Esbit Alcohol Stove: The Ultralight Backpacking Stove for Outdoors

Esbit alcohol stove burner
Written by Dennis Owens

The Esbit alcohol stove is cleverly designed backpacking stove that burns denatured fuel. Closed up, the burner measures 46 mm (height) by 74 mm (diameter) and weighs 3.2 ounces. It is referred to as a pocket stove because it is small in size, and it is easy to slip into your backpack pocket.

Most outdoorsmen, especially hikers and campers, prefer this stove because it is ultra-light, highly portable, simply constructed, and economical.

This tiny alcohol burner has no moving parts, so it is extremely reliable and easy to use. It is also virtually maintenance free, and it is completely quiet. It is the best stove for ultra-light backpacking and long-distance backpacking adventures.

You can use it along with other equipment. At a glance, you will observe a leak-resistant screw top that is fitted with a rubber seal.

Esbit alcohol stove

You will also see a flame regulator that is installed with a convenient fold-away handlebar for easy use. What makes the Esbit stove unique and convenient is the fuel it burns, which is denatured alcohol. The fuel is highly affordable and environmentally friendly.

You have every reason to spend on this stove because it is equipped with the best features an alcohol burner should have. Therefore, it is the ideal alternative to other well-known brands, such as Solo alcohol burner.

Product Specifications

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  • This alcohol burner is the ideal companion for adventure trips and expeditions.
  • It can be used in connection with different equipment and has a leak-proof screw top with rubber seal, as well as a flame regulator with a fold-away handle for easy use.
  • There are no moving parts or burners to wear out or break.
  • Brass body.
  • Flame regulator with practical fold-away handle to extinguish flame.
  • Leak-proof, for safe transport.
  • Works with denatured alcohol only.

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The beauty of this durable alcohol stove depends on its low weight, small size, resourcefulness, and versatility. The main concern of Esbit was to design an alcohol stove that is not only portable but also highly user-friendly.

Apart from what online and user reviews say, you will be fascinated by the stove’s design at first glance. Compared to most similar products, there are notable differences that you will pick out. This includes the brass body, flame regulator, and the rubber seal.



When the package is delivered, you get the burner only, which includes: a tank, rubber seal lid, and flame regulator. However, when you buy the complete Esbit cookset, you get the burner along with the following: mesh carry bag, solid fuel base, stand, and two cook pots.

Esbit cookset

As a backpacker, your aim should be to get in the miles and the last thing you want to do is waste time with a complicated cooker. Esbit alcohol burner is the ideal choice because it weighs little, and it is highly packable. All the parts fit perfectly into each other.

When bought with the complete cookset, the stove comes in a mesh bag. The most amazing thing about the mesh bag is that it fits conveniently into the backpack without any problems. In fact, it will not take much of your backpack’s space.

Design and durability

Esbit alcohol burner weighs 3.2 ounces, making it ultra-light backpacking stove. It measures 46 mm in height and 74 mm in diameter. The design is made up of a brass body, durable lid with rubber seal (leak-resistant screw-on), flame regulator, and fold-away handle.

Brass, which is a combination of zinc and copper, is the best material that forms the body of most alcohol burners. Brass is known to be remarkably strong and weatherproof (non-corrosive). The material ensures no heat is lost while cooking, and the burner is not ruined by the heat.

The burner is fitted with a leak-resistant lid. The lid is installed with a rubber seal from the inside that ensures no leakage. Once you are done using the burner, you can use the lid to seal off the remaining fuel. However, you have to allow the burner to cool before covering it or else you will end up melting the rubber seal.

The other important part of the design that makes the stove highly durable and resourceful is the flame regulator along with the fold-away handle. The flame regulator allows you to convenient manage the flame. You can choose to decrease the flame by simply using the regulator.

The fold-away handle makes it easy to control the flame because it allows you to move the simmer ring as you wish; either to decrease or increase the flame. When the simmer ring is completely sealed, you can use the flame regulator to instantly put the flame out. Don’t use the lid with arubber seal to put out the flame; you will certainly burn it.

Denatured fuel

The one thing that makes Esbit alcohol burner inexpensive to operate is the use of denatured fuel. Unlike gas and wood, denatured alcohol is environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and does not require too much effort. Wood can be readily available in the bushes, but you will have to do a lot of foraging and produces a lot of soot.

It has been proven that this fuel burns cleanly and hotter. You have to be careful, though. Some individuals have used any denatured alcohol they could find and they had the worst results. An ideal fuel should have a higher percentage of ethanol since it is the element that burns hotter.

Resourceful and versatile cookset

You can use any cookset of your choice, but there is a complete cookset from Esbit that you can either buy separately or together with the burner. The set is made of exceptionally lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum material.

Esbit cookset

Apart from the burner, the cooksetcomes with a mesh carry bag, solid fuel base, stand, and two cook pots. The set is highly versatile; you can use the small pot as a cover for the big pot. The large pot is even better because it has a volume indicator calibrated in liters and ounces.

Easy to operate

It is without a doubt that Esbit alcohol burner is one of the best, but what makes it the ideal choice is ease of operation. To use the stove, you will need to gather all the required equipment and fuel. You need a stove stand, cookset, high quality denatured alcohol, and the burner. Place your stand on a flat surface.

Take your burner and undo the lid. Place the burner on a flat surface, and add a specific amount of denatured alcohol. Take the burner with alcohol in it and place it inside the stand. You can use a fire starter or matchstick to start the fire. The flame is virtually invisible in the daylight. So, you can confirm if the alcohol is burning by placing your hand on top of the burner.

The flame is usually visible in the dark. Place your cook pot on top of the stand to boil water. It will take you at least eight minutes to boil a cup or so of water. Once you are done boiling; use the flame regulator to put out the fire. Make sure the simmer ring is completely closed. Then place your hand on top of the burner to confirm if the flame is out.

You should not rush to place the lid. As mentioned earlier, the lid is incorporated with a rubber seal, which can easily get damaged by heat if the burner is not allowed to cool down. Once the burner has cooled down, place the lid and secure the remaining alcohol. As you can see its operation is pretty simple.

Value for money & guarantee

The Esbit alcohol burner is worth the money. It costs approx. $17.16; a price that you can pay for without complaining. If you have a fixed budget, you can buy the stove and come up with a DIY pot stand, which is pretty simple to make and use your kitchen pot.

The complete set that includes the alcohol burner and trekking cook set costs approx. $40.94, which is fair since the cook set is very resourceful and versatile. The product’s warranty is not listed on the Amazon website, but you can request the info from the manufacturer’s customer service.



This is the ideal mini portable alcohol burner for campers, hikers, and backpackers. This is just the stove you need for preparing an instant hot oatmeal breakfast, which requires hot water, oatmeal, powdered milk and some sugar.

The flame may not be strong enough to do some serious cooking, but it is surely enough for preparing fast meals. It is also a convenient stove for preparing beverages, such as coffee. Yes, coffee, you can prepare a cup in around ten minutes.

You should expect the best performance from this remarkably beautiful alcohol burner. It produces a strong and stable flame with a long burn time. Technically, you can boil a few milliliters of water in a matter of minutes. However, it will take you approximately 10 minutes to successfully boil a teapot filled with cold water. You will certainly admire the variable temperature control device, which comprises of a simmer ring and fold-away handle.

You can use it to control the flame as well as putting it out when you are done. The windscreen that comes with the burner is extremely crucial for good stability, and it supports pans and pots conveniently. You do not have to buy a separate pot stand, which cuts on cost. Apart from its great functionality, you should know that this is a one-person backpacking stove, and it requires you to make a few adjustments on the potholder for maximum use.

When compared to Esbit alcohol burner, the OUTAD Alcohol Stove is also equipped with a variable temperature control for regulating and putting out the flame, rubber sealed O-ring cap for effective leak-resistance, brass body, and aluminum base. Nevertheless, OUTAD weighs 4.59 ounces, making it heavier for backpacking. On the other hand, Esbit alcohol burner weighs only 3.2 ounces, making it ideal for ultra-light backpacking.The performance of both stoves is exceptional.

COOL KNIGHT ALOCS PORTABLE ALCOHOL STOVECool knight Alocs portable Alcohol Stove

The Cool Knight Alocs is an ideal alcohol stove for one or two people. It is suitable for most outdoor activities, including picnic, hiking, and camping. It comes with a 7 pcs cookset for maximum use.

The kitchenware set offers you more than enough space for cooking for two people. The lid offers 450 milliliters and the pot offers 0.9 liters, the combined capacity is enough for a two-person outdoor adventure. The combined weight of the stove and kitchenware set is 27.2 ounces, which is ideal for backpacking.

As a unit, the Cool Knight Alocs Portable Alcohol Stove and Cookset is a reliable cooking gear for backpacking, including picnic, hiking, and camping. It is durable as you will find out when using it for the first time. From an individual point of view, you will find out how reliable this stove is.

The anodized surfaces are remarkably coated, ensuring that there is no heat lost. It only requires a little alcohol to successfully boil two cups of water for tea or coffee. You will not need to refuel not unless you are boiling more than 2 cups. It is a good stove for disaster preparedness, including hurricane preparedness.

Esbit alcohol burner comes with a similar cookset as the Cool Knight Alocs. Both Esbit and Cool Knight Alocs stoves are highly portable and packable when bought as a unit together with their respective cookset. They both come with a mesh bag for easy backpacking and carry.

As far as cooking capacity is concerned, both stoves are suitable for 1-2 person outdoor expeditions. You can buy either the Esbit or Cool Knight Alocs alcohol stoves as gifts for your fellow backpacker.


It is one of the best alcohol burners to use with solo stove for backpacking, hiking, or camping. It is an ideal choice since it is inexpensive, simply constructed, and lightweight. You can choose to use this burner as a backup stove when you do not have much time to use your wood burning stove. It is the ideal backup stove because it is easy to set up and use. You only need denatured alcohol to fuel the stove.

Solo Alcohol Burner is engineered for the solo stove, even though you can use it with any other pot stand. It has proven time and again that its design is better when compared to similar stoves on the market.

Its quality is fine, and it feels resourceful when pulling it out of the box for the first time. It is sturdier and burns hot. You should be careful with the lid; it is not as leak-resistant as it is advertised. You have to press it to prevent leakage.

When compared to Esbit alcohol burner, the Solo alcohol burner is a bit heavier and not as convenient for ultra-light backpacking. They are both installed with a leak-resistant lid, flame regulator, and fold-away handle.

While Esbit alcohol burner’s rubber seal lid does its job right; Solo burner’s leak-proof lid may present some problems. They both run on denatured alcohol, which is inexpensive and widely available. As far as performance is concerned, both stoves take roughly 9 to 10 minutes to boil 2 cups of water.


The aforementioned products are all great, but they are certainly not as effective as the Esbit alcohol burner. Esbit alcohol burner is the ideal choice for many backpackers. This stove is not only resourceful, but also versatile and unique in every aspect.

Esbit tablet cook

This burner is built conveniently for backpackers, campers, hikers, and any outdoorsman who wants to pack light or with limited backpacking space. The Esbit burner has a fold-away handle for regulating the simmering ring, which is definitely nice.

However, you can use the burner wide open so as to boil water in the shortest time possible. You can choose to use any alcohol fuel, but denatured alcohol has proven beyond doubt to be the best. Unlike other types of fuel, denatured alcohol has the right amount of ethanol necessary for hot burning.


  • Ultra-lightweight (3.25 oz)
  • Compact (46 mm by height and 74 mm by diameter)
  • Flame regulator with a fold-away handle
  • Fitted with a rubber sealed lid
  • Uses denatured alcohol, which is inexpensive and easy to find
  • Burns hot flame


  • Rubber seal lid becomes faulty after a while
  • You have to wait for the burner to completely cool down before you can airtight the burner
  • Limited heat produced with any other type of alcohol

Generally, the Esbit alcohol stove is the ideal choice for ultra-light backpacking. It is also a good backup stove for long-distance backpackers.

Esbit Brass Alcohol Burner
  • Portability
  • Packaging
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Design and Durability
  • Value for Money


The Esbit alcohol burner is certainly made like the OUTAD, Cool Knight Alocs, and Solo alcohol stoves, but has an improved design. You will admire the ultra-lightweight nature of the Esbit alcohol burner, unlike its matching brands it weighs less, making it convenient for ultra-light backpacking.

You should appreciate by now how suitable the Esbit alcohol burner is as far as design and performance are concerned. There are still downsides to this stove, but the merits are surely enough to make you choose it for your next backpacking trip.

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