Can You Eat Coyote Meat? Is It safe and edible?

When I hunt for coyotes, I always get the same question: “How can you eat coyote meat?!”.. Although that isn’t the reason why I am hunting for them, I won’t lie, I have given them a try..

People often think about coyotes as being disgusting, but you will find many people who like their meat. Yes, you may get a lot of strange looks if you tell them you eat coyote, but we want to let you know that it is edible!

Is Coyote meat really Edible?

Coyote meat is edible but it’s not yet widely eaten. Many people avoid eating coyotes because of the taboo against them (they look like dogs, don’t they?) , although they’re perfectly safe to eat.

Coyote meat is pretty adventurous nowadays and is often only eaten by people who enjoy the twang of different meats. But, for some, it’s just gross, or even a dirty animal that sticks to your ribs. Some people think it “tastes like a dog” which can deter a lot of people who don’t want to eat coyotes because they remember what raw meat tastes like. But, the truth is that coyote meat tastes different from other meats. It has a stronger flavor and the texture is quite similar to duck.

How to cook Coyote meat?

Coyote works well with a variety of cooking methods. It should never be eaten raw or undercooked due to the risk of trichinellosis.

Here are some helpful tips for cooking coyote:

  • Stew is great for coyote meat. The tough meat slowly becomes softer and more tender, and you’re able to explore deep flavors that are similar to beef stews. Stewed coyotes may not be so different than beef stew

  • Coyote tastes great when grilled. Just make sure to always coat it with marinades and spices to “enhance” its taste. The only thing to be careful of is reaching an internal temperature of 160F, which is easier in a stew than on a grill.

  • Chili-Coyote is great for making any minced dish, but my personal favorite is chili. The tastes of the chili fit well with the meat of the coyote.

As you can see, I would not recommend eating it as a cut of meat cooked on its own.

What is the taste of coyote meat?

We’ve been asked this question in the past and there is no simple answer. Coyotes don’t have any major taste – they are just coyotes, which is just another way of saying that coyote meat tastes like something wild.

You can usually incorporate meats into your dishes that mask the flavor of the meat. This means if you were to use coyote in a stew or chili, it could be made to taste like beef.

If I had to find a taste for it, I would say it’s like chicken or pork with a hint of liver.

Is coyote meat bad for you?

It’s hard to say if Coyote Meat is bad for you as the answer varies depending on who you ask. Is it unhealthy? No, not really. Does it taste bad? It depends on how it’s prepared, but I’m sure Elk is better.

Most coyotes are shot as a means of controlling their population, not as food. In fact, even those who trap them don’t usually eat them. The coyote’s scent is actually quite a strong deterrent for most people.

One of the biggest misconceptions about coyotes is their taste. They are usually not given a true chance before they’re judged; a lot of people who try them are just encouraged by the negative feedback from other people.

I think coyote meat is a bit dry and not that tasty. I would eat it if it’s the only food around, but I’m not going out of my way to hunt coyotes.

Is it dangerous to eat coyote meat?

Just like with other wild foods, you need to be careful and inspect coyote meat properly. Preparing it incorrectly can have a big effect not only on the taste but also leave you feeling unwell.

Trichinella is a microscopic parasite that can also be found in bears, hogs, and coons. If you consume coyote meat without cooking it enough, then you are at risk.

Trichinellosis will leave you feeling severely bloated, with abdominal cramps and explosive diarrhea. It may also cause muscle pain and nausea.

But you don’t need to worry. As long as your meat is cooked well, coyotes won’t make you sick. To stay safe, just make sure the thickest part of the meat reaches at least 160F.

Is coyote meat nutritious?

Don’t let the name fool you: coyotes actually contain more nutrients than many supermarket types of meat. Coyote meat is rich in protein, low fats, and riboflavin.

It’s a healthy alternative to domestic meats for those who want to be more environmentally friendly. However, it may taste different from what you’re used to. Coyote meat contains high levels of nutrients such as iron, zinc and vitamin B12 which makes it a healthy option.

Coyotes are omnivores and feed on a huge variety of food sources.

You should definitely give coyote meat a try if..

In a lot of ways, coyotes can be compared to dogs. Their eating habits are similar and many people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them at first glance.

People might be uncomfortable with hunting animals who look similar to dogs, especially if they are dog owners themselves. If you are one of those, then don’t even try to hunt coyotes. It wouldn’t be the wisest thing to hesitate when it’s angry.


Shawn Harrison

Shawn Harrison is our expert in hunting. He was born in Alaska, so hunting was his hobby since high school. Later, Shawn took a Hunter Training at Alaska Department of Fish and Game to structure his knowledge and now he is open to share his knowledge with our readers. Shawn is taking ‘Safety First’ approach on all of his trips, especially is some people are going hunting for the first time.