Gore Tex Hiking Shoes: Finding the Best Pair to Keep Your Feet in Shape

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Written by Dennis Owens

Hikers need to look for the best shoes available. You want something comfortable and durable, designed to last for an extended period. One of the popular choices is Gore Tex hiking shoes.

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Hikers love shoes made with Gore Tex, a waterproof and breathable material. Most waterproof materials are weighty and don’t allow air to penetrate. Gore Tex, on the other hand, is very breathable. Sweat and moisture wick away quickly, preventing blisters and discomfort.

How to Pick the Right Pair of Gore Tex Hiking Shoes

Before we look at the choices available, you have to know how to pick the right pair for you. There are quite a few available on the market!

gore-tex hiking boots

Here are some considerations:

  • Weight: When you are on the trail, you don’t want a pair of shoes that feel like bricks. You want shoes that are light and easy to lift. Heavy shoes take away more energy during the hiking. So, you won’t enjoy your time as much as you might have!
  • Outsole: You should consider where you typically hike. If you are on dry, even terrain, the outsole might not matter as much. However, if you frequently walk rugged and rough trails, you want an outsole that can handle abrasions and rocks. Also, lugs that are multi-directional provide better traction on varying surfaces, even wet ones!
  • Footbed Material: Hikers tend to spend a lot of time on their feet. You want a footbed that is comfortable with extra cushioning. Ideally, the footbed would be made of some foam, such as EVA molded foam. Also, you should look for arch support especially if you have persistent pains in your feet.
  • Support: No one wants to twist their ankle while on the trail. While accidents can still happen even if you are wearing the best pair of shoes, ankle support is ideal. It helps to prevent twists and sprains. Some shoes have heel support that prevents your feet from moving or rotating too much.

To find out how to waterproof your shoes, see our guide on this topic.

Our Top Picks

Under Armour GTX

under armer

Sizes Available: 8 to 14 in Men’s – Fits as Expected

Materials: Gore Tex, Breathable Mesh, Rubber Lug Outsole

Features: Breathable, Waterproof, Impact Protection, Rubber Outsole, Lightweight, Ankle Support

Best Use: The Verge by Under Armour received the 2016 Gear of the Year Award from Outside Magazine! Hikers love it and all of its great features. The best feature of all is the breathable and 100% waterproof Gore Tex membrane that is inside of the hiking boots.

It will keep you dry at all times. Under Armour tested the shoes for long-term endurance; they will last for a long time to come.There are cushion inserts under the forefoot and heel that helps with impact protection and energy return. Under Armour added Michelin Wild Gripper outsole that has rubber lugs for a wider, contact surface.

The lugs give you traction on a variety of surfaces, including wet ones. You have ultimate stability on all terrains when hiking.The Verge has a lightweight, breathable mesh upper portion of the shoe. The mesh helps with air flow and to prevent your feet from sweating too much.

Another nice feature is the anatomically molded collar that provides support for your ankle. Ankle support is crucial for hikers. There are an ESS rock plate and TPU shank for your midsole that gives protection and stability. With all of these impressive features, it isn’t hard to understand why it is so highly rated.

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Lowa Tiago GTX Boot


Sizes Available: 8 to 14 in Men’s – Fits as Expected

Materials: Gore Tex, PU Frame, Rubber Logs

Features: Waterproof, Breathable, Integrated Midsole, Stabilizing Footbed, Eco-Friendly Materials

Best Use: Lowa is a well-known company in the world of hiking shoes. They have been around for decades creating high-quality products. The Lowa Tiago GTX Boots receive high ratings for their impressive qualities.

First, the Gore Tex waterproof and a breathable liner keep your feet dry even if you have to cross a stream. At the same time, the material is breathable, so your feet can dry if you happen to sweat. There are a monowrap frame and an integrated midsole that provides shock absorption.

It is a needed feature for hiking on uneven terrain. The materials are durable, long-lasting, and Lowa used eco-friendly choices for materials. For stability and protection, they added a full-length medium stabilizer that prevents sprains or twists. Also, they used a multi-cross outsole that helps with optimum foot placement in the boot!

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Garmont Tower Trek GTX


Sizes Available: 9 to 12 in Men’s

Materials: EVA Foam Footbed, Rubber Outsole, Gore Tex, Suede Upper

Features: Lightweight, Flexible, Rubber Outsoles, Waterproof, Breathable

Best Use: The Garmont Tower Trek GTX Boots are heavy-load bearing and offer you support for all day hiking. These are ideal for backpacking and long treks in the woods because they are lightweight. Weighing only 3.5 pounds, the upper portion of the boot is made of suede. For flexibility, Garmont used a flex system so you can hike comfortably.

Garmont has 360 degrees rubber outsole featuring their Vibram New Winkler outsole that lets you walk wherever you want. There are smartly placed lugs with multi-directional V-shaped patterns. For a flexible boot, Garmont used an EVA foam footbed. You can walk long distances with these boots without feeling discomfort.

Another feature that hikers love is the Gore Tex performance lining that provides a micro-climate controlled foot for your feet. They are waterproof in case you have to cross a stream.

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Mammut Comfort Low GTX


Sizes Available: Up to Size 12

Materials:Gore Tex, EVA Foam Footbed, Rubber Outsole, Ripstop Textile Lining

Features: Breathable, Waterproof, Lightweight,

Best Use: Mammut created their Comfort Low GTX Hiking Shoes with comfort in mind. It offers a generously, custom fit. They are lightweight and soft, weighing 3.5 pounds.

For perfect ventilation, they used a Gore Tex membrane that provides a layer that allows maximum air flow between the wedge and insole. They used a rolling concept and a hybrid shell that gives shape and stability.

For comfort, Mammut created an EVA foam footbed and wedge that provides cushioning and integrated arch support. There is a rubber toe-cap that adds protection to your foot when you are on the trails.

Multi-directional lugs and two rubber hardness give you grip on all different terrains. So, if you are walking on a variety of surfaces, you won’t slip and fall. Overall, the Mammut Comfort Low boots offer comfort, arch support, and protection for your feet.

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La Sportiva Ultra Raptor GTX

la sportiva

Sizes Available: 6 to 13 Men’s – Runs Small, Buy a Bigger Size

Materials:Gore Tex, AirMesh, Vibram Outsoles

Features: Lightweight, Breathable, Waterproof, Rubber Outsoles, Ankle Stability, Toe Protection

Best Use: La Sportiva created an all-around trail shoe that provides comfort, traction, and optimal fit. Remember to purchase a size larger because the La Sportiva Ultra Raptor running shoe runs smaller than average. They are ideal shoes for trails, steep climbs, races and rugged terrain.

Everyone loves the Gore Tex lining that keeps your feet dry during hikes or trips. This material doesn’t add any extra weight to the shoes, but it prevents your feet from overheating.

Gore Tex is breathable along with waterproof. La Sportiva also used an AirMesh fabric that keeps your feet cool on scorching days. Also, the extra air flow helps to dry up any moisture in your shoes from sweating or water. Together, this material contributes to preventing the formation of blisters.

There are more great features to the Ultra Raptor shoes. The Vibram outsoles give traction and stability with reinforced toe protection. Also, they added ankle support with a reinforced heel cup for stability. If you are running on uneven terrain in the country, these are ideal shoes because they are lightweight, stable, and waterproof.

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La Sportiva Primer Shoe

Gore Tex Hiking Shoes: Finding the Best Pair to Keep Your Feet in Shape

Sizes Available: 6.5 to 13 Men’s – Fits as Expected

Materials:Gore Tex, Vibram Soles, Breathable Fabric

Features: Breathable, Waterproof, Ultralight, Quick-Drying, Stability, Traction, Toe Protection

Best Uses: If you want a pair of sneakers that will keep your feet dry on long hikes, the La Sportiva Primer Shoes are made with waterproof, Gore Tex 360 technology. Your shoes will stay dry all day long; hikers love them for overnight trips.

Primer offers runners and hikers low height ankle support. It is an ultralight shoe that offers you high mobility. You can climb, track over wet surfaces or scale slick rocks!

Another reason these shoes are so highly rated is that they are highly breathable. The fabric is well-ventilated and helps to control the moisture in your shoes. Your feet will be comfortable in a variety of circumstances. Quick drying is a great feature of any hiking shoes.

For a sturdy outsole, La Sportiva used Vibram soles that provide traction and stability. There is durable, PU, toe protection. So, if you hit your toe on a sharp rock, you won’t hurt yourself. Overall, these are one of the best Gore Tex hiking shoes. They are durable lightweight and let you

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Mammut Ridge Shoe

mammut ridge low

Sizes Available: 8 to 12 in Men’s

Materials: Leather, Memory Foam, Gore Tex

Features: Memory Foam, Shock Absorption, Toe Cap, Waterproof, Breathable

Best Use: The Mammut Ridge Shoes offer some great features. They used memory foam sonar technology to provide a comfortable and cushioned footbed. It provides shock absorption and helps to distribute energy. For protection, Mammut added a rubber toe cap that prevents injuries while on the trail.

Mammut used a variety of excellent materials for their Ridge Low Shoes. They used synthetic leather with a textile lining. A Gore Tex lining provides waterproofing and breathability. This material keeps your feet comfortable, along with the triple density fabric. The Ridge GTX shoes are made for comfort all day long.

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Mammut Wall Guide Shoes

wall guide

Sizes Available: 6 to 13 in Men’s

Materials:Gore Tex, Leather, EVA Foam

Features: Waterproof, Breathable, Rubber Heel Clip, EVA Wedge, Rubber Outsole

Best Use: The Mammut Wall Guide Shoes use a combination of a velour, leather upper shoe and an EVA foam wedge for the midsole to create a comfortable walking shoe. It provides long-lasting comfort if you are on the walking trail for hours. While on the trail, your feet are kept cool and dry because of the Gore Tex waterproof, breathable liner.

The Wall Guide GTX has a rubber, heel clip that provides heel support. The clip also protects your feet against small rocks and debris when on the trail. Mammut used a Gripex, rubber sole that resists abrasions when you are climbing.

Hexagonal lugs provide extra traction on a variety of terrain. There are plenty of great features to these shoes. These Gore Tex hiking shoes are comfortable and provide traction wherever you go.

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Salomon Quest Prime GTX


Sizes Available: 7 to 14 in Men’s – Fits as Expected

Materials: Gore Tex, Nubuck Leather, Foam, Rubber Sole

Features: Stability, Ergonomic, Lightweight, Foot Protection, Breathable, Waterproof

Best Use: The Salomon Quest Prime provides stability and grip with an ergonomic tongue for comfort. Laces were designed to stay tied together better than other choices. This feature is simple but adds to the convenience. These are lightweight, weighing around two pounds.

Salomon uses a Salomon Quest Prime chassis to provide foot control and protection when you are active. There is the dynamic cushioning, created by layers of foam. Then, there is a layer added for stability that forms to your foot.

Your foot is more stable, preventing the possibility of sprains or twists. Then, the all-mountain traction is made with a rubber outsole. The lugs are multi-directional and give you a grip on a variety of surfaces.

The Quest 4D by Salomon are ideal for hiking, trekking, climbing and any other outdoor activity. They are comfortable, stable, and well-made.

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There are so many great pairs of Gore Tex hiking shoes. Companies understand that hikers love this material. Many of them incorporate it because it doesn’t add any extra weight to the shoes, but it provides the need feature of waterproofing. To find out how to choose the best backpacking boots, check out our previous article explaining this in detail.

When you go to find the best pair for you, don’t forget to check out the criteria listed above to help. Do you have a favorite pair of Gore Tex Hiking Shoes? If so, let us know in the comments what you love!


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