MSR Windburner Stove: The Best Windproof Backpacking Stove

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Written by Dennis Owens

There is no backpacker, camper, hiker or mountaineer that will not want to use a backpacking stove that is ergonomic and user-friendly. The MSR WindBurner Stove is not only easy to assemble and disassemble, but also remarkably simple to operate. This is so since all the parts fit together straightforwardly, a very resourceful factor for a first timer.

There are many gas canister cooking systems from different brands that flood the market. However, the MSR WindBurner has been able to outshine them because of the very specific high performing features it offers. These include reliable wind protection, radiant burner technology, fast boil times and user-friendly design to mention a few.

Product specifications 

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  • All-in-one integrated stove and cookware system that includes a secure locking pot and personal mug with cozy.
  • The MSR WindBurner runs on 100% primary air.
  • The compact design allows the stove burner, a 4oz IsoPro™ fuel canister.
  • Lid has drinking and straining ports.
  • Insulated cozy with a handle makes it easy to hold the mug while you eat or drink.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

The MSR WindBurner is one of the leading backpacking stoves with effective and reliable wind protection. Apart from the innovative wind-resistance capability, there are other unique specifications that make this product great. The following are the major specifications you should look out for.


The cooking system comes in a neatly and compactly packaged cartridge that accommodates all the stove’s accessories. The complete kit has a pack towel, a folding plastic stand, a small bowl for pot protection, a drink-through lid, one-liter cooking cup with cozy and handle, and a burner head. All these parts weigh in at 1.1 pounds.

MSR windBurner stove packaging

The combined weight of the new kit is fairly lightweight for theday and light backpacking. The WindBurner occupies minimal space in your pack. In actual fact, you will not feel the added weight. Repacking after cooking is even easier. You just have to wait for it to cool down, then detach the parts and stash them in the cooking cup and place the lid.

Design and Durability

MSR WindBurner is the most compact personal cooking system that combines unmatched wind protection technology with the decisive convenience of a well-integrated cookware that is not only fast but also reliable. This stove will ultimately change your perception of campfire cooking. The very first part of the design that is eye-catching is the packaging.

When you receive the WindBurner for the first time, you will find all the stove’s accessories stashed inside the cooking cup for easy packaging and transportation. This shows you how compact the design is and how convenient it is for backpacking. All the parts are engineered to fit into each other suitably and effectively.

The aluminum pot is a very resourceful part of the cooking system. Aluminum material is known to be lightweight, scratch-resistant and it doesn’t lose heat easily. The pot is insulated with cozy to ensure that the contents stay hot even after the fire is put out. The handle allows you to hold the pot while cooking and also for effortless lifting of the cup off the burner.

Another part of the design that is worth mentioning is the folding canister stand. This is a very useful gear when camping on rocky terrain where the canister will have a hard time standing on its own. It offers the base of your stove the support it needs to stay upright and stable while you go about your cooking business on rocky terrain or higher altitudes.

Efficiency and Performance

The efficiency of the MSR WindBurner starts with the use of radiant burner technology. The stove’s operation is dependent on the air drawn from the ports. So you do not actually need open air to supply the stove with oxygen. As a result, the stove stays windproof and also burns fuel efficiently. This feature comes in handy when camping in windy conditions.

The radiant burner technology is dependent on the windproof mechanism. Basically, the internal pressure regulator, the primary air combustion and the hemmed in structure are all linked to produce formidable wind protection. This does positively impact the boil times of the system. You will be surprised by the amazing boil times you will achieve when using the stove in windy conditions.

The internal pressure regulator plays a big role in maintaining fuel efficiency. This is so since it sustains fairly constant pressure over the life of the gas cartridge. This ensures that the stove keeps up with operating at a higher efficacy even when the gas is almost finished. The internal regulator also comes in handy when using the system in cold temperatures or on a higher altitude.

Ergonomic and User-Friendly

The lid is fitted with drinking as well as straining ports, which allow you to sip the contents without necessarily opening the cover. This kind of a feature eliminates the need of a separate drinking cup; therefore, you do not have to incur extra costs. The ability to drink directly from the cooking cup ensures that the contents stay warm even if the stove is off.

The MSR WindBurner is an integrated gas canister cooking system. For that reason, there are no moving parts. This makes cleaning and maintaining the stove unbelievably easy. When compared to conventional wood burning backpacking stoves, the MSR WindBurner is highly user-friendly. You do not have to deal with soot and long boil times.

Value for Money and Guarantee

MSR does always strive to manufacture the best products that meet their customers’ requirements. The company is on the spotlight as far as backpacking stoves are concerned. The manufacturer has proven how effective the MSR WindBurner is by ensuring that it has no significant design flaws that may interfere with its performance in the field.

There is no warranty information provided, but you can always contact MSR Customer Service for help. What we know is that the MSR WindBurner can be repaired. Therefore, you should not stick with a defective product. Just go ahead and contact MSR. If the flaws are reasonable, they will certainly offer you their limited warranty.

Special Features

Radiant burner technology: Provide better fuel efficiency and fast boil times.

Ergonomic lid: The lid has straining and drinking ports, allowing you to drink directly from the cup.

Strong wind protection: The enclosed design combines with the pressure regulator and primary air combustion to form a tough windscreen.

Similar Products

MSR Reactor Stove System

MSR Reactor Stove System

Camping without a resourceful stove greatly limits campfire cooking to food items that are not satisfactory.

The preferred stove that can deliver the much-needed cooking energy is the MSR Reactor Stove. It is highly recommended for camping, hiking, and alpine climbing among other outdoor activities.

The stove provides remarkable wind protection, a feature that comes in handy in extreme conditions. It has proven its effectiveness as far as wind-resistance is concerned in windy conditions at twelve thousand feet. This is made possible by the heat exchanger that does a great job of enclosing the burner head, thus preventing the wind from interfering with the boil times.

The MSR Reactor is a good choice for a novice outdoorsman because of its ergonomic and user-friendly design. It has no moving parts, making it painless and easy to operate and maintain. Every component fits perfectly, including the cartridge, heat exchanger and cooking pot. You should know that the system is not sold with the gas canister; you have to buy it separately.

The MSR Reactor and MSR WindBurner designs are almost similar, combining a heat exchanger with a burner. They both have use convective as well as radiant heat for better heat output, and an internal pressure regulator that maintains aconstant pressure over the life of the fuel canister. This combination is what makes the stoves very efficient.

However, between the two stove systems, the MSR WindBurner is the preferred choice because it has a better design. The WindBurner has an additional windscreen that extends from the heat exchanger towards the canister. This guarantees improved wind protection and fast boil times, and not to mention that the WindBurner is lighter for ultra-light backpacking.

That is not all the cooking cup of the WindBurner is insulated for easy handling when hot. The one thing that makes both stove systems great is the consistent performance. Though, a backpacker should go for the most convenient stove as far as design features and performance are concerned, and that is the MSR WindBurner.

Jetboil MiniMo Personal Cooking System

Jetboil MiniMo Personal Cooking System

The Jetboil MiniMo is the stove to go for if you are trying to shave weight from your pack because it weighs only 0.9 pounds.

Alpine climbers, overnight campers and long-distance hikers should not think twice about getting this stove. Although it is not as compact as some of the lightest cooking systems on the market, it does fit just fine in a backpack.

The MiniMo most distinctive feature is the redesigned valve along with the regulator. The valve allows you to effectively control the flame, thus allowing you to not only boil water fast but also simmer food items that do not require too much heat. The regulator maintains the desired pressure, improving fuel efficiency.

You will just love this stove the moment you boil your first cup of coffee or cooked you first meal. The design is incorporated with a resourceful electric igniter that does an amazing job of starting the fire on a push of a button. You do not have to worry about lighters and matches.

The settings of the MSR WindBurner and the Jetboil MiniMo are nearly the same because they both have an integrated design which maximizes heat transfer to the cooking pot. They are both windproof, but the MSR WindBurner has better wind resistance. Its wind resistance capabilities are great, a feature that has worked for most outdoorsmen.

Regardless of the wind protection ability of the MSR WindBurner, the Jetboil MiniMo is the most preferred model because of its ergonomic design. The redesigned valve and the push button igniter are additional benefits for a camper, hiker or alpine climber. Simmering allows you to cook rice among other food items that require less heat.

Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System

Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System

The Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System is another all-round gas canister stove from the Jetboil family of cooking gear. It is efficient, stable and easy to use.

Fast food preparation just gets a whole lot faster with this uniquely engineered backpacking stove. It is highly recommended for camping because it is simple to backpack, assemble, and it delivers efficient boil times.

This cooking system has gained popularity among campers because of a number of reasons. It is compact, tough and user-friendly. So, even a novice camper can use it for boiling or preparing fast foods. It might have limited features when compared to the high-end Jetboil canister stoves, but it is a reliable model due to its affordability.

Before you buy the Jetboil Zip you have to come to terms with the fact that it is missing some very useful and reliable features. It does not have a push button igniter; therefore, you need a lighter to start a fire. It also doesn’t have an internal regulator, which means it performs poorly as far as fuel efficiency is concerned.

The designs of MSR WindBurner and Jetboil Zip have close similarities, but with significant differences.The MSR WindBurner has very effective built-in wind protection and an additional windscreen that extends towards the canister for maximum windresistance. On the other hand, the Jetboil Zip has poor wind protection.

They both lack piezo ignition, but the MSR WindBurner has an internal regulator which improves fuel efficiency. What is so impressive about both models and brands is the use of the insulated cooking cup, which allows you to hold the cup without getting burnt. Also, the cooking cups of both models have a drink-through lid.

As far as light backpacking is concerned, the Jetboil Zip is the better option. However, if you are after cutting-edge performance, then the MSR WindBurner is the right option for you. It goes without saying that wind protection is an important feature when shopping for a backpacking stove, and the MSR WindBurner does not disappoint.


The MSR WindBurner greatest selling point is the distinctive wind protection mechanism. As mentioned in the review, the enclosed design is integrated with an internal pressure regulator and primary air combustion to form the heavy duty inbuilt windscreen. In addition, it is fitted with an external windscreen that improves the stove’s wind-resistance capabilities.

All parts of the stove are user-friendly. The bowl and lid are BPA-free and highly heat resistance. You can use the bowl to eat your hot meal without it getting burnt. You do not need to transfer your hot drink into a separate cup and risk cooling. You can just sip directly from the cooking cup. The cozy and handle prevent the cup from burning your hands while drinking.

One of the most important features that a backpacker must always remember to consider is packaging. The MSR WindBurner is compact and packable. The cooking system is easy to breakdown, compact and lightweight. All the accessories stow easily in the cooking cup. It will take you just a few moments to stockpile everything in the cup and close the lid.

If you are about to think twice about buying this stove, then we will remind you that the WindBurner uses radiant burner technology. The burner provides far more wind protection than regular burners, and it will not easily blow out even when the cooking cup is removed. Also, the MSR WindBurner runs on 100% primary air. This allows it to draw all the oxygen it needs through the ports situated next to the burner.

You should also consider the stove’s regulator. This feature makes sure that the system provides consistent performance at higher altitude, in windy conditions, in cold weather, and with a nearly empty cartridge. In the field, the MSR WindBurner boils water faster than its competitors at approximately 2½ minutes.


  • A very ergonomic and user-friendly design.
  • 100% primary air to form durable and reliable wind protection.
  • The operation of the stove is based on radiant burner technology that allows the stove to burn efficiently without the need of open air.
  • The cup is insulated with cozy and has a handle for easy lifting and handling.
  • The MSR WindBurner is the ideal choice for higher altitudes and windy conditions.


  • It is a bit heavy when compared to other lightweight models.
  • It does not have a push button igniter.

The facts are promising. The MSR WindBurner is an efficient and reliable cooking system. It is engineered to greatly improve efficiency and reduce fuel weight for long trips. It offers remarkable boil times, which usually do not exceed three minutes. This performance is good for a camper who is need of preparing a quick cup of coffee.

MSR Windburner Stove
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Efficiency and Performance
  • Ergonomic and User-Friendly
  • Value for Money and Guarantee


The MSR WindBurner is one of the best canister stoves that offer you total wind protection. MSR made sure that the stove’s performance will never disappoint by incorporating the most resourceful features, including radiant burner technology, enclosed design, 100% primary air combustion, cooking cup with insulated cozy and drink-through lid.

All these features make sure that the stove is user-friendly and very efficient.

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