Camping Gear Gift Ideas: Best 9 Ideas for Any Age

Buying gifts for people can be pretty challenging. Especially when you’re trying to buy gifts for a nature lover. What do you buy someone whose main interests are mountains and hiking? How do you know which are the best camping gear gift ideas to chose from?

Well, you don’t have to feel lost anymore. We’ve compiled some of our favorite gift ideas for camping and brought them together for you.

Camping gift

From budget options to high-quality tents, sleeping bags, and even some hiking boots, this list brings together quality, price, and range so you’re guaranteed to find a great gift idea available on amazon.

Important Features

There are a three main features to consider when shopping for camping gifts: durability, weight, and cost. Whether you’re shopping for a solo backpacker or a whole family, all three of these categories apply.


It’s important because having solid camping gear that will last years is a lifesaver. No one likes the thought of restocking on camping gear every year. Sometimes, even if it is a bit more expensive, a product is worth the extra money if it means it will have a longer lifetime.


It’s an important consideration, especially for backwoods campers and ultralight backpackers.

Shopping for camping gifts

If you’re shopping for someone about to set off on the Appalachian Trail, they will appreciate having the lightest products available. Even backyard campers and RV enthusiasts like lightweight products. No one wants to lug a 10 pound table around their campsite when there is a 5 pound table available.

And of course, it’s hard to ignore the issue of cost. Camping gear can be expensive. And while no one wants cheap gear that falls apart after a few uses, everyone loves a bargain. We’ve gone the extra mile and found some bargain options for you that don’t skimp on quality.

Whether you’re looking for low cost, light weight products for a backpacker, or want to give a gift to some new parents who love camping, we’ve got a great list of camping gear gift ideas for you to check out.

Now for The Best 9 Gift Ideas

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

Weight: 47 Pound

Dimensions: 19.13 x 13.5 x 33.75 inches

Specific features: This item includes a swap top interchangeable cooktop, giving you more options for your outdoor cooking. Cooktop options include a griddle, stove grates, and a full-size griddle. However, some are sold separately.

The item also includes instastart ignition for ideal matchless fire starting, PerfectFlow technology to give you reliable performance even in unreliable conditions, a collapsible stand with wheels, sliding side tables, and easy to clean cast iron and porcelain coated surfaces.

Best use: Camping, RV trips, RV kitchens, tailgating, and backyard barbecues.

Description: First things first: Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE is an excellent grill, overall. There are a few minor issues, but if you’re looking for a backyard, portable grill on a budget, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option.

Beyond its reasonable price point, this grill is simple to set up and take apart. When it first arrives, it comes almost completely put together in the box. Once you get it out of the box, assembling it fully takes only 15 minutes. You just have to attach the wheels, handles, and regulator and you’re good to go. It is one of the easiest grills to set up, and taking it down afterward is just as simple.

Once you get the grill going, it is very important to make sure you adequately preheat it. This grill can be very hot, so preheat the grill on medium, keeping it open or closed, for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Effective preheating will help ensure you get an even cooking surface and the best possible flavor. One tip, consider lining the inside with aluminum foil. Not everyone likes to do this, but it can make clean up easier after you’ve finished grilling.

Now for the cooking. A big thing to remember about this grill is that it cooks very hot! When set to high, it has an output of 20,000 BTU, with dual burners. And the burners are only inches from the grilling surface because this is such a small grill. So be aware, if you are going to cook on high you are most likely going to burn your meat.

A more effective cooking style for this grill is to keep it set to medium and be prepared to always cook with the cover open.

Closed covered smoking is not really possible with this grill. Another possible downside to this grill is its grill surface, the area between the grills is closed, so you won’t be able to do any open flame grilling. But don’t let that deter you because this grill is so hot you can still get an excellent sear on your meat, even without the flame.

The last stage to consider is clean up. For the positive side, this grill is very simple to clean. The porcelain coated grills can be soaked in water, and the grease and residue wipe right off. For the downside, a lot of grease can accumulate on the grilling surface and inside the grill, so while it is easy to clean, it can take some time.

Overall, this grill is an excellent choice for a home grill, and especially for a camping or tailgating grill. It cooks well, is easy to transport and set up, and easy to clean. If you’re looking for a camping gift idea, this grill is a guaranteed winner.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Weight: .11 pound (56 grams)

Dimensions: 8.86×0.98×8.86 inches

Specific Features: This is a lightweight, portable water filter that removes a minimum of 99.999% of all waterborne bacteria, and 99.9% if waterborne protozoan parasites. The filter can handle up to 1000 liters of contaminated water in its lifetime.

Best Use: day hikes and long backpacking trips.

Description: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is one of the best water filters on the market whether you’re a casual day hiker or an ultralight backpacker. From its durability and low price to its size and capacity, this water filter is a keeper.

First, if you’re an ultralight backpacker, you’ve probably struggled with the clean water problem in the past. Some water filters, though effective, are heavy and take up tons of space in your pack. Not so with the LifeStraw. Weighing in at only 56 grams, this tiny straw adds so little weight to your pack and it fits almost anywhere.

This product is also really convenient. You can easily fill up your water bottle at any stream and use the LifeStraw as you’re walking. This also saves time on a hike, because you won’t need to spend 10 minutes pumping water through your filter. The LifeStraw beats out other lightweight water cleaning options, like the Steripen, because it doesn’t need electricity to work. You just pull the water through with your mouth.

There are only two minor downsides to the LifeStraw. One is that it can be difficult to get the water flowing, so be prepared to use a lot of suction. Secondly, because it doesn’t have a pump, you can’t use the LifeStraw to filter water for cooking.

Overall, this is an ideal solution for ultralight backpackers, or day hikers who don’t want to carry around a heavy filter. It cleans water from even the murkiest sources, doesn’t give you a chemical aftertaste, and can clean up to 1000 liters of water in its lifetime.

OxyLED Super Bright CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight

OxyLED Super Bright CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight

Weight: 14.1 ounces

Dimensions: 21 x 8.3 x 4.7 inches

Special Features: This handheld flashlight comes with three brightness levels, a strobe function, and an SOS function. The body is made of a durable aluminum alloy with an anti-abrasive coating, and is overall water resistant, built to work in heavy rains.

Best Use: Camping, home, really anywhere you need a flashlight!

Description: OxyLED Super Bright CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight Bundle is one of the best handheld flashlights on the market. Although it is not expensive as some of the other models, it is extremely bright, durable, and long lasting.

The five light settings work very well, exactly as advertised. And honestly, the brightest setting is so bright, you should be careful not to shine the light into someone else’s eyes!

The light is easy to set up and the battery charges fully in 3 hours, which is relatively quick, all things considered. The aluminum alloy material gives the flashlight an unexpected lightness, so you may even forget you are carrying it.

The only downside is that there are some reports of the lens falling off after some time. However, this may have just been a faulty flashlight. Overall, if you’re looking to surprise someone with the gift of an extremely bright flashlight, then this is the camping gear gift idea for you.

Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp

Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp

Weight: 0.05 pounds

Dimensions: 1.6 x 4.3 x 4.7 inches

Special Features: This headlamp includes two SinglePower LEDs to provide 30 lumens of lighting, coming in three modes: full strength, dimmed, and strobe. The head tilt in two directions, so the light works even if worn upside down. Light runs on two AAA batteries. Powers off automatically after 2 hours to avoid battery drain.

Best Use: Camping and Hiking

Description: Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp is a great choice for kids. The kid safe head means they won’t accidentally end up chewing on any loose parts or finding the batteries.

Unlike other cheap headlamp options, this headlamp runs off of AAA batteries, which makes it easier to change them when the batteries die. Other options often use watch batteries and those can be pretty inconvenient to change.

The lights on this headlamp are surprisingly bright. With only 2 LED lights in the lamp, the expectation is for the light to be not so bright, but the opposite is the case. This headlamp is bright enough to help kids see around the campsite at night, without being painful if it shines directly into your eyes.

Another excellent feature of this headlamp is the reflective feature of the lightbox. Basically, even if the lights are off, the lightbox will still reflect outside light, making it easy to find kids in the dark.

The only downside to this headlamp is changing the batteries. Because the headlamp is meant to be child safe, you need to use a very small, jeweler’s Phillips head screwdriver to change the batteries. So either change the batteries before a camping trip or include one of these special screwdrivers in your kit.

Overall, this light has a good level of brightness, it is safe for kids to use, compact, and only has a small downside of a difficult battery change. This is a great camping gear gift idea for kids or parents.

Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern, Coyote

Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern, Coyote

Weight: 1.9 pounds

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 7.2 inches

Special Features: This durable lantern features 4 white C4 LEDs and one red C4 LED that help maintain your night vision. The ergonomic handle locks in upright and stowed position. There are D-rings on the top and the bottom to help you hang the lantern in both an upright and an inverted position.

The lantern can run on low white light mode for 295 extra hours. The light ratings are high (340 lumens), medium (175 lumens), low (33 lumens), and red (10 lumens). The lantern also includes Red SOS flashing modes.

Best For: Camping and RV camping

Description: Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern, Coyote is a very durable lantern that is sturdily built and long lasting. The lantern feels like it may be virtually indestructible because of all the rubber used. On the Siege, almost all the solid surfaces are covered in rubber, so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally drop it during the camping trip.

The ergonomic handle is a really great feature, with a textured rubber coating that makes it comfortable for your hands and difficult to drop. The handle also locks into place, keeping it upright or stowed away, depending on your preference.

The best part of the construction of this lantern is the hook on the bottom, it is very well engineered and may never break. It is solid metal and easy to access, with a quality locking system to keep it in place.

The on/off button is slightly recessed, to help prevent you from accidentally turning it off. And this same switch has a color coded system to let you know how the battery is doing. When the batteries are close to full, the switch is green. Then it moves to orange for medium life, red for low life, and blinking red when it is close to time to switch the batteries.

Speaking of batteries, the lantern runs on 3 AA batteries, and they are fairly easy to change. You don’t need any tools, just twist the bottom of the lantern and insert the three batteries in, two batteries should be positive side down, on battery positive side up. A minor downside to this product could be that it might be difficult to change the batteries in the dark.

The lantern always turns on at s low level, even if you just turned it off from high. It doesn’t have a memory. Quickly hitting the switch will turn it up a level, so from low to medium, one tap, medium to high, one tap.

A long press will turn it from white light to red light. Once you are in red light, a short press will switch it from a steady red light to a blinking red. Long press again switches it back to white. Really intuitive.

In terms of overall lighting, the lantern is very satisfactory. It lights up a room well enough, and the diffuser works great! You get a good amount of light spreading to above and below the lantern level.

The only downside to this lantern could be its shorter runtime on high, it doesn’t last quite as long as similar lanterns from other makers.

But for the most part, this is a really great choice for a lantern. It is solidly built and should last for a long time, with different modes and great diffusion. If you’ve got a camper in your life who needs a new lantern, this is a solid gift idea.

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Camping Stoves

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Camping Stoves

Weight: 0.3 pounds

Dimensions: 2 x 2.4 x 4.4 inches

Special Features: Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves is made of an aluminum alloy and stainless steel combination, giving it a lightweight and high-temperature threshold. The design is compact and collapsible for easy storage and packing.

The design includes a valve to control the flame all the way down to a simmer, and the stove is compatible with any 7/16 single thread butane or butane-propane mix canisters.

Best Use: Ultralight backpacking and backwoods camping

Description: This stove is a great gift idea for campers or boy scouts in your life. It is a solid choice at a bargain price that will not disappoint, even over time.

The self-starting ignition on this stove is a really great feature that deserves some more attention. Especially if you are camping in the cold, it can be difficult to use a lighter or matches. The ignition on this stove just plain works, and it saves you time and energy.

The flame itself is very hot, and this stove can efficiently boil water in a short amount of time. The adjustable valve is a winner. The flame can be lowered to a simmer and more importantly, it stays at a simmer.

One small downside of the flame on this stove is that it provides a direct heat. This is great if you are trying to boil water, but can be a downside with other cooking styles. Really depends on what you like to cook when you are out on the trail.

One of the best aspects of this stove is its fuel efficiency. With this stove, you can expect to get about 6 to 8 meals out of one small can of gas. Really great news for ultralight backpackers heading out for a weekend on the trail.

In the end, this lightweight stove is a great gift idea for boy scouts or ultralight backpackers who still want to eat a hot meal on the trail. It can be a bit flimsy, and may not be the most versatile stove, but overall it is a great buy for the money.

Coleman Cooler Quad Chair

Coleman Cooler Quad Chair

Weight: 8.82 pounds

Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 7.75 inches

Special Features: Coleman Cooler Quad Chair comes with an armrest cooler that can hold up to four cans, with a mesh cup holder for a total of five drinks and an extra storage pocket to keep magazines and personal items close at hand. The compact design should fit in most car trunks, and the collapsible heavy duty steel frame provides a sturdy chair capable of holding up to 300 pounds.

Best Use: Camping, tailgating, RV camping, beach days, and extra backyard seating

Description: For starts, this is a high-quality chair that will last you a long time. Although it is not the cheapest fold up chair on the market, with the extra money on the price tag comes extra durability.

One great feature of this Coleman folding chair is its roominess. Some cheaper fold up chairs are narrow or small, not really giving you enough room to relax around the campfire. This Coleman chair is comfortable even for a large fully grown man, a real plus.

Another notable plus of the Coleman camping chair is its strength and durability. Made of stainless steel, this chair can hold up to 300 pounds, and last for years. It never feels wobbly or flimsy the way that other folding chairs often do.

The only negative of this chair might be its weight, it can be a bit heavy so traveling with it and carrying it is a bit of a hassle. But overall, this chair is a great camping gear gift idea.

Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag

Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag

Weight: 5,400 grams

Dimensions: 10 x 10.39 x 17.8 inches

Special Features: This casual sleeping bag is made of 100% polyester and polyester fill with a temperature rating of 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The bag is long enough to accommodate people up to 5’11.

Best Use: Camping, RV camping, Indoor sleepovers for kids

Description: Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag is a decent choice for casual, low-cost sleeping bags needed for camping trips in mild conditions. This bag is a square shape, so its best feature is that it is roomy so you won’t get tangled up in the material if you are a restless sleeper.

Another positive of this sleeping bag is that it is lightweight, and the price is right. If you’re looking for an affordable gift for a casual camper in your family, this sleeping bag might be a good choice.

Some downsides of this product are that it doesn’t compress, so it wouldn’t be a good choice for backpacking or ultralight campers. Also, there have been reported problems with the zippers not working.

Overall, this is an average sleeping bag, but it comes at the right price. It would be a good gift idea for kids or new campers looking for a general sleeping bag.

ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

Weight: 6.6 pounds

Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 26 inches

Special Features: This camp table has two levels, so drinks can be kept below, leaving enough room for food and game on the tabletop. The table also comes with a shoulder carrying bag for easy transport.

Best Use: Camping, tailgates, RV camping trips, Beach Days

Description: ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table is a great choice for camping and beach trips. The second level with cupholders for drinks is a life saver and leaves plenty of room for playing games with the kids. Another benefit of the drink holder below the table is that it keeps the drinks in the shade, helping to keep your soda cool even on hot beach days.

The fabric in this product is very durable and long lasting, so this product will last you for a few years and won’t give out after a particularly boisterous tailgate. The adjustable corner straps also help improve the stability of the table, so all in all, it is a great choice for outdoor activities.

Another positive aspect of this table is the ease of setup and clean up. Putting the table together and taking it down are intuitive and quick, so you can keep your eye on the kids instead of fussing with troublesome tables.

There isn’t really a downside to this table. It is a great gift idea for a family or avid tailgater.

Something for Everyone

So, there you have it. Whether you’ve got a huge budget, or you’re a little strapped for cash, you’ve got a list of high quality products that the campers in your life are guaranteed to appreciate.

Stay wild cup

And you don’t even have to leave your front door! All of these products are available on amazon. So now that you’ve bought that gift for your friend, what are you going to get for yourself?


Dennis Owens

Dennis Owens is a graduate of National Camping School and REI Outdoor School. He knows everything about what gear to take with you, how to plan your trip to stay safe and what to do if you get lost in the mountains. We are lucky to have Dennis with us as he is a ‘walking encyclopedia’ when it comes to the wilderness.


  • Without any doubt, the LifeStraw is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. As any seasoned backpacker, hiker or camper will tell you, the worry of always having clean water at hand is something that echoes through your mind constantly. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t always possible, either you simply can’t carry enough or consume more than you originally anticipate.

    I have used mine in some rather murky looking streams and lakes that were home to all manner of wildlife, used it to drink fresh snow melt and even took a drink from a bowl of dirty dishwater without tasting anything unusual or getting sick.

    Perhaps the only (slight) negative, is that it does take a quite a bit of suction to start and keep the water flowing, this can be particularly problematic when at high altitudes, as you can get winded pretty easy whilst trying to suck up water through the LifeStraw.

    THE perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

    • I would have to agree, Ben. Lifestraw is one (if not the best) camping gear gift that you can receive. As you know, hydration is very important to survive the wilderness, and if you are secured to gain access to potable water, your chances of survival will definitely increase by a mile.

  • I’m 100% with Ben, the LifeStaw is without a doubt the best item in this list, and they make brilliant gifts for backcountry backpackers and hikers.

    I received two of these for Christmas in 2014 and after countless week-long and weekend camping, hiking and hunting trips, I’m only now opening the second.

    Quick tip, to prolong the life of your LifeStraw invest in some cheap paper coffee filters (the cone type) and place one over the bottom of the filter, secured with a rubber band. This will not only protect the filter and extend its life, but you’re also adding an extra filter layer which means even cleaner water to drink.

    • I remember one time when this actually topped the wishlist for camping gift ideas in my area as well as my favorite outdoor shop. I actually don’t think there is any fault for the LifeStraw – you get a very compact and portable filtration device that will work even after hundreds of gallons of use. This is just one amazing must-have.

  • Whenever I buy a gift for anyone I think only about one thing: is it going to be useful and long lasting? I like to think that whenever someone uses that gift he or she will think about me. Coleman chair was my choice a few times. It’s really comfortable, roomy and sturdy. It has everything a camper needs. Some of my friends even bought more of these chairs for other members of their family.

    • The sentimental value of what you intend to give as a gift is also important. I like your idea that a gift should be something that will be associated with the giver in a positive light. Chairs, like the Coleman chair that you’ve mentioned, is a great choice because it provides comfortable sitting moments outdoors. It is also not bulky, and knowing that it is a Coleman means you’re getting something that will not break down easily.