Hiking Sandals for Women: Best Stylish and Comfortable Choices

Best hiking sandals for women
Written by Rita Warfield

Many women prefer not to wear chunky and heavy hiking boots. Sandals are the footwear most people to wear during the summer. Athletic shoes make you feel hot and sweaty before you are ready to stop. Instead of wearing boots you don’t like, you should try a pair of the best hiking sandals for women.

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Hiking sandals for women are lightweight, provide support for your feet, and give you traction over the terrain. At the same time, your feet can breathe!

The problem is that here are so many different sandals out there; it is easy to purchase a pair that is not ideal for hiking accidentally. Sandals lay somewhere in the middle of a hiking shoe and a flip-flop. Let’s look at how you should pick the right pair.

The Best Sandals for Women Review

KEEN Women’s Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN Women's Newport H2 Sandal Sizes Available: 5M up to 11M

Materials: Polyester Webbing, Rubber Outsole

Features: Water Resistant, Closed-Toe, Bungee Lace, Comfortable Footbed, Washable, Rubber Outsole

Best Use: The Newport H2 is a hybrid shoe with all of the necessary qualities of summer. It is casual, comfortable, great on a variety of terrain, and water compatible. The closed-toe construction protects your foot and provides stability, factors you can appreciate while hiking. Debris stays out of your shoe much easier with the Newport H2.

The Newport offers support and comfort to hikers. It has washable and waterproof upper straps that repel water. The KEEN bungee lace keeps the shoe snug on your feet for the optimal fit. A metatomical footbed helps with the comfort. The washable polyester webbing also features an odor-reducing microbe shield called Aegis.

On the sole, KEEN used 3mm lugs for excellent traction. The pattern is multi-directional; the lug pattern allows you to walk on dry and wet surfaces with ease. Also, a rubber outsole stops the shoes from leaving marks on floors.

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Columbia Two-Strap Sandal

Columbia Women's Sunbreeze Vent Two-Strap Sandal Sizes Available: 5M up to 12M

Materials: Rubber Outsole, PU Leather Coated

Features: PU Leather, Water Drainage Ports, Durable, Cushioned Midsole, Breathable, Rubber Outsole

Best Use: Columbia is a well-known brand that creates high-quality outdoor wear. You can find hiking shoes and boots, along with a choice for the best hiking sandal for women. Pleased customers highly rate Their Sunbreeze Vent Two- Strap. They feature a PU leather coated upper sandal with a responsive midsole that allows air flow.

Water drainage ports help to reduce the weight of the shoe if you step in a creek.

The PU leather provides durability to the sandal. The sandals have three asymmetrical straps that adjust to the shape and size of your foot. The straps also will keep the shoe securely on your foot. You will notice the hydrophobic lining on the midsole that adds extra cushioning for comfort. Columbia also added techite that offers energy return. It is one of the most comfortable choices for a hiking sandal.

Columbia didn’t stop with the features! The shoe offers excellent air flow and water ports. Breathability is akey element for all sandals. Water will evaporate through these vents. The outsole of the Sunbreeze is just as fantastic. It adapts to water with the Omni-Grip outsole. A rubber outsole won’t leave marking on the floor. It is no wonder this is one of the ideal choices!

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Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandal Teva Women's Hurricane XLT Sandal

Sizes Available: 5M up to 11M

Materials: Webbing, Microban Zinc Based Antimicrobial Protected Midsole, Rubber Outsole

Features: Ideal for Wet Terrain, Rubber Outsole, Stability, Casual Style

Best Use: The Teva Hurricane XLT is a superb sandal that performs well in all categories and terrains. It offers arch support, and the shoe handles wet and rocky terrain impressively. As far as comfort goes, the Hurricane is firmer than other choices and offers less arch support; you may not want to wear it for 20 hours straight. However, the strap allows you to get debris out from under your foot easily.

The Hurricane truly shines in the traction department. It is above average, specifically on wet terrain. On slick surfaces, you can feel confident that their “Durabrasion” rubber will keep you upright. They created this rubber for all-around wear that exchanges extra traction for increased durability. The Hurricane XLT also shines in the stability department. It is stable, wide and low to the ground. It has three straps across the top of the foot.

Women love that the Hurricane is more stylish than other hiking sandals. They come in solid colors with smooth webbing. The style is very casual, perfect for beachside activities or a walk in the park. One negative to note is that the Hurricane takes longer to dry than other shoes.

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Merrell Women’s Enoki Sandal

Merrell Women's Enoki Link Strappy Sandal Sizes Available: 5M up to 11M

Materials: Rubber Outsole, Synthetic Leather

Features:Rubber Sole, Synthetic Leather, EVA Footbed, Shock Absorbing, Backstrap Closure

Best Use: Merrell is a well-known outdoor, footwear brand. Their products are designed nicely, with all of the crucial features you need. Their Enoki Link sandal features a rubber sole, the perfect choice for a variety of terrain. These hydro-hiker sandals are made of synthetic leather with slim cutouts, a center stud, and contrast stitching.

There are quite a few nice features to the Enoki Link Strappy Sandal. It has a hook and loop backstrap closure. For comfort, the dual density, EVA foam, anatomicalfootbed is fantastic. These features create a sensitive yet comfortable shoe. The EVA allows you to wear the shoes for hours to come. Also, Merrell added a shock absorbing, air cushion heel.

More than likely, you will face a variety of terrain and surfaces when hiking. They added their Wet Grip, slick traction outsole that lets you walk on wet or dry surfaces with ease. It is important for you to size up a half of a size when purchasing these sandals; many hikers noted that the shoe isn’t true to size.

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Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal

Teva Women's Tirra Athletic Sandal Sizes Available: 5M to 11M

Materials: Spider Rubber Outsole, Webbing Upper Material, EVA Molded Footbed

Features: Lightweight, Breathable, Fast Drying, EVA Footbed, Stability, Ergonomic Straps, Rubber Outsole, Foam-lined Straps

Best Use: The Tirra is one of the highest rated choices for the best hiking sandals for women. They are an award-winning summer shoe because it is lightweight, attractive, breathable and perfect for the water. It is great over a variety of terrain, with traction and support. Plus, the best reason to buy the Tirra is the price!

If comfort matters to you, the Tirra is ideal. The footbed is soft with compression molded EVA footbed. You can easily stand for more than 10 hours. It has a stability shank and shock pads in the heel, giving you confidence that your feet will be safe while hiking. The straps are ergonomic.

They may seem narrow and stylish, but they don’t apply too much pressure on the middle of your foot. The straps are lined with soft foam that prevents chafing.

The second best reason to purchase the Tirra is the traction. Whether you are on wet or steep terrain, their “Spider Rubber” outsole is designed to give you high friction in all situations. It doesn’t offer the highest arch, but the support pleases those with low to medium arches. The slim profile may remind you of a flip-flop, but those with flatfeet appreciate the support and comfort added.

There are many reasons why you would want to buy the Tirra. It is water-worthy, capable of drying in a short period. Plus, the traction on wet surfaces is impressive. For the price, you get a high-quality shoe.

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Ahnu Women’s Tilden IV Sandal

Ahnu Women's Tilden IV Sandal Sizes Available: 6M to 9.5M

Materials: Integrated Webbing, Rubber Outsole, EVA Foam Midsole

Features: Quick Drying Mesh, Durable, Dual Density EVA Foam Midsole, Foot Positioning System, Rubber Outsole

Best Use: The Tilden is one of the new sandals designed by Ahnu. It is a lightweight, hiking sandal that can walk on any surface. You will be safe and secure while out on the trails or if you head down to the beach for some surf time. The quick drying mesh on the upper portion of the sandal and the integrated webbing adds security and durability to the sandals.

For comfort, Ahnu Tilden IV added dual density foam to the midsole, leaving your feet comfortable. They wanted these shoes to be perfect for those who live an active lifestyle, so they created their Numentum Technology. It is a neutral positioning system that encourages your foot’s natural biomechanics. The system helps to center and guide your foot for the right stability and balance.

There are a lot of nice features to the Tilden, making it an ideal choice. The rubber sole gives excellent traction. It is lightweight, featuring EVA midsoles, perfect for your comfort. The foot positioning system is unique; it makes sure your foot is in the right spot for stability. You will love this hiking shoe!

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Teva Women’s Omnium Sandal

Teva Women's Omnium Sandal Sizes Available: 5M up to 11M

Materials: Spider Rubber Outsole, EVA Foam Midsole, Webbing and Mesh

Features: Quick Drying, Breathable, Durable, Rubber Outsole, EVA Foam Midsole, Shock Absorption, Water Drainage Ports

Best Use: One last choice for the best hiking sandals for women are by Teva. The Omnium Sandal enhances your outdoor performance because of its versatility. It is quick drying, breathable, durable, and more. The outsole is made of Teva’s signature “Spider Rubber” sole. It gives your feet grip on wet surfaces, but the rubber doesn’t leave marks or scuffs on floors.

Quick release buckles make adjusting or removing the sandals comfortable and quick. For comfort, Teva added a molded, EVA foam midsole. Shock pad heels absorb shocks and bumps while on the trail, giving your energy for your adventure. Unlike other shoes, the Omnium features a closed-toe front, perfect for protection. It stops debris from getting stuck under your foot.

Hikers love the Omnium. They added water drainage ports that allow the air to evaporate any water from your shoes. It is an excellent choice if you love water activities as well as hiking. The mesh lining of the shoes is fast drying. Overall, it is a fantastic shoe for women who love to hike and to spend time near the water.

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Picking the Best Hiking Sandals for Women

Now that you had a chance to see our top picks, it is time to pick the shoes. You should put your two favorite choices through a series of evaluation. These criteria are important features you would want in your sandals.


It is no wonder why comfort is the first thing to consider. You can be on the trails for hours. An uncomfortable shoe ruins your time. You should look for cushioned, or foam midsoles, arch and heel support, and foam lined straps. These are just a few of the features that keep your feet comfortable while on the go.

Woman with trekking sandals walking


You won’t always be on dry, even terrain. The hiking sandals need the proper outsole for maximum traction. Ideally, they would handle wet surfaces correctly. If you need to cross a creek, you don’t want to have to worry about slipping on rocks. Look for rubber outsoles with multi-directional lug patterns.


The sandal should feel stable and secure in all situations. Hikers like to see arch support, a solid sole that isn’t clunky or too heavy, and well-fitting straps. Adjustable straps are ideal, providing an optimal fit. You also want the shoe to be flexible, but not flimsy.

Water Resistance

Even if you prefer not to cross creeks while on hikes, you could get caught in the rain. Hiking sandals should be water resistant, but they also need to be fast drying. Due to the nature of the shoe, they are going to be wet on the inside.

However, you don’t want them to stay moist for hours until you can reach your vehicle or home. The material should be quick drying for comfort.

A pair of hiking sandals near water


Don’t think you have to wear a clunky hiking boot when hitting the trails. There are quite a few options for the best hiking sandals for women, and they all have impressive features that will please anyone.

For more information on what to wear during hiking, check out the reviews on our earlier article regarding this topic.


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