what the weather conditions are and there he is going for a trip. The areas where the light is not even detectable can be seen with the help of the built-in IR system with a pulse present in this device.

The range of this pulse reaches 2 – 3 times beyond other systems as well as reduces the drainage of the battery. The real meaning of multitasking is shown by this monocular with the innumerable features coming in a single design.

The accessories make it easy to convert this monocular into a rifle scope, night vision camera or head gear. These augmented accessories include an adapter for a digital camera, IR flashlight, NVMT riflescope kit for conversion and NVMT kit of head gear.

A limited warranty for a lifetime is also provided by the Yukon limited to increase the trust of the customer on the product. All the latest and modern features are accommodated in this optical device, keeping in mind the practical aspect.

This is a powerful handheld device with multi-coated lenses. The design is really sleek that it fits comfortably in the hand and can be kept in the pocket to increase the accessibility.


  • Long distance observation is made possible with the help of 4X magnification.
  • The infrared illuminator distance is up to 100-yards.
  • Weight is 21.2 ounces that make it easy to carry as a handheld device.
  • The 3V battery enables it to run up to 30 hours.


  • His night vision is not meant for the close in work in a dense forest or a basement.

Related: It will be wise if you consider buying the scope along with the Yukon NVMT Head Mount. The head mount is highly recommended for hands-free operation of the scope.

Check the price on Amazon

Yukon NVMT 2×24 MonocularYukon NVMT 2x24 Monocular

Price: Approximately $220

Weight: 2 lbs

Size: 2 x 24 mm

Specific features: Effective magnification; 100M IR illuminator range; 24 mm lens diameter; 30 degree field of view; and up to 30 hours of battery life.

Best use: Hunting and target shooting

An exceptional night vision monocular with both the features of compactness and lightweight design is provided to the audience in the form of Yukon NVMT 2 x 24 Monocular. The weight of these night vision monocular is only 2 pounds, which is easy to carry and hold in the pocket.

The durability is ensured with the help of sleek and tough design which is stain resistant and can work in every kind of situation. Yukon NVMT 2 x 24 Monocular is a weather resistant device and a person can use it even in humid places without the fear of the delicate system.

The light detection is made great with the help of infrared illuminator which works in even low light conditions to facilitate the user. If the light is not detectable, it can even work in such conditions with the help of pulsing beam which is able to reach two to three times further as compared to other infrared structures.

It can be easily converted into devices like night vision camera and riflescope with the help of accessories. The field of view for this night vision scope is 30 degrees. Magnification capability enables it to reach the distance of over 1x.


  • Without the use of IR, the battery can be used for up to 30 hours.
  • The range of the IR illuminator is about 100 meters that can make it easy to see even in the low light conditions.
  • The built-in pulsing system reduces the battery drainage and improves the working of this device.
  • A great value for money is provided by the presence of multiple features in a single unit.


  • This is not practical for use in all the dark areas at night. For routine use, it is the best, but for special circumstances, it may not see up to large accuracy level.

Related: You should consider buying the scope along with the Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggle Mount. Its compact and lightweight design offers you hands-free operation.

Check the price on Amazon

Yukon Tracker Night Vision BinocularYukon Tracker Night Vision Binocular

Price: Approximately $530

Weight: 1.9 lbs

Size: 3 x 42 mm

Specific features: Multi-coated optics; high-resolution intensifiers; dual eye diopter adjustment; central focusing; and dual infrared pro pulse system.

Best use: Hunting and target shooting

The Yukon Tracker Night Vision Binocular is a system with pro pulse and dual infrared capability. It has the ability to focus centrally on the objects by increasing the quality of the image. It becomes possible to observe the elements in detail, even in the dark at night time.

The self-containing ability of this night vision binocular bring a revolution and make it possible to work for 10 hours with the help of 3V battery. The clear view in the dark is presented with the IR infrared illuminator which is built-in in the system.

The illuminator emits a pulsing light which is for the purpose of increasing energy efficiency and reducing the drainage of the battery.

This is a specially designed binocular with a body of rubber to make it lightweight. This material is coated with no-slip stuff, making it easy to hold and best for the long expeditions. The front lens is made safe with the flip-up cover which can be easily clipped on the back side and then used again on the body.

This is an ultimate binocular with the pin holes present in the cap of the lens. This makes it easy to use in the daytime when the cap is also closed. The dual diopter for adjustment has a focusing knob in the center, which adds up to the existing features.


  • The optics are multi-coated with a fixed eye span for the view.
  • The weight is 1.9 pounds that are really easy and comfortable to carry.
  • The intensifiers are of high resolution to increase the quality of the view.
  • It is backed by the lifetime limited warranty of Yukon limited.


  • It is hard to scan the fields or congested area with the night vision binocular.

Related: We recommend you buy the Yukon NVMT Head Mount. You will certainly need the head mount if you like hands-free operation of the scope. It will also simplify your adventure.

Check the price on Amazon

Advanced Optics NV 5×60 MonocularAdvanced Optics NV 5x60 Monocular

Price: Approximately $500

Weight: 1.6 lbs

Size: 5 x 60 mm

Specific features: High resolution; video and photo adaptable; tripod adaptable; long range of detection; and impressive high magnification.

Best use: Hunting and target shooting

The Advanced Optics NV 5×60 Monocular is a compact, durable, and lightweight device that is available in mid-size. The power of this monocular is 5 x magnifications which provide excellent vision at night. It is above the expectations of the user with the light transmission ability of a 60 mm objective lens.

A perfect balance is maintained in the making of this device by improving the long-term observation and easy handling. A great level of result can be achieved whether for the purpose of scouting or for uninvited intruders.

The things that matter while watching the object from the night vision include the size of the object, conditions in which observation is made as well as the level of details a person is going to observe. The key features include the s/n ratio, specified resolution, clarity and light transmission competence of the optical lens.

In order to guard the intensifier tube against an unexpected burst, mechanisms are set in place, but still bright light has an effect on the working of this device. The body of this device is made durable and rugged with the excellent quality material for easy handling.


  • The built-in infrared illuminator is present for viewing in the dark and in the absence of enough light.
  • The Precise image is provided by the 60mm objective lens to prevent the distortion at the edges.
  • The presence of first generation NVD improves the performance and offer great value to the user.
  • In the total dark, monitoring up to 300 m is possible.


  • Battery drainage is high with the use of IR illuminator.

Related: You should consider buying the scope along with the Yukon 100x Table Top Tripod Mount. The mount will be convenient when you want hands-free operation of the scope.

Check the price on Amazon

The Wrap Up

The best night vision riflescope is the help you need to place shots with superior precision. Well, it is not a magical device that will ensure you never miss your mark, but it is a well-engineered hunting gear that will improve your odds in the hunting fields.

survival rifle featured

The only challenge that most people are faced with especially novice hunters is choosing an ideal model that will offer the best performance. We have provided you with adequate buying tips and a list of our best picks to help you narrow down your search.

Did you find the information in this publication useful? Were you able to buy the best model for your hunting adventures? How did your newly purchased night vision riflescope perform? Please share your thoughts, concerns, and experiences with us in the comments below.


Shawn Harrison

Shawn Harrison is our expert in hunting. He was born in Alaska, so hunting was his hobby since high school. Later, Shawn took a Hunter Training at Alaska Department of Fish and Game to structure his knowledge and now he is open to share his knowledge with our readers. Shawn is taking ‘Safety First’ approach on all of his trips, especially is some people are going hunting for the first time.