Bushcraft Stove Review: The Well-Designed Wood-Burning Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove

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Written by Dennis Owens

A resourceful outdoor cooking system is one that does more than just boil water; it offers you sufficient energy for cooking food and preparing hot beverages for the cold. There are many cooking systems available in the market; the only difficult part is choosing the most useful model.

We have simplified your work by picking out an ideal model that we believe will meet your outdoor requirements. Our preferred choice that we will discuss lengthily in this Bushcraft stove review is the Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove.

You can easily be overwhelmed by the long list of Bushcraft stoves, but the Emberlit stove will certainly make the top of your list. This wood burning cooking system is capable of efficient wood burning while producing sufficient energy with little to no smoke.

Product specifications

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  • Collapses and folds completely flat for easy packing and backpacking.
  • Vent holes provide a continuous supply of air to help with wood, gasses, and smoke combustion
  • The feed plate is fixed with a wide door for fueling and refueling of the stove.
  • They provide firm support for a smaller cooking pot.
  • Also, they provide additional strength to the design, making it more compact and rugged.

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The best buyer has the perfect size for backpacking, has an ergonomic and durable design, produces efficient heat energy for boiling and cooking, and produces less smoke. You can purchase the Emberlit stove with boldness; after all it comes with a lifetime warranty.

You don’t have to prolong your search any longer; the information provided herein should be enough to make a profound purchasing decision. The list of product reviews provides you with valuable comparisons between Emberlit stove and its competitors/ similar products.


The Emberlit stove is one of the most nifty cook sets on the market, but you may be hesitant to make a purchase if you don’t know what it can offer. Therefore, we have assembled the following Emberlit stove specifications to help you understand and appreciate its resourcefulness.


Made out of lightweight stainless steel and 1000d ultra-light Cordura, the Emberlit weighs 11.36 ounces and measures 6 by 5.5 by 4. It is remarkably compact and you will be surprised by how flat it folds, a feature that makes packaging easy. The cook set comes in a fine, recyclable package along with assembly information published visibly on the front. You will remove the cooking system from its envelope before you can assemble and put it to good use.

The uncomplicatedness of the design simply means that you can collapse the stove in a matter of moments, and repack it in the envelope for easy backpacking. Even though you will have to do a little wiping before you can repackage.

Design and Durability

The very first thing that you will like about the cook set is the construction. You are presented with five metallic parts with crossbars right out of the box; in addition, the packaging envelope has assembly instructions imprinted on the front.

The design comprises of three matching walls, one unique wall with a door opening, and a base plate. All the four walls and the base plate hook together to form the complete Cookset, but you will need the assistance of the available instructions.

The next ingenious parts of the construction are the crossbar pot adapters.Apart from forming the much needed pot stand for the stove, the crossbars add strength to the design that support a heavier pot depending on what you are boiling or cooking.

Like most wood burning stoves, the Emberlit is also fitted with ventilation holes, which are all located at the bottom. The vent holes draw in air to help with the combustion of the fuel and gasification of gases and smoke to produce efficient heat energy.

In addition to the crossbars and vent holes, the design is also incorporated with a sizeable hole for fueling the stove. The last part of the construction that does really impress is the base support; it allows you to strategically position the stove without burning the surface below.

Ease of Assembly

You don’t need to be an expert to be able to set up the stove because the entire assembly process is pretty straightforward. Make sure that you read and understand the instructions so as to avoid problems when assembling the stove.

Start the assembly process by hooking the identical panels together one side at a time; they should fit perfectly into each other. Then take the base plate and place it into position, ensuring that each of the three slots fit accordingly. It is important you install the feed panel after the three side panels and the base plate are connected because it doesn’t have a slot. So, you will have to hook the feed panel starting from the left, then tweak the stove and fit the right part.

emberlit stove upclose

The last part of the setup that may not be necessary for every occasion is the installation of the crossbar adapters. They come in handy when using a smaller pot, anything that measures less than three inches, not to mention that the crossbars make the stove more rigid.

It takes a few minutes for first timers, but it should take you approximately less than a couple of minutes to assemble after a number of uses. This is one of the most rewarding features of the Emberlit Cookset – ease of assembly.

Very Compact and Rugged

A compact design is extremely important when searching for a wood burning stove and the Emberlit stainless steel stove offers you exactly that.The design is made of high quality 304 stainless steel material, which is extraordinarily strong and resistant to corrosion.

Type 304-stainless-steel is suitable for use with wood because it is very capable of retaining heat, ensuring that there is minimal heat loss through the panels. Furthermore, the stainless steel material is easy to clean; you just have to wipe the soot.

cooking on emberlit stove

The complete unit is very compact simply because each and every part is engineered to fit into the other effectively. The two crossbars play a big role in the ruggedness of the construction since they add strength to the unit in addition to supporting smaller pots.

Efficiency and Performance

Another good feature is the use of wood (mostly freely given by nature), which can help you cut down on fuel cost. Unlike gas canisters that might need refueling or replacement before your long-distance trip is over, brushwood and twigs are just within your reach.

You can fuel your Emberlit stove any dry wood from twigs, brushwood, and branches as long as they can go through the feed door. Basically, you have not only cut on cost, but also on weight, a feature that any light backpacker admires.

preparing to start a fire emberlit stove

Starting a fire is easy; all you need are a few dry twigs, dry grass and a something to start the fire with. Feed the twigs through the door, then place some dry grass and use a lighter or a fire starter and a striker to start a fire.

The burning flame is candle-like, ensuring that all the efficient energy hits the surface of your pot for better boil and cook times. The vent holes supply the stove with enough air for maximum combustion of gasses and smoke, thus producing less smoke and more heat energy.

Burning flame

The stove makes a resourceful and reliable cooking system for Bushcraft, backpacking, and emergency situations. Although it takes longer to boil water (approx. 10 minutes, the Emberlit might be a good choice for those who don’t want to spend money on fuel.

The only time the stove may prove to be inefficient is during therainy season and under wet or extremely windy conditions. This is the time when you cannot find dry twigs or branches, and excess wind will definitely interfere with the stability of the burning flame.

Value for Money and Guarantee

Exquisite construction meets remarkable performance in the Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove at approx. $40 saving you approx. $20. This wood burning stove has a solid assembly, which is great because it offers you invaluable performance irrespective of the few hitches that you might encounter in the field.

brewing coffee on emberlit stove

There are no “ifs and buts” as far as the Emberlit stove’s warranty is concerned because the manufacturer paid great attention to detail. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the design, but it surely does not cover its efficiency and performance.

Main Competitors

Outdoor Stove Bushbox XL

Outdoor Stove Bushbox XL

The Outdoor Stove Bushbox XL is the favorite choice for most outdoorsmen, including bushcrafters, campers and hikers because of its rugged construction and performance.

It is a particularly efficient multi-fuel cooking system for barbecue, heating, cooking, and boiling.

It is an extraordinary backpacking stove that folds into a one-centimeter thick pack for easy storage. Its collapsed weight and measurement make it a more preferred wood burning cooking stove for longer outdoor expeditions.

The Outdoor Stove Bushbox XL certainly a heavy wood burning stove, but a well-designed model that offers the much-needed cooking and boiling energy for prolonged winter hiking and camping expeditions. Packaging is a bit challenging because the Cookset juts out of the storage case.

The difficulty you will encounter when packing the stove is a design flaw that can be overlooked. An ideal solution to this particular problem is to purchase a more spacious stuff sack that can sufficiently accommodate the stove without any overhangs.

There are noticeable design differences between the Emberlit stove and the Outdoor Stove Bushbox XL. The major ones being the size and weight; the Bushbox XL is heavier and a bit larger, thus not convenient for ultra-light backpackers.

Insofar as versatility is concerned, the Bushbox XL is the desired model because of more reasons than one. You can use it as a wood burning stove or you can use it as a bracket for an alcohol cooking system, such as the Trangia burner.

KampMATE WoodFlame Stove

KampMATE WoodFlame Stove

The KampMATE WoodFlame Stove is the primary choice for backpacking, Bushcraft, hiking, and camping because it is lightweight, well-engineered and inexpensive. Its performance may exceed your expectations.

This uniquely made wood burning stove by kampMATE is the ideal substitute when you want to switch to a moderately heavy stove when you cannot backpack a heavier model.

It is certainly not as light as the Emberlit stove, but just convenient for its firepower.

You will appreciate the resourcefulness of this stove system if you have less tolerance for heavy wood burning stoves. However, this particular model by kampMATE is 30% larger and definitely heavier when compared to the Emberlit stove.

In comparison with the Emberlit, the kampMATE design is objectively heavier and bigger since the plates are obviously thicker. You should consider buying the WoodFlame stove if you are after a model that is slightly loftier than the Emberlit.

The designs of the kampMATE and the Emberlit stoves are almost identical with only a few minor differences. The vent holes are much bigger and less in number and the base plate is also fitted with vent holes and a wide opening.

What makes the kampMATE stove more efficient when burning wood is the improved air ventilation system, which produces hotter cooking temperatures. It can be your stove of choice instead of the Emberlit if you do not mind the size and weight.

Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove

Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove

The Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove  the lightest every day carry cooking system for ultra-light backpacking, bushcraft, hiking and camping. This Germany-made, stainless steel stove produces enough cooking energy for one.

Weighing in at only 75 grams and measuring 0.55 by 4.72 by 6.69 inches, this micro cooking system is the favorite EDC box.

It is quite remarkable how good the engineering is and how compact and effective the system is in the open field.

It is the ultralight EDC wood burning stove that burns more than one fuel, including wood and organic matter. For the budget conscious light backpackers, this stove comes in at approx. $30 and free shipping for orders over $35.

You will be disappointed by your purchasing decision if you had initially spent a sizeable amount of money on a sophisticated canister stove. It will make you wonder why you spent so much money yet you could have just snatched the economical Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove.

The variances between the Emberlit and the Outdoor Pocket Micro Stoves are clearly visible. The latter stove is much smaller and compact but has a less efficient ventilation system that has a great impact on the boiling times.

If better boiling and cooking times is what you are after, then you should go for the Emberlit stainless steel stove. This is so since the Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove produces less hot cooking temperatures that will not be sufficient when cooking for two.


The Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove makes a great bushcraft, backpacking, hiking, and camping cooking system. It is one of the lightest yet efficient wood burning stoves with a well-engineered design that completely folds flat for easy packaging and storage.

The construction involves few parts, including three identical plates, a feed plate, a base plate and two crossbars pot adapters. The individual parts are easy to assemble; it will only take you a few minutes to complete the assembly.

Cooking pot on stove

The presence of an effective ventilation system and feed door provide enough air for complete combustion of wood, gasses and smoke. This ensures that the stove burns hotter temperatures and produces less smoke.

The completely assembled stove is highly compact, but the individual panels are susceptible to warping due to overheating. This makes assembling difficult over time because the plates/panels bend out of shape and may require you to use force and a lot of tweaking.


  • The stove completely folds flat, allowing you to repackage it in the Cordura sleeve for easy backpacking.
  • It has a compact and rugged design which is highly durable, efficient and supports smaller cooking pots.
  • It is a multi-fuel cooking system that allows you to use biomass (sticks, dried dung, bark, twigs or branches), Esbit cubes, or as a bracket for a small alcohol burner.
  • The design has a well-constructed ventilation system that ensures there is acontinuous flow of air for complete combustion of wood, gasses and smoke.


  • The stove’s panels are vulnerable to warping; they tend to bend out of shape over time, making the assembling process difficult.
  • The base is not insulated; therefore, you have to be extremely careful where you place the stove when boiling or cooking

Over the course of this detailed Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove review, it is evident that its simplicity, ruggedness, versatility and durability make it worth the money. You can surely overlook the minor design flaws.

Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Very Compact and Rugged
  • Efficiency and Performance
  • Value for Money and Guarantee


The Emberlit stove is the preferred choice for the outdoor fanatic because it is a must have cooking system designed to meet your needs.
Apart from the few challenges that you might experience during subsequent assembling of the parts, the stove’s resourcefulness, simplicity and efficiency are remarkable.

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