Best Trout Lures: Equip Yourself to Allure All The Fish

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Written by Neal Walker

Whether you are headed for a relaxing fishing trip to the river or are a little more serious about catching trout for your dinner, it’s a fact that your success depends on the selection of the best trout lures for the conditions in which you are about to fish.

The lures you would select for fishing in deep water and high currents would be the heavier and bigger ones whereas, you could easily get away with the smaller baits in shallow water and low current situations. This is where we come in, to give you all the needed information about trout lures and transform your fishing experience into a success.

If you are about to shop for trout lures, you have come to the right place. We will review a few commonly used trout lures to make this choice easier for you, but not before giving you an understanding of the different types of trout lures and their features.

Product NameWeightMaterialsTypePrice
Bomber Heavy Duty Long A7/8 oz.Polycarbonate bodyMinnowsCheck price on Amazon
Curly Tail Mister Twister1.6 oz.PlasticJigCheck price on Amazon
Reliable 908 Bunker Spoon14 oz.SteelSpoonCheck price on Amazon
Sea Striker 890 Cedar Plug5.6 oz.WoodPlugCheck price on Amazon
Original Eppinger Dardevle Spoon0.8 oz.SteelSpoonCheck price on Amazon
Creek Chub Pikie Jointed2.4 oz.Plastic polymerSwimbaitCheck price on Amazon
Rapala X-Rap XR100.4375 oz.Polycarbonate bodyMinnowsCheck price on Amazon
Panther Martin Spinner1/8 oz.SteelSpinnerCheck price on Amazon

Things To Consider Before Buying

Before getting the best trout lures, there are some things you have to know about trout lures so that you can make the right decision. This article provides you with the necessary details so that you can take the good step.

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It’s important to know the factors associated with trout fishing lure before you can know what type of fishing lures to purchase. Trout fishing lures come in different colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. You need to know where you want to go fishing so that you will be able to prepare accurately.


Materials used to make trout fishing lures include steel, plastic, wood, and polycarbonate depending on the type of bait. Spoons are one of the simplest tricks, and they are made of steel while spinners are a bit complicated, they are mostly a combination of many materials which are usually steel, plastic, and fiber.

wooden fishing lure

Plugs are usually a piece of wood which also has steel and plastic as little part of the makeup. Jigs are also simple lures made of plastics. Minnows have polycarbonate body while grubs are also plastic.


Depending on the trout lure, they come in different shapes. Jigs have simple shape; they have a lead head at the back of the hook’s eye and weighted hooks, and they are usually an imitation of bait fish, snakes, and worms. Plugs are shaped like minnows with hooks on the tail and the body; they also resemble baitfish and frogs.

Spoons have one of the simplest trout lure shapes, just like a tablespoon, they are rounded pieces of steel. Spinners shape is complicated; it has loops at both ends of the wire shaft which are made of row colored beads that glimmer and sparkle.


The size of Trout Lures is important, and they come in different sizes, it is a common rule that you should use a small lure to catch small fish and vice versa.

micro fishing lures

Choosing the right size depends on your preference and the type of fish you plan to catch. The sizes usually range from #00 which weighs 1/18 and #5 that weighs 1-3/5 oz.


Colors have been known to be an important factor when selecting trout fishing lures which have some basic color rules. Usually, darker lures are a perfect fit for dark waters because fish see darker object in dark water better than the light object and vice versa. Where you plan to fish might determine the color of fishing lure you can get.

There are so many colors you can choose from – green, yellow, brown, and red, multicolor and so on. Other factors that you should probably consider are the sunlight, temperature, and clarity of the water.

fishing lures in different colors

The constant change in the condition of weather may require you to have different types of a fishing lure in your tackle box when you go fishing.

Types of Lures

Trout lures attract fish with the help of some movement, color, etc. Most lures mimic the look of injured fish, worms, and other prey for fish. Let’s have a look at the different types of lures available.


Spinners, as the name suggests, have a metal blade which spins when the lure is in use. This propeller-like movement of the metal along with the different angles of flash from the moving metal makes it look like little fish. It, in turn, attracts other large fish, especially predators like bass, Pollock, and mackerel.

spinners fishing lures

Spinners are great to lend you a successful trout catch in streams and rivers. Spinners come with variations in their features like blade size, hooks, etc., and they are available in mostly two types – in-line spinner and safety pin spinner.


Spoon baits are oval shaped with a concave metallic surface just like a spoon. These mimic small prey fish and their random fleeting movements.

Different finishes like gold and silver plating are used to make these lures more attractive. The weight of these lures helps an excellent cast, and their flashy appearance attracts trout.


Jigs are powerful lures with a good enough weight to be used in any water body. Unlike horizontally moving spinners, jigs are used to create a bumpy vertical movement when cast.

jigs fishing lures

These lures are made up of a shaped weight, usually round, covered by a soft attraction for fish. They come in different weights, colors, and patterns. Marabou jigs are a type that trout are crazy after.


Artificial flies mimic fish prey, mainly aquatic insects like stoneflies. You can find different files made specifically to catch a particular kind of fish.

Artificial Bait

Long-lasting and conveniently portable alternatives to real bait, plastic bait that mimic worms and other invertebrates that trout like to prey on, make a cheap and efficient lure for trout.


Also known as crank bait or minnows, plugs are hollow or solid constructions made of plastic or other lightweight material that resembles fish. They come in different lengths and are suitable for a range of fishing conditions depending on their weight, length, and other features.

minnows fishing lures

Although plugs are not a natural choice of trout lures for most anglers, these work very well, especially in dark pools and riffles.

Best Products On Today’s Market

It should not be too complicated to find the best trout lures and head on into your fishing adventures. But since it’s not as easy as throwing the line, we want to help you even more. Here are the leading trout fishing lures available on the market.

Bomber Heavy Duty Long A Bomber Heavy Duty Long A

Price: Approximately $9

Weight: 7/8 oz.

Dimensions: 6 inches

Specific features: Minnow lure, saltwater grade 1/0 hooks, hanger, and split rings, polycarbonate body, 2 – 3 ft. Cranking depth, 4 – 6 ft. Trolling depth

Best use: Can withstand fishing in harsh saltwater environments. So, it is suitable for fishing in freshwater as well as saltwater and ideal for casting and trolling.

The Bomber Heavy Duty Long A is a trout lure that is designed for successful performance in the harsh environment that salt water offers. It is constructed with a strong hyper-modulus polycarbonate which cannot be damaged by sharks, blue, cuda, and other toothy fish.

Bomber also has a saltwater grade of 1/0 hooks and split rings which allow the hooks to vibrate for good range of motion and holds the hook firmly to the lure; they are also great for trolling or casting. It is a lure with a great look and feels and an excellent heavy duty performance.

The firm body and the three attached saltwater grade sharp hooks lend this lure strength and a good penetration and make it long-lasting. This lure comes in many colors and patterns of fish like bonito, silverfish, and baby striped and dull black and other colors.


  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Strong


  • They easily get lost

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Curly Tail Lures Mister Twister Curly Tail Lures Mister Twister

Price: Approximately $8

Weight: 1.6 oz. for 78 packs.

Dimensions: 2 inches Teeny; 3 inches Meeny

Specific features: Grub (worm) lure, soft plastic make, 78 pieces, six different colors

Best use: Perfect for panfish, stream trout, and also successful with many other fish varieties like bass, carp, etc.

The very successful Curly Tail Lures Mister Twister has been around since the early 1970s. This 78-piece pack contains Mister Twister’s signature Teeny and Meeny curly tail lures that have successfully caught a variety of fish since their launch in 1974.

Customers have found these to be one of the best soft grub lures in the market. Attach one of these to any lure to make it more attractive. For deep water, you can rig these on jigs with as much as 3/8 oz. Heavy heads.

They can also be attached to a spinner for lesser depths. Rig them with their curly tail opposite to the hook bend, so you won’t end up twisting the line. Their swimming action can be irresistible if used at a slow and steady pace. They come in six different colors including basic colors like white and black.

Trout seem to love the white and yellow colors. With its price for the count, in different colors and sizes, these are a great value, especially coming from the original manufacturer of soft plastic curly tails.


  • Versatile
  • Great action
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap


  • It hardens after few uses.

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Reliable 908 Bunker Spoon Reliable 908 Bunker Spoon

Price: Approximately $40

Weight: 14 oz. pack

Dimensions: 8 inches

Specific features: Spoon lure, stainless steel, adjustable keel, treble hook, neon green finish

Best use: Perfect for striped bass and bluefish

The Reliable 908 Bunker Spoon is a sturdy stainless steel spoon lure that works great when trolling for bass and bluefish. You can catch big bass when you troll with this around structures like rock bottoms and holes.

It comes with an adjustable keel weight which can be moved forward if you want to troll faster. The major downside to this lure is that it sinks real quickly, this makes it not suitable for shallow rivers. The instant you cast the lure, you will need to start reeling if not the lure will be buried in the log

It has been modified with reflective tape and glittery nail paint by many. It also comes with a treble hook, unlike most other spoons. It has been finished to beautiful neon green. This spoon lure is also available in white and chrome. You can also get the 12” version.


  • Versatile
  • Great action
  • Basic and straightforward to use
  • Suitable for saltwater


  • It can rust quickly if not properly washed after use

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Check the price on Amazon

Sea Striker 890 Cedar Plug Sea Striker 890 Cedar Plug

Price: Approximately $13

Weight: 5.6 oz. pack

Dimensions: 4, 6 and 8 inches

Specific features: Plug lure, natural cedar or painted colors, rigged with plastic thimble, 8’ leader, and a quality 3412 Mustad Hook – 8/0 for 4”, 10/0 for 6”, and 11/0 for 8”; 100lb test mono for 4” and 150lb for the other two sizes

Best use: Ideal for tuna fish and all game fish like salmon, trout, etc.

The Sea Striker 890 Cedar Plug is made of natural cedar and is available in other painted colors and patterns. The standard plug lure for the East Coast is getting popular all around the world. Unlike most others, this lure comes with a high-quality hook attached to it.

Fully rigged, it can be used with great success to catch tuna fish and game fish. It also arrives in an unrigged version too. The Striker 890 Cedar Plug trout lure is great for all game fish and also work well in all water. The lure is available in different length

It also comes in a different version specifically designed for West Coast fishing which has a shorter leader to facilitate casting. It is also capable of carrying single or treble hook. The drawback of the lure is that it is not adjustable and if not correctly set; the lure will keep spinning without catching any fish.


  • Suitable for deep water
  • Good quality hook
  • It is capable of carrying single or treble hooks on a single lure.


  • Not the best trout lure

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Original Eppinger Dardevle Spoon Original Eppinger Dardevle Spoon

Price: Approximately $8

Weight: 0.8 oz. pack

Specific features: Spoon lure, red/white color, silver/chrome back, three sizes

Best use: Perfect for game fish like salmon, trout, bass, pike, etc.

The Original Eppinger Dardevle Spoon is the original spoon lure that has been around for ages, and many swear by its performance. It has proved itself to be the standard for all other spoon lures. It has a unique wobbly action that is bound to attract game fish like trout, pike, bass, and walleye.

The action in the original daredevle spoon stands above all other imitations and maintains its wiggle whether it is cast or trolled. Customers have been using this for generations and are pleased by a successful catch every time they use this.

It also comes with an attached treble hook. Use a steel leader to keep its action intact. You can choose from its several colors and sizes. The only drawback some customers have seen is that the paint on it fades with use. For such a remarkable action and performance, this spoon lure price ranges are indeed attractive.


  • Easy To Handle
  • Irresistible to Fish
  • Strong
  • Good for different Fish


  • Lost in weed rock

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Creek Chub Pikie Jointed Lure Creek Chub Pikie Jointed Lure

Price: Approximately $7

Weight: 2.4 oz. pack

Dimensions: 6 inches

Specific features: Crankbait, plastic polymer body, jointed, 4 -7ft. Casting depth, 11 ft. Trolling depth, pinkie color

Best use: Good for pike, especially since you can replace the hooks and eye screws.

The Creek Chub Pikie Jointed Lure is, unfortunately, not as good as it previously was. It is not wooden as advertised but of plastic. It does a good job in catching pike and other fish. However, the hooks attached to it are not of sound quality. Replace them with high-quality Mustad hooks or Eagle claws.

Also, replace the eye screws with longer ones and repair the joints to make them stronger. Once repaired, you will have a very functional lure which will give a successful catch, perhaps good enough to live up to its popularity since the yester years.

It gets the job done and it is still beautiful, the lure is huge for those who like it big, and work slow and retrievable over sunken weed. You’d be the proud owner of one of these age-old lures. These come in different colors like red/white and silver flash.


  • Cheap
  • Good for Pike
  • Effective


  • Attached hook is of inferior quality

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Rapala X-Rap XR10 Rapala X-Rap XR10

Price: Approximately $10

Weight: 0.4375 oz.

Dimensions: 4 inches

Specific features: Jerkbait, 3 – 8 ft. running depth, slashbait technique, classic Rapala action

Best use: High-quality lure that can provide a successful fishing performance almost every time you use it and can catch bass, trout and many other varieties of fish.

The Rapala X-Rap XR10 is a top rated jerkbait that lives up to its name and performs extremely well. It is well-made and durable. It is painted to imitate real fish very well, and it lasts too, making it look as new even after years of use.

Rapala X-Rap is famous for its incredible action using Slashbait technique or a classic Rapala action. Direct it to have an aggressive movement to attract active fish or a smooth wobble when you are tired. It has quality sharp hooks attached which are durable too.

Customers have successfully caught pike, walleye, bass, and trout among the many varieties of fish this lure can catch. It gives a fantastic performance in lakes, rivers, and streams, and has also been reported to work in salt water. You can see it in many colors and patterns like rainbow trout, gold, silver blue and olive green.


  • Good suspending lure
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Good for Pike
  • Effective


  • Slow speed

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Panther Martin Spinner Fishing Lure Panther Martin Spinner Fishing Lure

Price: Approximately $8

Weight:  1/8 oz.

Dimensions: 7 inches

Specific features: Spinner lures, blades; concave and convex, send sonic vibration

Best use: Salt water, fresh water, deep water, it can catch trout, bass, and other varieties of big fish.

The highly rated trout lure is designed as a shaft extending through the blade; this makes it a fast moving spinner. The blade spinner is very reliable and versatile that it works practically work in any water. You don’t need to worry about the deep divers because the blade is heavy-weighted making it able to go deep in the water.

The Panther Martin Spinner Fishing Lure has different blade types from convex to concave, all you have to do check them out and stick to the one that best suits you. And again you don’t have to worry about the fish getting away; the Panther comes with a three prong hook with the sharpest point that catches the fish till you let go.

Panther is a big game trout lure; they attract and catch big fish like Pollock, bass and other predators. They also have different styles and colors like silver/blue, black/green and so on depending on your preference.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for all water
  • Strong
  • Reliable


  • Tendency to roll over

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Next time you pack your tackle box for a day at fishing, make informed choices about which lures to include. If you are going to fish in saltwater and harsh conditions, you are right to invest in a heavy duty saltwater grade lure like the Bomber HD.

fishing lures on wooden boards

Dardevle spoons, curly tail lures, and a Rapala crankbait are some of the lures that are always good to have in your tackle box.

Before you leave on your next adventure, check out our piece on how to determine the best fishing times to get the biggest catch of fish.

Have great time fishing! And, don’t forget to let us know about the trout and bass you caught! Have you had success with any of the fishing lures we have reviewed here? Do you have any other favorites or tips to share for fellow fishing enthusiasts? Feel free to leave a comment!


Neal Walker

Neal Walker started fishing when he was 4. His father took him to the fishing trips all over USA and Canada. Later he took Angling Education Program at Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, but most of his knowledge comes from experience. Now he takes his sons with him to share his passion.