MSR Pocket Rocket Stove: Incredibly Small, Light, and Convenient Canister Stove

Written by Dennis Owens

If there is one thing that you will love when you wake up in the wilderness, it is a good cup of hot coffee or cocoa to go with your surprise. There is no better way of preparing a hot drink than using MSR PocketRocket stove. Therefore, it should not be a surprise when your morning mood improves considerably after you start using the PocketRocket, an amazing fuel-efficient and high performing canister stove from MSR.

The MSR PocketRocketcooking system is an innovative brand made to facilitate enjoyable expeditions for campers, backpackers, and mountaineers. A palm-sized stove that is very portable and easy to carry in your luggage to any camping destination. It will help you to boil water, cook food, and melt snows very effectively.. The product is an ultralight device with a simple operation technique.

Product specifications

MSR PocketRocket Stove

  • Weighs just 3 oz. (85 g), with palm-sized dimensions.
  • No need for priming, pressurizing, or maintenance.
  • Boils 1 liter of water in under 3.5 minutes.
  • Glove-friendly controls allow precise flame adjustment, from a simmer to a boil.
  • Tri-sectional Windclip wind shield protects flame and boosts efficiency.

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It is the best cooking apparatus in the industry that is barely noticeable in your pack, but provides you with the best cooking experience anywhere possible. This stove has a kit containing a casing that covers and enables you to carry it around easily. To prove that, read further on our MSR Pocket Rocket Stove Review to make sure you know all the details before making a purchase.

This is regarded as the world’s most popular canister stove with an ultralight performance at a great value. Moreover, it is a trendy backpacking cooking gear in high demand for its effectiveness and efficiency.Most importantly, these items have met the challenges of campers globally.The following are the specifications that make this product useful for backpackers.



The PocketRocket is the most ideal backpacking stove. It is small, lightweight and durable cooking system that collapses into a package smaller than a 12-ounce pack. In many ways, it is a great camping stove. It is one of the lightest canister backpacking stoves on the market. You will never feel the added weight regardless of whether you are a long or short distance backpacker.

msr pocket rocket

This little cooking system can go anywhere. It has a very simple and lightweight design that stores effectively in the hard plastic case. When you buy the cooking system, it does not come with the fuel canister. You have to buy the tank separately. You can reduce backpacking space and weight by using a simple stuff sack to pack the stove instead of the hard plastic case.

Design and Durability

The PocketRocket cooker is made from brass, aluminum and stainless steel material. The stove is stainless in color, but the fuel tank can be any color of your choosing, such as light pink or red. The product’s weighs 0.26 pounds and measures 4 by 2 by 2 inches, making it lightweight and portable for easy backpacking.

cooking on msr rocket stove

The PocketRocket may not be integrated like the Jetboil cooking systems, but it is highly compact, versatile and resourceful. The stove has a wind clip shield located on top of the burner, which improves efficiency in windy conditions. The shield protects the flame from the breeze, thus delivering a stable flame for quick boil times.

wind clip shield

The next amazing design structure is the universal pot support. The pot support is made up of three stands, which can support almost any kind of pot or pan. The stands are partially serrated for effective support of the pot. They also bend inwards towards the burner to ensure that the base of the pot is in direct contact with the produced flame.

MSR Pocket Rocket pot support

The adjustable burner is fitted with a glove-friendly flame control. The control knob is highly versatile because it can be adjusted gradually to achieve different boil times. To achieve fast boil times, you will have to completely open the control knob to produce a full flame. Therefore, the MSR PocketRocket does truly simmer. You can cook foods that require low heat with this masterpiece.

Efficiency & Performance

The stove may not have a push button electric igniter, but it lights effortlessly with a regular matchstick or lighter. You should not be worried about the flame going off because of the wind; the wind clip windshield ensures the flame burns longer. The flame will hardly go off under normal conditions, but the same cannot be said under windy weather.

The pot support is only effective if you properly position the stands. The contact length must be sufficient so as to prevent the pot from toppling over if you accidently come in contact with stove or pot. The serration on the pot support provides enough teeth for holding the pot steady. This allows you to conveniently use a wider pot.

camp cooking

You should use about four ounces (114 ml) of liquid fuel for one person in a day whenever you want to cook or boil water. However, if you want to melt snow you can use about eight ounces (237 ml) of liquid fuel to cook for one person in a day. When the weather is good and mild, your cooking gear will burn very well and there will be no vaporization of the fuel.

Nevertheless, when you open the windshield or dare to pump more air pressure into the canister it could trigger the drying up process, which could lead to loss of fuel. These MSR PocketRocket stoves work efficiently if the fuel container has an air pressure of about 15 to 25 psi that is between 1034 to 1724 MB.

lighted stove

This is relatively equivalent to about twenty pump strokes for a 22 oz fuel canister that is filled up. The pressure will be reducing when the fuel is burning very well and this will definitely cause the air space within the canister to expand and grow bigger. If you want to keep and maintain the pressure in your stove, you need to pump more fuel into the bottle.

Value for money & Guarantee

The MSR PocketRocket cooking system is certainly a better choice when compared to most canister stoves on the market. The stove costs approx. $40 on Amazon with free shipping, but you will have to incur a separate cost of the fuel cartridge. The flame control is the most significant feature of the stove that is worth paying for.

pocket rocket msr

There is no warranty information on Amazon, but there is a link under product details that will redirect you to a PDF. The PDF has useful MSR warranty info. According to the document, the product has limited warranty. There are a number of things that are not covered, including: improper washing & drying, detachment of any product part, abuse, alteration, misuse, abrasion, and normal wear.

Special features

Palm-sized dimensions: The stove is not only ultra-lightweight but also very compact, making it ideal for light backpacking.

Glove-friendly control: This is in fact the most useful feature of the stove. The glove-friendly control knob allows you to adjust the flame for simmering or boiling.

Wind clip windshield: It is situated just above the burner. The windshield safeguards the flame from the breeze, thus boosting efficiency.

Multipurpose pot support: The stands of the pot support have adequate teeth that keep the pot steady while cooking.

Main competitors

Msr Microrocket Stove

MSR Micro Rocket Stove

The MSR MicroRocket Stove is a very resourceful midget backpacking stove. Weighing in at 0.17 pounds, the stove is a good choice for backpackers, campers, and hikers.

You will not even notice that you have carried added weight in your backpack. The available fuel canister capacity is sufficient for preparing meals and hot drinks for a number of days. The fast boil times save on fuel.

Under normal conditions, it will take you about 3.5 minutes to boil a liter of water.

This little MSR stove is well-made from high quality materials. The pot supports are firm, and they line up perfectly. Apart from your cooking cup, the pot stand can hold much larger pans and pots. It screws pleasantly to the fuel cartridge without leaking. The stove’s flame control ability will definitely meet your needs. You can choose to boil or simmer the contents of your cooking cup/pot; all you have to do is adjust the control knob.

The designs of the MSR MicroRocket and MSR PocketRocket are identical. In fact, you might not be able to pinpoint the differences with your naked eyes. Between the two, the MicroRocket is lighter with more robust pot supports. They both perform outstandingly in the field providing you with a boil time of about 3.5 minutes per liter of water.

Redcamp Mini Camping Stove

REDCAMP Mini Portable Camping Stove

The REDCAMP Mini Camping Stove is the perfect cooking system for hiking, backpacking, and camping among other out-of-doors expeditions.

The design is very resourceful and versatile you can even use it indoors to prepare yourself hot drinks, such as coffee or cocoa. The stove is broadly compatible with any 7/16 thread single fuel cartridges.

At about 0.35 pounds, the dazzlingly made and finely machined REDCAMP Mini Portable is the most compact as well as packable stove for the money. You can effortlessly light up the stove by pressing the piezo ignition button once you have turned on the gas.

It burns extraordinarily hot, but it can simmer slowly enough to stir-fry garlic. The adjustable control valve allows you to regulate the flame conveniently, either for fast boiling or slow simmering.

The REDCAMP Mini Portable is slightly different when compared to the PocketRocket. The REDCAMP has a piezo igniter while the PocketRocket doesn’t. They both have an adjustable control valve for fast boiling and simmering. The three-legged pot support is more compact when compared to the pot support of the PocketRocket. Generally, the REDCAMP outshines the PocketRocket in performance with a boil time of 3 minutes per liter.

Ouspots Camping Stove

OUSPOTS Camping Stove

The OUSPOTS Camping Stove is the most resourceful, compact and portable backpacking, hiking, and camping cooking system for the money.

The stainless steel design with a solid pot support can stand weight and high temperatures. The windproof burner protects the flame from wind. Therefore, the flame burns hot and efficiently, producing fast boil-times.

The OUSPOTS is a fire-breathing beast that burns Isobutene-propane or butane-propane in almost any conditions. This masterpiece is the perfect companion for a backpacker, hiker or camper who pushes the limits. It does it all as far as efficiency and performance are concerned.

The OUSPOTS is one of the sturdier models that combine the ease of use of a canister stove and the extreme performance and versatility of a backpacking stove.

When compared to the MSR PocketRocket stove, the OUSPOTS is sturdier and high performing. The later has better wind-resistance ability; it burns suitably to deliver remarkable boiling times in breezy conditions. The OUSPOTS also has a push button igniter for quick and easy light up of the stove. As concerns backpacking, the PocketRocket is lightweight and convenient. You can do well with the OUSPOTS if the weight won’t bother you.


It is indeed a pocket rocket. This three-ounce cooking system folds down and packs into a pocket-friendly plastic casing. It does not actually require a lot of backpacking space. This tiny stove has proven beyond doubt that less is more as far as canister mounted stoves are concerned. The design is a top choice of the Backpacker Magazine.

The pocket stove does wonders with the full blast flame. You will end up using it endlessly after your first experience. In actual fact, you will use the stove for both your backyard and out-of-doors activities. You can use the fully adjustable flame to do a lot of things, such as cooking instant hot oatmeal, soups and dehydrated meals.

The stove is remarkably easy to setup and use. To use the stove, just remove it out of the plastic case, then position the pot stand, and attach it to fuel cartridge. Gently open the control knob to release the gas and then light it up. Then and there you can suitably control the flame by regulating the glove-friendly control knob. The operation is pretty simple once you are familiar with the stove.

lighted pocket rocket stove on rock

Unlike most canister mounted stoves, the PocketRocket is moderately fuel efficient. You have to be careful when screwing the stove to the gas canister. Chances of a gas leakage are high.The wind clip windshield does a fairly poor job of protecting the flame from the wind. If at all possible you should operate the stove in a shelter.

The PocketRocket is definitely an ideal choice if you are after the hottest flame. However, it performs poorly insofar as stability is concerned. Well, the pot stands do fold out to a given diameter, but they do not perfectly flatten out for steady support of the pot. As a result, the pot balances on the sharp pointed edges. Therefore, it can easily fall off putting you at risk of burning yourself with hot water or food.

The MSR PocketRocket stove is just what you need if you have a limited budget. You will not only save on cost, but also on weight. We believe the stove will save you a number of ounces, making it easier to backpack for longer trips. Three ounces is remarkably lightweight for any given type of backpacking expedition you might think of.


  • It weighs only 3 ounces, which is exceptionally lightweight for ultra-light backpacking.
  • You do not have to pressurize, preheat or prim the stove; all you have to do is turn on the gas and light it up with a matchstick or lighter.
  • Glove-friendly control knob
  • A versatile stove is highly compatible with more than one self-sealing canister cartridges.
  • It comes with a hard plastic casing that is very resourceful for storing the stove when it is not in use.


  • Does not come with fuel, you have to incur additional costs of purchasing a fuel canister.
  • The wind clip windshield cannot protect the flame from stronger winds.
  • The available pot supports are less effective.

With that said this is the stove you should go for if your main concern is a hotter flame and fast boil times. Nevertheless, you should not overlook the possible shortcomings, such as poor stability and less effective windshield. Basically efficiency of a canister stove depends on the ability of a stove to protect the flame from wind.

MSR Pocket Rocket Stove
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Efficiency & Performance
  • Value for Money and Guarantee
  • Special features


This flyspeck stove has become a reliable favorite for backpackers, campers and hikers. It performs better than most traditional canister stoves in breezy weather, simmers like a champ, and packs into a hard plastic case for easy backpacking. You can use it with a solo cooksetthanks to the tight flame.

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