Best Winter Hats For Hiking: Keep Your Head Warm Every Step

Written by Rita Warfield

Winter is the season which makes our hiking trips unique by offering amazing scenery, fun sports and lots of activities to do with our family or friends. For this, we must know how to prepare for it adequately, otherwise, it can turn a pleasant trip into a nightmare.

One of the most important things we should look for is to choose the appropriate equipment, such as warm hiking boots, insulated clothes, and one of the best winter hats for hiking.

You cannot go on a trip in winter without a hat, as it is the piece of equipment which significantly reduces the overall heat loss, so it’s important to search for the top quality one to cover your head while you concentrate the rest of your body on the hike.

Many people underrate hats when planning a hiking trip in winter, but they should know that 10% of the body heat is lost from the head. It’s very important to protect ourselves, especially if we plan a trip in extremely cold, remote areas so take your time and choose the warmest winter hat.

Product NameMaterialSizeLiningPrice
Icebreaker Pocket 200Merino WoolOne sizeMerino liningCheck price on Amazon
Fsz Winter Sport BeanieAcrylic / WoolOne sizeFleece liningCheck price on Amazon
Home Prefer Winter SkullPolar Fleece21.65 - 23.23 inchesFleece liningCheck price on Amazon
Spikerking Men's Winter Knitting WoolAcrylicOne sizeFleece liningCheck price on Amazon
Connectyle Daily Warm WinterAcrylic / Polyester21.5 - 23.5 inchesPolyester liningCheck price on Amazon
Longboard OutdoorsAcrylicOne sizeAcrylic liningCheck price on Amazon
Under Armour UA ColdGear InfraredPolyesterOne sizeFleece liningCheck price on Amazon
Siggi Wool Winter Baseball VisorWool/Polyester/FurM: 22.4 - 23.2 inches
L: 23.2 - 24 inches
Polyester liningCheck price on Amazon
Under Armour Storm ColdGear InfraredPolyesterOne sizeFleece llningCheck price on Amazon

What Should I Look For When Buying A Winter Hat?

You can’t treat this matter with cold, especially since that’s the exact thing you want to avoid. So, before covering your head, you should better have some info inside it regarding the features you must consider before buying.


It is necessary for the material to be quick-drying, breathable and moisture-wicking, apart from offering great insulation, which is the most important detail when choosing a material. Usually, winter hats are made of high-performance synthetic materials such as polyester fleece or natural materials.

Microfleece is a well-known synthetic material which is soft, napped and it resembles wool. It is also softer and easy to wash, and it has various weights, depending on the level of warmness you desire. It has great absorption properties which will keep your head dry even if you begin to sweat or if it’s snowing.

man winter hiking wearing a hat

Merino wool is a natural material and it’s very popular for its insulation capabilities and it also stays warm when it’s wet, a quality you can’t find in synthetic fabrics.

It is one of the softest wool type material available and it offers you the capability to control your body temperature. You won’t overheat nor experience sudden cold chills because the warmth it provides is just perfect.

Wool winter hats can be found as knitted or woven, being very durable and able to extend more and more when getting wet. It has great natural moisture-wicking properties which will maintain your head dry in wet or cold climate conditions.

Acrylic hats are a substitute for the wool types as they are very soft and very elastic. Additionally, they are lightweight, stain resistant and they keep their shape.

man and woman hiking wearing winter hats

Blended fibers are a mix between wool and acrylic, and because of the materials’ warmth properties, this combination improves insulation and increases fiber stability. It is lightweight and versatile as the acrylic types and has wicking abilities and extra warmth as the wool types.


On a hiking trip, you wear your hat very often, such as for several days, and you have no means of washing it, so it’s a good thing if your hat has good antimicrobial protection. Merino wool is naturally an antimicrobial type of material and other materials such as synthetic fabrics need to be treated to prevent odor-causing bacteria from appearing.


As you probably already know, the winter hat you are going to use for your hiking trip will be on your head most of the time, so it’s important for it to be comfortable.

smiling woman with hat and sunglasses on the snow

For example, if you are going hiking for 4 or more days you want your hat to blend with your head, otherwise, the trip might be harder and unpleasant. Search for a hat that is not too tight and not too large, and most importantly, a hat which makes you feel great when you’re wearing it.


None of us want holes or ruptures in our hiking hats so that’s why our choice must be of good quality. Wool is a great material when it comes to durability, as wool hats retain their shape when putting pressure on them, the material can’t be easily ruptured and they offer great elasticity, especially if they get wet.


Hiking in winter requires more effort, so naturally, you are going to sweat a lot, so it’s important to pick a winter hat that has great absorption properties, such as the microfleece hats.

Also, this will come to your aid even if it’s snowing, so a good breathable, warm hat can be your ideal choice.

UV Light Protection

Even if it’s winter, do not underestimate the Sun, as we’re still exposed to UV light especially if we travel for a longer period of time. To avoid skin infections, look for a hat that has UV protection, the higher the protection rate is, the better.

Top Winter Hats For Your Hiking Trip

You’re all set with the knowledge about winter hats features you must look at before heading out with one in your trip. How about a list of reviews for the best ones you can put on?

Icebreaker Pocket 200 Hat

Icebreaker Pocket 200 Hat

Price: Approximately $27

Size: One size

Material: Merino wool

Color: Black, cargo

Best use: Mild cold conditions and short trips

The Icebreaker Pocket 200 Hat has double layer material, and despite that, it’s thinner than you would normally expect, it’s reversible and  designed to control your body temperature through its lightweight construction.

Additionally, it has great absorption properties as it can absorb your sweat effectively and when not worn, its size and weight make it easy to transport, even into your pockets.

Moreover, the hat has a slim fit offering you great comfort, it’s not itchy like other products when worn for a longer period of time and it stretches pretty well, it’s easy to wash and can be used under a soft shell like a ski helmet.

It’s not recommended to use this hat in extremely cold conditions, but in mild cold and short trips instead. The hat has a huge brand tag sewed on it which can disturb the user’s eyes, and if removed, it may destroy the fabric

It’s very easy to lose because of its compact folding and lightweight and it doesn’t perform well in very low-temperature conditions.


  • Double layered
  • Thin
  • Absorbing properties
  • Comfortable with no itching appearing
  • Easy to wash and use with a helmet


  • Not suited for very low temperatures
  • Non-removable brand tag which may be an inconvenient
  • Easy to lose because of the size

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Check the price on Amazon

Fsz Winter Hat Sport Beanie

Fsz Men's Winter Hat Sport Beanie

Price: Approximately $9

Size: One size

Material: Soft acrylic blend/wool blend

Color: Black, brown, khaki, red, gray

Best use: Extreme cold conditions

The Fsz Winter Hat Sport Beanie has soft velour lining inside to offer you extra warmth and has faux fur too, also offering you a fashion forward look. The beanie is stretchable for all sizes and excels in comfort, due to its soft acrylic yam and cotton blend.

It needs to be gentle washed and when used  for longer periods of time, it doesn’t give the user a tingling, itching sensation.

Furthermore, it can be used into temperatures like -10 or -20 degrees as it covers and keeps the head and ears completely warm.

The inner liner slides a lot causing the fur to come out, so the hat is not so durable over long periods of time and you have to be gentle with it. It is pretty tight, and it stretches only after a few uses, this being annoying as it is a bulky, slouchy hat.


  • Thick with extra lining
  • No itching sensations
  • Soft comfort


  • Short lifetime span
  • Tight until broken in

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Home Prefer Winter Skull Cap

Roll over image to zoom in Home Prefer Home Prefer Winter Warm Skull Hat

Price: Approximately $29

Size: 21.65 – 23.23 inches

Material: Polar fleece

Color: Brown, red, purple, beige, black, gray, green, orange

Best use: For most winter activities

The Home Prefer Winter Skull Cap is made from polar fleece, this hat offers great warmth and it’s lightweight, making it greatly portable. It features an elastic band behind the cap that makes it perfectly fitting for the head size and also has a unique trait.

You can flip the flaps up and down to cover your ears if you’re doing outdoor sports or if you are hiking in cold winds, and also, you can combine the visor with some goggles and you’ll be completely protected from incoming snow or strong wind.

Moreover, it has a sweatband that absorbs all the sweat even after it’s being worn for many hours, and it absorbs snow or rain very effectively too. It fits perfectly into a backpack as it is lightweight, it compacts itself into small places.

On the back of the hat, there is a hole for ponytails which is greatly advantageous for women but for some, it’s a hole that lets cold air inside, It can be easily sewed as the material is durable and there will be no visual difference after being closed.

The product is made of a good quality material which protects the user along the visor which can prevent sunlight or storms from causing any vision trouble. The soft material keeps your head warm and dry, no matter in what conditions you are hiking.

It does not keep the ears warm in extreme cold temperatures as the flaps are not long enough to cover the ears entirely, and they constantly slide up.

After many uses, it stretches too much and becomes sloppy, easy for the wind to blow it off so because it is not lined, it lacks durability. It comes with an awful chemical smell which you can get rid off after washing it multiple times.


  • Lightweight
  • Ear flaps and visor
  • Hole for ponytails


  • Poor design
  • Extremely stretchable
  • Gruesome chemical smell

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Check the price on Amazon

Spikerking Mens Winter Knitting Wool

Spikerking Mens Winter Knitting Wool

Price: Approximately $20

Size: One size

Material: Soft spun acrylic

Color: Black, grey, red, blue, brown

Best use: Extreme cold conditions, storms

The Spikerking Mens Winter Knitting Wool hat can be used in chilly winds and snowstorms as it protects the user, covering the ears and the back of the head completely.  It also features solid fleece liner and thick knit weave inside which doesn’t allow cold winds to penetrate and keeps your head warm and comfy.

Moreover, it is thick, soft and can be machine washed without any problems. It stretches pretty well, even for people who have long big hair, preserving its comfort and softness and it does not slouch on your head.

It absorbs sweat and snow very effectively and it remains warm even if you take it off for a longer period of time.

Due to its large interior, people with less hair might have a “tent” feeling over their head, at this point the hat becoming bulky and uncomfortable. On the other hand, the headband is very tight because of a large amount of spandex used in it and may cause headaches when worn for a long time.

It has no quality control, as some hats might be damaged when delivered. The damage consists of ruptures, holes, and seam coming apart which can be fixed or not. Also, if damaged, washing becomes a problem for the hat, as it will come apart for good.


  • Extra liner and great thickness
  • Absorption properties
  • Best fit for people with long hair


  • Tight headband
  • Bad shipment

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Check the price on Amazon

Connectyle Daily Warm Winter

Connectyle Daily Warm Winter

Price: Approximatively $20

Size: 21.5 – 23.5 inches

Material: Acrylic

Color: Black, grey, blue

Best use: Extreme cold temperatures, storms

The Connectyle Daily Warm Winter hat is beautifully made with fleece lining, it’s heavy but comfortable and it offers a vacuum-like sensation when put on the head. This assures that the user gets all the warmth and comfortableness needed.

It is strong and warm enough for chilly winds and storms as it doesn’t allow the wind to get through, nor snow, because of the good quality and great absorption properties of the acrylic material.

It fits snugly and it doesn’t feel bulky, so you won’t feel it pressing on your head, even if worn for several hours. Due to the lack of sizes, this hat might not fit anyone. If you absolutely want to buy this, expect it to be too large or too small, or to fit perfectly, if you are lucky.


  • Great sensation when worn
  • Absorption properties
  • Thick and impenetrable


  • Not many sizes
  • Low durability

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Longboard Outdoors Beanie

The Longboard Outdoors Beanie

Price: Approximatively $6

Size: One size

Material: Acrylic

Color: Black

Best use: Mild winter temperatures

The Longboard Outdoors Beanie hat provides decent warmth, it’s comfortable for daily use and it’s thick enough to prevent the wind from penetrating through. Additionally, it is odor free and can be easily washed without damaging the fabric.

The hat features an incorporated LED system which saves you from carrying and using a flashlight, as you don’t have to hold it into your hand or use a strapped flashlight which is uncomfortable and adds more weight. The light is very easy to turn on and off by a switch which is located under the brim of the hat and it’s very bright. Batteries for the LEDs are also included and hold out for 24h if continuously used.

It is very lightweight, perfect for hiking or jogging in the winter, and the lights do not add any weight. Moreover, it has great absorption properties, so you can forget about sweating. Also, the LED system does not add any heat to your head, perfect if you look for warmth and good visibility.

The battery compartment door is not easy to open, and the wires from the lights are very sensible. Also, after some time, you might have to mess with the wires to make the lights work again as they are not very durable, or you’ll have to replace the switch because it can easily get broken.

Although it is thick and made from acrylic, it cannot be used into storms or violent cold weather.


  • Lightweight
  • Impenetrable and odor free
  • LED system


  • Poor quality LED wiring
  • Low durability and protection

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Check the price on Amazon

Under Armour UA ColdGear Infrared

Under Armour UA ColdGear Infrared

Price: $20 to $50

Size: One size

Material: Fleece, polyester

Color: Black, gray, red, blue, brown

Best use: Most winter activities

The Under Armour UA ColdGear Infrared is a small profile hat that performs extraordinarily in cold temperatures and snowfalls as it keeps your head warm. Additionally, the hat can protect you from violent winds due to its good quality material and it’s also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about it soaking with snow.

Moreover, it fits on the head perfectly and it stretches decently, it doesn’t move and it’s lightweight, so you won’t feel it on your head even after a couple of hours of use. What’s more, it dries so fast that you won’t even notice you’re sweating, it’s odor free and you won’t have any problems with washing it.

It can be worn under a hard hat or a helmet, keeping its comfort level to the max, it’s very easy to fold and doesn’t take very much space. Also, it doesn’t irritate the skin or provoke itches no matter how much time you wear it for.

Not recommended for people with a larger head, because even if it stretches it will feel tight and may cause headaches if often used, this being resulted by the lack of an elastic band. Also, not for people who have big hair or hair buns, as there is insufficient space for the head.

It cannot be used in extremely low temperatures due to its thinness build.


  • Lightweight
  • No itches or irritations
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Usable under a helmet


  • Best size for people with small heads
  • No elastic band
  • Thin

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Check the price on Amazon

Siggi Wool Winter Baseball Visor

Siggi Mens Thick Wool Winter

Price: $10 to $15

Size: Medium – 22.4 – 23.2 inches, large – 23.2 – 24 inches

Material: Wool, polyester, fur, acrylic

Color: Black, gray, blue

Best use: Most winter activities

The Siggi Wool Winter Baseball Visor is a well-made hat as it is neatly put together with quality materials. The fabric is fifty-fifty made from wool and polyester, the lining is made entirely from polyester and the fur is 80% acrylic and 20% polyester.

The black wool part of the hat is very thick and  sturdy, while the fur part is extremely soft. Also, the buttons which hold the flap up are well sewn into the fabric.

It features an earflap which provides protection to your face and ears more than other products, and you can flip it up and down depending on the weather you encounter on your hiking trip.

It holds its shape well and it doesn’t stay loose on your head. The visor is very firm and keeps the sunlight from causing you trouble.

The large size might be too big and the medium size might be too small for your head, and it cannot be adjusted, so if you think your head is medium sized, get the large one. Also, it’s pretty tight and might feel uncomfortable after several hours of use.

It is not usable in extremely powerful winds or very cold temperatures as it is made from faux fur, not the real thing, and also because the earflaps cannot protect your ears entirely from cold.


  • Well-made
  • Thick
  • Ear flaps
  • Durable


  • Sizes non-adjustable
  • Low protection

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Under Armour Storm ColdGear Infrared

Under Armour Storm ColdGear Infrared

Price: $14 to $30

Size: One size

Material: Polyester

Color: Black, brown, gray, blue, red, green

Best use: Extreme cold temperatures, storms

The Under Armour Storm ColdGear Infrared beanie has infrared technology which preserves your body heat and offers great warmth to your head, featuring a thermo-conductive inner coating which is soft and comfortable. It is not bulky like other gear and fits perfectly around the head.

It features an elastic band which makes the hat very stretchable and also it does not get tight, so you can wear it without any pressure. Additionally, the hat is lightweight, soft and can be compactly folded, fitting perfectly in almost every kind of pocket.

Good for protection against the wind, snow and even rain because it is not only windproof but waterproof too. Also, it is extremely breathable as it absorbs sweat pretty well that you won’t even notice it.

This hat cannot be used in extremely cold conditions as it doesn’t offer full protection to the back of the head and the lower part of your ears.

The material is very thin but excessive on top, so not exactly where it is supposed to be to protect you from the cold. Also, this makes it very slouchy, giving you a weird feel. Moreover, the quality of the material is pretty bad, so this hat isn’t very durable.


  • Modern technologized
  • Elastic band
  • Inner coating
  • Lightweight, easy to fold
  • Waterproof, windproof


  • Bad quality material
  • Insufficient protection
  • Not well-made

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So Which Hat Is The Best For Hiking In The Winter?

There is no such thing as a perfect hat on the market yet, but there are some few winter hats which really prove to be great quality and extremely useful for the freezing temperatures, offering good insulation, comfortableness and maybe a stylish look.

winter hiking

Think about which winter hat to choose when you are planning your hiking trip because it is essential to have one that at least keeps you warm, and at one point it can save your life.

Do not underestimate the cold, and always take into consideration the fact that you could get lost, especially in windy weather. To sum all up, get yourself a nice and cozy beanie or a cap with fur and wear it a couple of times before going on a trip to make sure it is the best winter hat for you.


Rita Warfield

Fully passionate about the outdoors and totally committed to a life of exploration and learning, Rita is the perfect guide when it comes to choosing the right gear for your adventures. She gathered years of practical experience in testing her survival skills and knowledge in a wide range of difficult situations but she is also a passionate mountain climber. Even more, Rita loves hunting, she knows her way around a weapon, and she doesn’t back off in a difficult situation.